Places to Eat on Campus!

No matter what course you’re studying at university, lectures are inevitable, whether they start at 9 o’clock, 2 o’clock or even 5 o’clock! You’ve got to be on campus ready, which doesn’t always leave time for grabbing food to go. That’s why today I will be highlighting the different places you can get food on campus! On campus there is a variety of shops, and restaurants, which sell different meat and vegetarian dishes, catering for a diverse range of dietary needs.

As I stated above 9am lectures are unfortunately a reality, and if you’re a coffee junkie, who needs that bit of caffeine kick before your 9am lecture, Starbucks is the place for you! Located in the centre of the hub it’s the perfect place to grab and go,  or if you have the time to sit and relax in the nearby seating area.  Additionally, the Sports Centre also has a Coffee Shop,  which serves snacks, drinks and cakes.

Subway is the recent addition on campus which everyone is loving at the moment. Pop in for a sandwich, cookie and drink on the cheap! Or if Subway isn’t your thing, right next door is the SU shop. The SU sells meal deals, from sandwiches to sushi, they have a variety of food choices, including vegetarian and vegan options. There is also chocolate and crisps on standby if you fancy something more snacky. The food options are very similar in Mccolls, located in the hub.  

If you need something to warm you up in this cold weather, both  Waters Edge and Sages sell hot food.  Other options include freshly prepared sandwiches, paninis, wraps and baguettes, jacket potatoes with a choice of hot and cold fillings, and a selection of pizzas, soups and salads! Which Café Rewind in the Faculty of Health and Social Care also sell!

If you fancy dinner and a show The Red Bar is the place for you, especially if you love Pizza! Located in the art centre, the bar is known for their pizza and fun atmosphere.

Lastly, the SU Bar offers a wide choice of refreshing drinks, stocking both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, with a range of burgers, pizzas, hot dogs and paninis available until 9pm! Additionally, next door is Nom Takeaway which serves chips, chicken nuggets, etc, until late.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed this post and found it somewhat useful.
Until next time!

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The Benefits on Campus

Hey all! Hope you’re doing well and are having an enjoyable ending to your October.

One of the things that I loved about living on campus last year was the benefits that come with doing so. There are so many different amazing things about the campus that make it both excellent for studying, and also beautiful and calming during stressful times.

Edge Hill Library

The Edge Hill Library is an amazing asset to the University. Not only does it have any book or journal you could need for your work, but the help services there are amazing and the team work really hard to ensure you never have trouble with the services and your work. There are also rooms you can book out so that you can study with more focus. There are both group and individual study rooms available for booking so there’s something for both types of work.

I have done a post about the library before, which gives you more in depth details, and I have linked it below:

Edge Hill Library- The Font of all Knowledge

They are currently building a new and better library, so the future looks even more beneficial for the students of Edge Hill!

Edge Hill Sport

Edge Hill has wonderful sports facilities that are available to the students. The first thing on offer is the gym- there is some amazing equipment, and you can even create an account on the MyWellness app that the equipment links to to keep track of your progress and your normal exercise regimes, which is perfect for if you’re training! There is also a Swimming Pool, and courts in which you can play sports such as badminton and football. Anything you could want to do, sport-wise, the Edge Hill Sport centre has it all!

The Views

One of the amazing things about Edge Hill that a lot of other campuses don’t have, is that the campus is absolutely beautiful. From the two calming ponds, to the little beach that the campus has, in any weather the Edge Hill University campus is lovely to walk around, especially during the exam period or if you just need a break from life.

SU Bar and the Venue

Edge Hill has something every University needs- its own club! The Student Union Bar hosts all kind of fun events, including the Wednesday Social night, and the new Frat House event every Thursday, that has had guests like the Beast from the TV show the Chase, Kem from Love Island and next week we’ve even got Dappy coming to the event! The Freshers’ Week events also happen at the SU Bar, so it’s really the place to be!

Takeaway and Subway

One thing that every student loves is food… and we have the best places to go! Edge Hill has its own takeaway, which makes some amazing food, especially for if you want to treat yourself to some guilty pleasure food. We also just had the amazing addition of a Subway branch to our University!

These are just some of the many things that are great about being on or near the campus, there are so many more too! If you have any questions about anything in this post go ahead and pop me a comment below 🙂

How to cook: Stir fry, Wraps, and Spaghetti Bolognese!

Cooking for yourself is a big part of coming to uni, which for some, might seem like hell. So today in this blog post I’m gonna suggest 3 easy meals, with links on how the professionals make it, then show you my student budget friendly version of that recipe. All the recipes will be super quick to cook and will taste great!  Disclaimer: all my recipes are vegetarian, however, you can swap the meat free stuff with real meat if you wish.

So let’s start with an easy one: stir fry!
Stir fry is a super easy meal to make as it’s all about throwing vegetables, noodles, and sauce into a wok. Anyone can make it! So you can either follow the BBC food recipe on how to make chicken stir fry or try my version!  

My version: Sweet and sour stir fry!
2 person portion – price calculated by how much you’re using in the recipe.
A Packet of ASDA Sweet & Sour Stir-Fry Sauce (any flavor will do though!) – 44p
⅓ of a bag of Quorn meat free chicken pieces (optional) – 63p (£1.90 a bag)
⅕ of a bag of FarmFoods Stir fry mixed vegetables – 20p (£1 a bag)
Half a packet of ALDI Asia Specialities Medium Chinese Noodles – 28p (56p per bag)
Total cost: £1.55 or 77p each!

How to guide:
Step 1: Heat up your wok and add the stir vegetables, the quorn pieces and half of the sweet and sour sauce packet. Stir contents until the food is ready to serve, making sure not to burn any to the bottom of the wok.
Step 2: Boil the noodles in a saucepan for 5 minutes to soften them up. After they have cooked, drain and add to wok.
Step 3: Stir in the rest of the sauce packet and cook for a further 5 minutes.
Step 4: Enjoy!

Next up: Wraps!
Wraps are a great quick snack or meal, as you can put whatever you want in them! So you can either follow the BBC Good Food recipe on how to make Chilli chicken wraps or try my version!  

My version: Szechuan Sausage and Vegetables Wraps!
2 person portion – price calculated by how much you’re using in the recipe.
A Packet of ASDA Szechuan Sauce (any flavor will do though!) – 44p
4 x ALDI ‘Both in One’ wraps – 39p (79p per pack)
⅕ of a bag of FarmFoods Stir fry mixed vegetables – 20p (£1 a bag)
⅙ of a bag of FarmFoods Bell peppers – 16p (£1 a bag)
4 x FarmFoods Meat free Sausages – 75p (1.50 for a box)
(Optional) ⅙ of a bag of ASDA Party Seasoned French Fries – 16p (£1 a bag)
Total cost: £2.10 or 1.05 each!

How to guide:
Step 1: Put the sausages and optional chips in the oven and calculate how long they are going to take in the oven. 10 minutes before they’re finished start the next step (leave time for prep).
Step 2: Heat up a wok and add your vegetables and a third of the sauce packet. Stir contents until the food is ready to serve, making sure not to burn any to the bottom of the wok.
Step 3: Once the sausages and optional chips have cooked, remove them from the oven. Cut the sausages into pieces, and add them to the wok with the remaining of the sauce packet. Stir for a few minutes, then add to a mixing bowl, as it makes scooping the contents onto your wrap easier.
Step 4: Put the chips and wraps onto a plate and enjoy!

Lastly is a super simple and easy recipe which consists of two main ingredients: mince and pasta. Yes, Spaghetti bolognese is a meal that everyone has at one point in their lives and is a staple for uni life. So you can either follow the BBC Food recipe on how to make spaghetti bolognese or try my version!  

My version: Spaghetti Bolognese!
2 person portion – price calculated by how much you’re using in the recipe.
Half a pack of quorn mince (or any real meat mince) – 75p (£1.50 a bag)
2 cups of ALDI pasta – 12p (29p a bag)
A jar of ALDI pasta sauce – 65p
(Optional) Schwartz Italian Herb 10p (£1.61 a jar)
Total cost: £1.62 or 81p each!

How to guide:
Step 1: Put your two cups of pasta into a pan and cook for around 20 minutes, stirring regularly and checking to see if it is soft and ready to eat.  
Step 2: 10 minutes into the pasta cooking start to cook your mince. Grab a wok and heat. If you’re using real meat mince, you’ll want to add the mince to the wok, moving the mince around until it is brown, drain the fat, then add the sauce. However, if you’re using the recipes mince, just add the mince and sauce straight away and stir for 10 minutes.
Step 3: Sprinkle the herbs into your mince and stir to add some extra flavour.
Step 4: Drain your pasta, plate up and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was quite a fun one to make! I hope you found this post interesting or found it somewhat useful. I might make more of these in the future as cooking is a very useful skill to have after all. Anyway, thanks for reading.
Until next time!

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How to cook: student edition

Hey all, hope you’re enjoying the lovely weather this week (if it’s lovely by you, if not, I’ll happily swap for cooler weather haha!).

I’ve mentioned it in a past blog post, but when I moved into my accommodation on campus I had next to no cooking experience. I had done scout cooking competitions (with the aid of responsibility adults…) and knew how to make things like pancakes, egg bread and the good old student diet staple: pasta. But other than that, my parents are both great cooks and I never really cooked anything substantial.

Now, I know this isn’t the case for everyone, I have a friend who’s done cooking courses and people who would cook things from as scratch as you can get, but I’m sure a few of you reading will be in a similar boat. And in which case, I wanted to make this post to give you some tips and tricks I learnt to help me feed myself.

The first thing I would say is that yes, although you shouldn’t be living off ready meals, to begin with it helps to have days where you eat premade things and days where you try something, cause if you force yourself to cook 7 days a week to begin with the likelihood is that you’ll get fed up and just go back to not cooking at all. Also, start with small things. Google recipes for things such as spaghetti bolognese, try making an omelette or something with only a couple of ingredients- if you start off by choosing a 15 ingredient recipe you’ll get caught up in a lot of confusing multitasking and that’s how things get burnt and you forget to check on certain things.

Another great thing I used to make substantial healthy meals but get a little extra help is food kits. You’ll know what I mean if I mention the company Old El Paso. They’re a personal favourite of mine at least. They provide the seasoning and the minor ingredients and you get the fresh ingredients, and following the instructions on the box you can make really lovely meals! It’s the simplest thing on the food market.

One thing I will say to you is that regardless of how often you cook, and if you make your own meals or just don’t feel comfortable cooking, please remember to keep your diet balanced at least! I sound like a mother scolding a child for not eating their veg when I say this, but you need your greens and a healthy amount of carbs and protein to stay healthy, and overall, happy. Not to mention functional for your classes!

And another thing I will say is, you’ll be ok! I know a lot of people worry about having full responsibilty of cooking, but you’ll figure things out with some practise, and I’m sure your flatmates will always be happy to help! Or you could cook meals together!

Things I love and will miss about my experience at Edge Hill

This blog is going to be a little different, as it is my last ever blog – cry. I’ve had the best time at Edge Hill and I couldn’t recommend it more. Anyone who knows me knows that I find any excuse to big up my uni and the amazing time I’ve had there. But unfortunately, things must always end and as my graduate was five weeks ago (how has it gone that fast?!) It’s about time I entered the adult world, however reluctantly. So, before I pass the baton onto a newer, younger student, I’ll grace you with one last blog, giving you a list of all the things I have loved about my time at Edge Hill. Here it goes.

  1. First year weekly flat parties (‘Laverty Fridays’ as me and my friends would call them)
  2. The friendly lecturers – shout out to all the creative writing and English lit staff
  3. The beautiful campus
  4. Cobble (Best food/drink in Ormskirk)
  5. Liverpool nights out – even Popworld
  6. Crepes and Smoothies in the hub
  7. Drinking way too many Starbucks coffees (especially during Christmas)
  8. Making friends at the printers in the hub
  9. Froyo from Shake it up
  10. Marmaris Kebabs
  11. The ducks
  12. Chancellor’s court
  13. The swimming pool
  14. The long walks to uni in second year
  15. Living right next door to my friends in third year
  16. The arts centre
  17. Paninis from the hub
  18. Meal deals from McColl’s
  19. Karaoke night at the SU
  20. Friendly Ormskirk Taxi drivers
  21. Going for a drink in the SU whilst waiting for my clothes to wash
  22. Spoons
  23. Walking around campus late at night – because it’s actually safe!
  24. The huge kitchens in halls – the best place to practice my dance moves
  25. Being able to use ‘I’m a student’ as an excuse for most things

So, this is it. I hope you all enjoyed reading my blogs over the last few months and gained at least some knowledge from them. I’ll now leave you in the very capable hands of the other student bloggers (and hopefully some new faces come next year) as I galivant off into the sunset.

Thank you and goodbye *mic drop*


Liverpool is pretty cool

Hey all, hope you’re doing well!

After results day I know many of you will be preparing to make the move to Edge Hill in just under a month, and if you live far away then I’m sure you might not have much experience of both Ormskirk and the nearest big city; Liverpool!

I don’t live too far away, living in West Yorkshire, yet I had never been to Liverpool and didn’t know what to expect of the city. It’s safe to say it now definitely has a special place in my heart, and has so many great qualities to it that you’ll come to know and love over your time here at Edge Hill.

The monument outside of Liverpool’s China Town

There are many different things I can talk about in Liverpool, but I’ll start with the shops. It’s something many people love to do and something students get tempted to do with their student finance (but make sure you don’t spend it all!), and there are a whole load of great shops in Liverpool. Liverpool even has its own outdoor shopping centre- Liverpool One. To name just a few of the shops you might be interested in, there is a Lush shop, a Forever 21 and a huge Primark, various music shops and book shops, and almost any big name shop you could name.

As well as these shops, there are also a lot of food places. There’s something for more or less everything you could be craving: if you want junk food, there’s McDonalds, KFC and such, if you’re looking for something more interesting there’s a lovely Chinese restaurant I’ll gladly call my favourite named Tokyo, just a short walk away from the train stations, towards China Town. Not only do they do wonderful food there, but it’s also super cheap for the huge portions they give you! And if you’re not looking for food, there are the usual drinks shops, Starbucks and Costa to name two, and even places such as MooBoo, which sells amazing bubble tea.

The Town Hall when there was a Dreamworks event at Christmas

Even if you’re not looking to spend anything and just want a nice day out, the city centre is beautiful. It’s the kind of city than you can just wander around and check it out.

So whenever you do get the chance to go into Liverpool and do just that, I’d definitely take it!

I’ve linked below to my post about Ormskirk for if you want to also hear some info on the town most of you will be living in, and I hope you have a great day!


Weekly Shop Tips

When you start uni the last thing you might think of is something as mundane as groceries, right? I totally get it. In the excitement of making friends, getting to grips with your course and discovering your new home, you might not think about the *shudder* adult responsibilities. Then it dawns on you: ‘how the heck do I execute a weekly shop?’ oh believe me, been there, done that. Luckily I’m here to help, after all, it’s not as scary as it sounds. Here are my top tips on how to do your first weekly shop.

Choosing a shop

First of all you have to choose where you’d like to do your shop. This decision can be made up of many factors – where you’re used to, which is cheapest, where’s most convenient – one of these factors will take priority and that is how you will choose your shop. I tended to go for the cheapest (which conveniently was what I was used to). You could also go for multiple shops if you prefer certain brands that aren’t stocked in your chosen shop, or you’re very bargain savvy and love to find good deals. At the end of the day you will find yourself drifting to the same shops time and time again, even if you find yourself being indecisive in the early days.

Plan your meals and stick to your list

The best way to keep to budget with your shopping is to create a shopping list (and stick to it – no matter what!). I found that planning my meals in advance was a great way to do this. I would make a list of what I wanted to eat that week and then write the ingredients into a list, add any extra things I needed, and et viola! I knew exactly what I was getting. This not only saves you from buying excess of things you don’t need, it also saves you time as you won’t spend hours wandering around aimlessly.

NEVER shop on an empty stomach

This is a bad idea, do not do it. You will find yourself buying the whole shop… and then some.

Go with friends

If you find your weekly shop is a bit too boring, or you’re nervous to do your first shop or you just love to spend time with your friends, why not bring them along? This way you will have someone to chat with whilst you shop. You may even find yourself exchanging food ideas or you may be convinced to try a new brand of washing powder (how exciting!)

Until next time! 🙂

My top student meals

If you’re thinking about going to uni, probably one of the biggest worries on your mind is cooking for yourself. Below, with the help of my friends, I have compiled some suggestions for what you can eat next year!

It’s also best to be aware that we have quite a few places to shop from in Ormskirk. Aldi and Morrison’s are the two biggest supermarkets, located about a 15 minute walk from halls. However, you can also get a delivery from Tesco, who now do a specific delivery for Edge Hill students one day a week; they come on to campus. You can also get an Asda delivery, if you’re willing to pick it up from the main gate. If you have a car, you’re in an even better position, as you can drive to the nearest Asda, if you prefer.

Don’t forget the little shops either! Places like Home Bargains, Poundland and B&M do also sell cheap food, although it’s perhaps better to get your tins and packets from these places.

Low cost

  • Pasta and mayo
  • Super Noodles (Cheapest in Home Bargains)
  • Pasta n sauce (Cheapest in Home Bargains)
  • Tuna pasta (tuna; choice of mayo, salad cream or seafood sauce; pasta of choice)
  • Pasta bake (pasta of choice; sieved tomatoes or jar of pasta sauce; choice of meat and vegetables)
  • Jacket potato (potato; choice of filling)
  • Chicken nuggets

Medium cost

  • Chilli con carne (quorn or beef mince; passata sauce or sieved tomatoes; chilli mix; choice of pasta, rice or potatoes)
  • Burgers (mince; egg; garlic; onions; choice of bread or salad)
  • Curry (chicken; choice of sauce; choice of rice or chips)
  • Camembert and garlic bread (cheap in Aldi!)

High(er) cost

  • Salmon, cous cous and salad
  • Hunter’s chicken (Aldi)
  • Pepper and goat’s cheese pizza (Morrison’s)
  • Takeaway
    • I am a big fan of:
      • Wan’s
      • Scoozi’s
      • Dominoes
      • Little Italy
      • Brewsterz
  • Restaurants
    • Shake Shack does really nice breakfast dishes, and can be found on JustEat
    • Morrison’s breakfast is particularly good after a night out
    • Cobble is good for lunch or afternoon tea
    • Love to Eat is fast becoming my favourite little coffee shop, although I have also eaten breakfast here, which was yummy!

Remember, you don’t have to completely rule out the more expensive foods; it is important to treat yourself every now and again!


Hello all, I hope you’re having a wonderful start to the week!

Edge Hill resides in a small town that can sometimes cause confusion. People either know it, or they don’t, but it’s a shame for those who don’t because it’s such a wonderful town. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and do:

  • Shops: not only is there a great selection of shops for grocery shopping, but there are also some cool shops around Ormskirk for your enjoyment. Probably the most well known shops are New Look, Superdrug and Waterstones, but there are also some more independent shops such as Aladdin’s Cave, a fancy dress shop, and Sweet Memories, a traditional and American candy shop.
  • Cafés: there are both well known and independent cafés in Ormskirk, so however you like your coffee there’ll be something for you! There’s a Costa and Starbucks, and there’s also Cobble, which do the most incredible hot chocolates and milkshakes.
  • Restaurants/food places: if you fancy eating out one day there are a whole variety of choices. If you’re a fan of European food, there’s lots of places to try; TurQuaz is a Turkish restaurant just on the way out of the town centre, Passage to India is a brilliant Indian restaurant that’s just across from the bus station, and there’s the Peacock Inn Chinese Restaurant. If you’re not a fan of such food, there’s always the good old McDonalds, which is now 24/7 during the weekend, and Subway, which is open till 2am at the weekend! There’s also always lots of takeaways which give you every option you could dream of.
  • Fitness and Gyms: of course, there’s Edge Hill’s own sports centre which not only has a swimming pool and gym, but offers discounted prices for students, but there are also options in town. There’s Unite Health and Fitness which has superb gym equipment, and a brand new gym called Energie Fitness. There’s also the local swimming baths which is in Coronation Park, and Base Dance, which offers dance classes.

So, there’s so much variety in the town centre, not to mention how beautiful it is. Coronation Park has a little lake and forest which are lovely to walk around. The rest of the town is just as nice to walk around, even the shopping areas have such charm! One of my favourite parts of the town is the clock tower that resides in the very centre of the town, which has a beautiful compass in the paving stones around it.

The wonderful town centre

Looking After Yourself at Uni

University tends to be where most people learn to become independent and start fending for themselves. However, this can be a shock to the system for some people and prove to be incredibly difficult. It is very important to keep yourself healthy and happy, especially at university as poor health can affect your participation and performance, so I’ve compiled a few tips that will hopefully help you look after yourself.

Register with a GP

Whether you are a relatively healthy person or have an on-going illness, it is important to register with a local GP when you start uni. This way you don’t have to keep going home whenever something happens and you can have all your prescriptions where they need to be. Information about registering with Edge Hill’s local surgery – Beacon Primary Care – can be found here. The health and wellbeing centre also offer a lot of health support, including mental and sexual health, this information can also be found on the health section of the Edge Hill website.

Seek emotional support when needed

Following on from the health side of things, it is also important to seek emotional support when you need it. University can be very stressful at times and being away from home doesn’t always help. Always make sure you have someone to talk to whether that’s a friend, family member or a counselling program. Edge Hill also offer a range of workshops, relaxation sessions, support group and one-to-one counselling if you’re struggling with personal problems, or any aspect of uni life. Further information can be found here.

Cook proper meals

Moving to uni means that you will have to cook for yourself. Come on, we all know take aways are not a sustainable way to live, as yummy as they are. If you’re nervous about what to cook why not get together with your friends and take it in turns to cook for each other? I did this with a friend throughout first year and I picked up so many new recipes that have now become the things I eat on a regular basis. It’s important to keep a balanced diet for physical health, as well as concentration reasons, Rhiannon Thomas has recently written a great blog post on this subject and I urge you to check it out. 

Keep things clean

Cleaning is, unfortunately another essential part of looking after yourself. Keeping your room tidy and dust-free can have so many health benefits from reducing allergic reactions to making you feel cleaner and happier. Leaving your bathroom to stew in its own filth for a month is not only disgusting but detrimental to your health. I recommend putting aside a couple of hours a week to do a full clean of the areas of your flat you’re responsible for, it won’t take all day and it will leave you feeling happier and more productive.

Until next time! 🙂