• Cooking…

    So, when it comes to cooking in university it’s a whole new experience. Before you leave home you have thousand of ideas when it comes to meals, however the sad reality is that you will be living off of ready meals and toast until you find the courage and effort to cook the ideas. I […]

  • What to buy this summer?

    With summer nearly here, it’s time to start thinking about next year. Whether you’re moving away from home or commuting, there will be some purchases that are necessary for your first year at EHU. So, for all the commuters… If you’re travelling by train I recommend investigating into a railcard or buying a specific ticket to […]

  • Move over Gordon Ramsay! Joke, we need help?!

    Cooking in uni, well, where do I begin? During freshers week you’ll be loving the freedom, meeting new people and eating what you want when you want. For most, cooking will be a new experience. For me, I was worried that I wouldn’t be ready, but after a few hours with my flatmates it became apparent that I had […]

  • Sleep, I miss you dearly!

    When I left home I said goodbye to a lot of things that had previously been a constant in my life. Family, friends, home luxuries and the one that breaks my heart the most… SLEEP! Obviously the goodbye would only be for a short while, as I would be home during the Christmas, Easter and summer period. However […]

  • Fresher year in a nutshell!

    Year one of being a fresher can be a mix of emotions. On one hand you’re excited to move away; to make new friends, memories and to have your first real taste of freedom. However, on the other hand you face budgeting disasters, a level of stress to produce good work for your course and […]

  • Living with Strangers

    For those of you moving into halls for your first year, it’s more than likely that you won’t know any of the people that you’ll be sharing a flat with. For me this idea was really daunting and before I moved in to halls I had a lot of concerns about how I would be […]

  • Time Flies

    I can’t believe that my first year is over. It seems like only a few weeks ago that I was making my way to Edge Hill on my first day, worrying that I might not find a parking space and that I might feel out of my depth. Fortunately, I was made to feel at […]