Freshers’ Week Fun

Hey all, I hope you’ve had a great week! I’ve been enjoying one of the few colder weeks back home.

One of the popular rites of passage of University and student life is Freshers’ Week. This is typically the week that new students would be moving into Halls, getting to know their teachers in informal lessons or workshops, getting to know the campus and the local town/city and getting to know the people you’ll be living with or on course with!

It really is a fantastic week, and not only do Edge Hill make 100% sure you’ve settled in, but they always make sure you’ve got some great events to look forward to too!

One of the great things I found about Edge Hill was the way they looked after new students; there are always help desks open and ready to help with any queries or worries, the well-being team offer their services to anyone struggling with the changes that come with University life or who are feeling homesick, and they do events such as the Freshers’ fayre, in which students can find both fun stalls and local businesses as well as general Edge Hill info. There are also some day time events, for example in the past there have been sports events or meet ups that students are more than welcome to come to.

As well as the support from the University staff and teams and the day time events, the Students’ Union do a range of events, mostly in the SU Bar on campus! There have been comedy nights, UV raves, Hodor from Game of Thrones DJing last year and, a popular annual event, the toga fancy dress parties! These are great if you’re looking to make more friends or get to know your classmates, because they often leave you with fun memories you’ll remember till you finish your final year and beyond!

As well as the campus’ events, the local businesses in Ormskirk usually do specific Freshers’ week events or deals, so it’s always lovely to check those out too! For example, Wetherspoons do a Freshers’ booklet with deals on food and drink and some businesses do a student discount for a certain time period.

If there are any past or current students reading this who would like to share their Freshers’ wisdom please do in the comments, and similarly if you’d like to know more about something specific just ask!

Welcome Week Wonder

Are you wondering what your first week at university will be like? I certainly did! Welcome week (or freshers week) is the time to make the most of new pals and new places. Welcome week at Edge Hill was beyond my expectations. Not only do you get to enjoy nights out in Ormskirk and the students’ union, you have the option to spend nights out in Liverpool too.

How should I prepare?

You can read about Edge Hill’s welcome week here. On your first day (welcome Sunday) you will receive your student ID card which will allow you entry into the students union on campus. You can also buy wristbands which will get you free entry before 9:30pm on certain days. Beforehand, I also made sure to have an NUS student card which makes entry cheaper on social nights.

How much money will I spend?

The welcome week outline gives you an idea of entry prices. Yoyo is a great app to get as you can earn points in the students union when you buy drinks from behind the bar. With points, you can select vouchers for food, drinks and Edge Hill merchandise throughout the year. If you want to give yourself a budget for each night, I suggest you get the cash out beforehand instead of relying on your contactless card (that can be dangerous!).

What if I don’t want to go out every night?

Of course, welcome week is not all about going out each night; it is about meeting new people and joining new things. Examples of different events in the evenings/nights are as follows:

Board Games

Free Film Nights

Campus Sport Pool Party


Roller Disco

The Stickmen

SU Quiz

What can I do during the day?

I advise that you have an explore! Take a walk into Ormskirk, use the train to get into Liverpool, or simply have a wander around Edge Hill’s beautiful campus. One of the most exciting parts of welcome week is the welcome fair on the Wednesday. This is your chance to learn all about what Edge Hill has to offer, join new societies and, of course, grab all the freebies! Other events are put on each day for you to enjoy such as:

Vintage Folk Clothing Sale

Giant SU BBQ

Campus Scavenger Hunt

DIY Room Decorations


The Big Student Resale

When I think of my welcome week (which was waaaay back in 2016) the paint party comes to mind. My flat mates and I were dancing in each others sweat when we hardly knew each other… 2 years down the line, we are closer than ever. As cringey as it sounds, the people you meet will change your life and your university life will change you, SO ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

Wishing you all the best of luck! Feel free to ask away if you have anything in particular you would like to know!

Anna 🙂

All Things Student Union

Hey all, hope you’re doing well!

I’m sure some of you will know that Universities have their own Student Unions. I knew of these before coming to Uni, however, I never actually knew what these were. So, if you’re in a similar position and would like to get to know about Edge Hill’s Student Union, I hope this post helps!

The Edge Hill Student Union are basically the face of the students attending University at Edge Hill. If you were to ever have a problem with anything, you can go to them for advice on what you can do. There has been a couple of times where I personally have needed some advice on what I can do to solve a problem I was having and they not only gave me some great advice and information, but also ensured that I had the help I needed to solve the problems and emailed me afterwards to ensure that I had gotten what I needed and was happy with how things turned out. There are some things that they cannot help with directly, but they can direct you to the group of people in the Student Information Centre or elsewhere on campus so that you can get help.

The Student Union also put on a lot of fantastic events throughout the year. I posted a blog recently about the Give It A Go programme which you can read here, but in general, it is a programme which allows students to try out new things such as Taekwondo or crafts. As well as programmes such as this, they run the SU bar- the club on campus! The SU bar is open throughout the week, but also holds specific events, such as Social on Wednesdays, where they open the Venue (the club section) up and have a DJ. They also hold a Pub Quiz once a week in which students can win cash prizes or prizes such as free pitchers.

The Student’s Union also have their own shop on campus where they sell Edge Hill shirts and hoodies, and other such items. They even sell teddy bears with little Edge Hill shirts on them! The SU Shop is next to the new Subway that’s been built on campus, so you can grab yourself something tasty for lunch and a comfy hoody if you wish!

If you have any more questions about the Student’s Union, feel free to drop me a comment, or you can check out the SU website here.

In Knowledge There is Opportunity

Hello again!

As we will be celebrating 100 years of votes for women in 2018, Edge Hill University is putting on a number of exciting events to commemorate this. For those that didn’t know, Edge Hill’s colours of purple and green reflect those of the Suffragette movement, signifying the University’s commitment to the equality of women and recognising its foundations as a women-only college back in 1885. The University aims to create a space for you to ask any questions to find out what more can be done to promote diversity and equality.

‘Wonder Women: 100 years of women’s suffrage,’ will celebrate the individuals who have made positive impacts on our voting system. Below is an example of free events that Edge Hill are putting on where all students are welcome!

Thursday 25th January

The Speaker of the House of Commons, the Rt Hon John Bercow will give a lecture, discussing his input with the Government’s Vote 100 project.

Wednesday 28th February

Mary and Bryan Talbot will present a lecture on their novel, Sally Heathcote: Suffragette. It will finish with a screening of the eye-opening movie, Suffragette. Suffragette tells the powerful story about the women who were willing to lose everything for equality and the right to vote.

17th May – 17th June 

This year’s festival will be centred around the theme of ‘Equalities.’ There are also plans to build a Suffrage Garden to mark the University’s involvement in the history of the Suffragist movement.

For a more detailed schedule about the upcoming events, you can click here

Thank you for reading. Have a great week and speak soon!

What’s happening on campus?

To the new students at Edge Hill, I hope you’ve had an amazing freshers week and you’re really made the most of the many activities and goings-on throughout Ormskirk! So just in case you’ve forgotten… tomorrow is Tinchy Stryder at the Quad, I cannot wait!

The events don’t stop after Freshers Week though, the SU are always planning something and there’s always something going on at the Arts Centre. Next week there is a talent show for all you talented EHU students, for more information have a read here on how to enter. However if you, like me lack a unique talent worthy of showing off, you can still go and watch for free! This is happening on Tuesday 4th October so make sure you don’t miss out! The Arts Centre on campus is also host to comics, theatre productions and films among many other events.

Some worthwhile pages to follow to keep up to date with is Edge Hill’s Facebook page here or the student union page on Facebook here. Along with hear-say and looking at posters in the Hub you’ll be certain to not miss out on a thing!

Find a summary of whats on and when here on the Edge Hill website.

Keep busy!


Make the Most of it!

Now, for your first year you’ll probably be living on campus, however in second/third year you leave halls and move to a house in Ormskirk. So as I am in second year I currently live in Ormskirk town centre. As much as I genuinely love living in Ormskirk occasionally I do miss living on campus!

Whilst you live on campus you’ll find yourself interacting with the uni more so than you would in second year. What I mean by that basically is that it’s so much more convenient to pop down to the SU, go to the library and HUB, not like you’ll never go- but it’s much easier in first year! So I would really push you to make the most and enjoy the everything that goes on at uni! So for example this week there loads of stalls in the hub on Thursday, there was even a mini petting zoo! Things like this shouldn’t be missed out on!

Now in second year you’ll find yourself tapping into Ormskirk a bit more, as now it’s easier to go to the pubs/clubs in the town than it is from uni. Seen as Ormskirk is a market town, there is a market in the town centre on Thursdays and Saturdays. This is great if you need any cheap bits and bats or for a general browse… the food is definitely the most tempting!

Basically just make the most of everyday you have at uni, because even though three years sounds like a long time- it goes soooo quickly! You’ll have graduated before you know it!

Poetry Slam

Last week I attended Edge Hill’s first ever Poetry Slam. When I first heard about the event I was so excited because it’s a little bit different to the kind of thing that’s usually going on in the SU bar and something that is definitely up my street. I’m happy to say that I was not disappointed. It was really great to see so many people get up and read their poems, and I couldn’t believe how talented my peers are. There were some really amazing poets and they were a pleasure to listen to.


I didn’t think there were many other people at uni who enjoyed poetry, but the bar was pretty packed which was wonderfully unexpected. I think that’s one of the great things about Edge Hill; there’s always something going on to interest you, even if you feel like you have quite particular tastes, and you’ll always find a group of people who have the same interests too.

Edge Hill has a massive range of societies to join, from the Circus Skills Society to the Medieval Re-enactment Society. You can see a full list of our societies here. Joining a society is a really good way to meet people who have similar interests to you, especially when you first start at university. You get the chance to sign up to societies during your first week at the Freshers Fair, although most societies are happy to let you join at any point during the year. In my experience, the students who run societies have always been really welcoming, so although attending your first meeting can be daunting, it’s normally more fun than you think.

As well as society stuff, there’s always loads of events going on to take part in if you want. For example, this week is SAFE (Sexual Awareness For Everyone) week on campus. As well as lots of really great, educational talks, there’s film screenings and even speed dating. There’s so much variety at uni, it’s almost impossible to get bored!