Your health at university

One thing I cannot stress enough is how important it is to register for the local health practice when you’re at university (where ever that might be)  and some universities even have their own one. Edge Hill has its own health centre on “Ruff lane” which is linked to the health practice “The Elms Practice”. Since being at University I have needed this service a few times when I’ve needed to see a nurse/doctor about my health needs.

You can easily register for the Elms Practice at Fresher’s week (more on that in a future blog) or online by clicking on the link below…,44972.htm

Another thing I would recommend you doing is getting a HC1 form from a chemist, or your current medical practice. This is a NHS form that allows you to get financial help with prescription charges. I have never actually handed one in so whenever I have to have a prescription that isn’t free, I have to pay for it (and believe you me, prescriptions aren’t cheap these days). So don’t make the same mistake as me…