The Laundrette

We can’t help but deny that at least once, we’ve all let our washing baskets overflow, convincing ourselves that those jeans we threw in there over a week ago doesn’t actually smell all that bad and not even considering to wash our clothes until we are 100% certain that we have ran out of all underwear options.

Edge Hill has it’s very own laundrette facility near enough central of campus – directly next to The Hub and the Student Union. So if you live a mooch across campus and don’t want to head back to your flat to finish that all important assignment (you know, the one that you haven’t actually even started), then why not grab yourself a meal deal from McColls, a Starbucks Frappe or a pizza with a side of chips from the SU?

“I need to do my washing, but there are probably no machines available” – no, no. There are no excuses. You can view the laundrette online! This is a total time saver, seriously. It tells you when a machine is either waiting to be emptied, is vacant, or how long a machine has left to run before you can either go and nab it or better yet, stand by it, starting at the machine waiting for a good while before the owner comes to collect their sobbing  wet clothes after having sent that anonymous yak “Washer number 34, please come and empty the machine”. We all encounter desperate times requiring desperate measures. This is available for you to check out here.

Each wash costs £2.20 and each dry costs £1. How to go about paying for this you ask? Well it’s simple! When you first arrive at the university, near the entrance to the laundrette is a card vending machine. You simply choose between 3 priced cards (£5, £10, £20). Simply put the correct amount of cash in the vending machine and select which one you want. Then this card stays yours! To use it, you pop it in the machine and press the easily understandable buttons for us naive and non-capable children. To top your card up, it’s done easily enough online by following some easy online steps before paying and being provided with a code. Take note of this code, slot your card in the ‘top-up’ machine inside the laundrette, enter the code and the amount you paid prior is transferred onto your card directly- ready to use instantly!


Library Facilities

The library will become your second home. It’s a sad concept, but non the less, a very real one. Especially if you actually want to get some work done. And no, don’t go trying to convince me that you ‘work better in your bedroom’, because let’s face it, you don’t and you won’t. But it’s fine, because if you’re not entirely a lazy potato, your second home will have an awful lot to offer! So it’s not all too bad I guess.

Each floor has something entirely new to offer you! So whatever you’re studying or whatever works best for you, the Edge Hill University Library will be sure to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Here are just a few of the awesome things our library has to offer to aid you with your probably not so, but somewhat studious lifestyle;

  • Staff: They’re all over the place! You can ask them just about nearly anything and they’ll be sure to try their best to assist you. If they can’t? They’ll head you in the right direction.
  • Opening EHU254 Library LearnServ095-LHours: These vary throughout the academic year. It’ll happen at least once I can assure you; you’ll finally feel as though you’ve finished that all important assignment when one of your horrendously annoying flat-mates will politely inform you that you’re missing a large chunk. In a panic you aimlessly search for any information that could help you, when you discover that the library has a book in stock that would be oh so perfect! But it’s 1:00am. Oh dear. What are you going to do? Why you’d head down the library of course to book it out with a large grin on your face because yes, you can do this during particular times of the year. Happy days!
  • Resources: Anything from DVDs to hand puppets. Yes you heard mEHU254 Library LearnServ082-Le right, hand puppets. Prospectus trainee teacher but don’t have the cash to splash out on resources? The library is here to help. It’s like the Willy Wonka Factory in there is swear.
  • Self Issue & Return: It’s never been made easier! There’s no faff. All you need is your student ID, yourself and some books and away you go! What’s better yet is that the book is yours for 2 whole weeks. After this period, if no one has requested it, it remains all yours for another 2 weeks (probably sat gaining dust on your bookshelf). If you, request a book, an e-mail will be sent to inform you when it is available for collection.
  • Books: You’ll have access to over 200,000 items. Don’t know where to look? There are catalogue PCs lyEHU254 Library LearnServ078-Ling about throughout the university to help you pinpoint a book in no time.
  • E-books: Books deemed vital for your course will be readily available, multiple copies laying about the library. But if by some miracle you’ve managed to escape the walls of your newly found second home, and oh dear, once having been told you need a specific book for that assignment that you’d forgotten about and is due in the next few days.. all the copies of that book have been booked out? What are you going to do? Track them down around campus and steal them? Pay £30 odd and hope next day delivery doesn’t come at a similar cost? No of course not. Because you go to Edge Hill University, you can just log in online, find the e-book and download it. Yes, it’s that simple! Edge Hill wins once again.
  • Photocopying, Printing & Topping Up: Like everything else, they’re scattered about throughout the library. Printing is affordable and can be topped up from yoEHU254 Library LearnServ110-Lur own bedroom!
  • Group Rooms: Wish to study in a group with your friends? There are rooms available to be booked out for this. It’s kinda helpful because otherwise, meeting up in your bedroom to study often ends up in someone collapsing on your bed and falling asleep – productivity at it’s best.
  • Silent Rooms: Available if you study best listening to absolutely nothing – absolutely nothing. And hey, you’ll have this in common with the people surrounding you in these areas so you never know, the library may also be able to supply you with books and love ay?
  • Individual Study Rooms: Study in private on your own for maximum productivity! Reading back your assignments aloud has never been made easier.
  • PCs: There are a tonne around every corner!
  • Bookends Cafe: Now there’s really no excuse! Did someone say food?
  • Stationery DispEHU027 BuildingFacilities045-Lenser: Yes. You heard me. I’d thought you could only find crazy things like this in America – apparently not.
  • Quiet Study: Areas for those that don’t like hearing only the sound of dust particles floating by, but don’t enjoy the sound of annoying humans either.


So next time your course insists you purchase multiple books for the beginning of term. Thing again, seriously. If by some 0.01% chance a book you feel you need isn’t actually available, you can request it! And the university will try their best to get it in stock and ready for you – free of charge! This is super unlikely though as all ‘compulsory’ and recommended books by your tutors will be readily available.

If this library doesn’t take your fancy or supply you with what you need, get back to me when you find one that does (hint: you wont be able to).

Our Lovely Campus

The last few weeks or so the weather really has been picking up and I’m so excited because the sunshine makes our lovely campus look so beautiful and gives students more opportunities to enjoy it. When I first visited Edge Hill, the campus is really one of the main things that won me over. It’s a lot greener than most of the other universities I visited, despite being only a short distance from the town and the city of Liverpool.


One of my favourite things about the camps is the mixture of modern and old buildings. Whilst the Main Building is there from when the university first opened, there are also constantly new buildings popping up that are always really creatively designed. The campus is totally worth a visit if you want to admire some good architecture.


Another great thing is how close everything is on campus. Everyone that I’ve had come to visit Edge Hill has commented on how big the campus is and, although it can feel that way at first, it actually only takes about five minutes to walk from one side of campus to the other. There are buildings everywhere which really adds to the campus feel. When I visited my brother at his university I sometimes had to walk through fields to get between university buildings – great if you want a nice country walk but, as a lazy student who likes to sleep in as late as possible, I definitely prefer having everything close together!


A handy thing about campus is the shops, bars and food outlets. There’s a fair few to choose from and they’re dotted all about campus so you’re never too far from one if you’ve only got a quick break. All the food is a really nice quality and not too expensive either. There’s also lots of good social spots around campus where you can sit and eat with friends, or just to stop and have a coffee and a chat.