• Watch the Time

    Hey everyone! Hope you are all having another good week, the sun has finally come out today so I’m enjoying the sunshine. I know this week means Results Day for a lot of you, so again good luck! Once you’ve got your results and your confirmed university place you’ll be eager to know what’s in-store […]

  • Heading Home for Christmas!

    Hello one and all! Work has been hard, and I have been working hard on it. It has been the last long stretch for the end of the semester, working up to our final peices for the end of Semester. It has been a long semester, but at the same time, time has gone extremely […]

  • Last Week

    Well last week was one of the busiest weeks that I’ve had in a while. On top of university and work I was also busy most evenings. On Monday evening I went to see Interstellar at the IMAX in Liverpool One. I often feel like I’m not a very good film student as I often […]

  • Aesthetica Short Film Festival

    On Friday the 7th November I attended Aesthetica Short Film Festival as part of an organised university trip with the Film Studies department. Although Edge Hill arranged our travel, bought our tickets and booked us on masterclasses university trips differ greatly from school and college trips, in that we are a lot more independent and […]

  • First (and Last) Exam of the Year!

    Yesterday I had my first and thankfully last (yay!) exam of the year. The exam was in a film module called ‘Film Genre- Case Study’ and involved applying critical approaches to a fifteen minute clip from a Western film. The exams on my course are nothing like the exams from school or college which involved […]

  • Filming!

    Hello there! I speak to you from my past, sending ahead to you now! So, for some time now I have been working on a Doctor Who fan film project so I can practise my special effect skills and help those on other courses advance theirs too The other day, one of our leading actresses […]

  • Semester Ending?

    Hello again boys and girls! It appears that semester two is soon going to be drawing to a close. For those that do not understand what I mean by this, University years are split into three semesters. September to December is Semester one, January to April is semester two, and end of April to the […]

  • Visiting Edge Hill

    Whilst I was certain from the moment that I applied to Edge Hill that I wanted to go there, it wasn’t until the Applicant Visit Day that I really started to become excited. The most valuable part of the day for me was the taster sessions. The day was especially for joint honours students so […]

  • Enjoying my Course

    One of the things that I love about University so much more than I loved about college and school is how much control we have over what we learn. During maths at school I had a tendency to zone out completely, but when I was learning something that really interested me, English for example, I […]

  • Faye’s Blog – Work Update & Preparation for Reading Week

    So this week I began work on my Text to Screen assignment as I planned. I’ve started to read American Psycho and have found the corresponding chapter to the scene within the film that I am going to analyse for my 4000 word essay! And I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into it because […]