• Managing Money – Food Shopping.

    Managing Money is an essential part of university life. Whether you’re living off savings, making income through a part-time job, or you’re one of the lucky ones with a rather hefty student loan, you will have to manage this money accordingly to ‘survive’. My blog this week is going to focus in on food shopping […]

  • Meal Ideas for Uni

    Hi guys and gals as we get closer to the start of another year, It got me thinking about what new stuff I want to try/cook while away from home, which also made me think about some of the main things I cook at the moment. I decided to make this blog just in case […]

  • Being Vegan or Vegetarian at Edge Hill University!

    Hey everyone! With the rise in veganism, vegetarianism and just the general rise in people eating less meat in their daily lives, I thought that I would put a simple post together on how this can be done at Edge Hill and in Ormskirk as it is a small area with a much more limited […]

  • My favourite places to eat in Ormskirk!

    Hello! I’m going to share with you my favourite places around Ormskirk for grabbing some grub, be it nice restaurants or greasy takeaways! We’ll start with my top 3 favourite restaurants: My all-time favourite place to go is The Cricketers. A traditional but elegant pub that serves the most delicious food. The menu is updated […]

  • First Year – An Overview

    Okay, I am not going to bore you with the whole โ€˜itโ€™s true what they say, first years goes by in a blink of an eye.โ€™ because, you will soon find out that this is very true. I hope you enjoy this blog of my first year at Edge Hill University in three sections that […]

  • Prepare Yourself for University – What no one tells you!

    Hello everyone! I thought I would do a post all about how to prepare yourself for a university life and becoming more independent as it is rather different to living at home.ย I really wish I had prepared myself more for starting university as I got the shock of my life when I arrived and my […]

  • My Favourite Spots in Ormskirk ๐Ÿ˜

    I won’t lie to you. Ormskirk town was a rather large contributing factor to my decision of choosing Edge Hill. I was already sold on the University but when I visited the town, that was it. It’s just my kind of place, – quiet and quaint with bunting and fairy lights everywhere. A Waterstones and […]

  • Saving money by cooking as a pair! ๐Ÿฒ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿฝโ€๐Ÿณ

    Hey everyone! I’m currently on placement for my teacher training which lasts around 7 weeks. I’m placed up in High Peak and I’m living with three other students. I and another girl have decided we need to save some pennies while we are here and are buying our weekly shop together and cooking our meals […]

  • You Gotta Love Ormskirk

    Happy new year! (in 3 days) What plans have you got this weekend? Tomorrow I am visiting a friend in Liverpool and Iโ€™ll be returning to Liverpool to celebrate New Year’s with my uni friends… obviously I must be a big fan of Liverpool! Edge Hill University is the perfect location to visit nearby cities […]

  • Staying Healthy at University

    When I first arrived at university, I was afraid I wasnโ€™t going to be able to keep up my healthy lifestyle because of the temptations of take-outs, not having time to go to the gym or not being able to cook for myself. However, I quickly found that there were many things that I could […]