• First Year over! 🙂

        Hi Everyone! Hope you’re well and have had a good week. I know right now alot of people have either finished their course or are right on the edge of finishing, just needing that final push towards the end. I handed in my final assignment last Thursday and can’t explain how good it […]

  • Edge Hill Is Chill

    Most people experience pre-uni jitters, I know I did – a new place where I didn’t know anyone, living on my own and being the sole person responsible for myself. A step in the direction of adulthood! Something I know about myself is that I like feeling safe, and Edge Hill (and Ormskirk in general) definitely […]

  • Saying goodbye and keeping in touch

    I’m feeling rather nostalgic this evening, most likely because I only have one more week left on placement – my old primary school – and I’m getting ready to say goodbye. So today, I’m here to talk about staying in touch with people from school. Despite leaving my secondary school to start at a new […]

  • Looking After Yourself at Uni

    University tends to be where most people learn to become independent and start fending for themselves. However, this can be a shock to the system for some people and prove to be incredibly difficult. It is very important to keep yourself healthy and happy, especially at university as poor health can affect your participation and […]