Open Days

Hi everyone!

It’s the middle of June, which means for a lot of people it is exam time. Some lucky people might already be finished with A Levels, and if you have then congratulations! If not then good luck with all your future exams and assignments 🙂

This week I’m going to talk to you a bit about Open Days and what you can expect to get out of them.

If you’ve applied for Edge Hill and are currently holding an offer then there’s a high chance you’ve already attended an Open Day or an Applicant Visit Day. But even if you haven’t there is still time to visit.

For everyone who is interested in applying to Edge Hill next year then there will be a number of Open Days throughout the academic year.

For dates and more information on how to book an Open Day click here.

I can’t stress how important attending an Open Day can be.

When you accept your university offer you’re committing three years of your life to that uni, so it’s important that it’s the right place for you.

Even if you live quite far away I would recommend trying to make it to an Open Day (some universities reimburse the travel costs – they know how important visiting the university is!)

Attending an Open Day at Edge Hill was one of the things that made me 100% certain I wanted to study there.

In the same way, I went to some Open Days that showed me that a particular university wasn’t quite right for me. Try before you commit. It’s a huge decision, and you don’t want to find yourself having made the wrong choice when you can easily prevent it!

So what can an Open Day do for you?

Here’s my list of everything it helped me with:

  • Learning about the different types of accommodation on campus and their costs
  • Meeting the tutors who would be teaching me throughout my degree
  • Learning about specific modules and assessments
  • Finding out more about Student Finance
  • Looking at all the facilities the university has to offer
  • Getting a feel for the campus and if it was the right place for me.

An Open Day visit is invaluable, so if you’re thinking of becoming an Edge Hillian book yourself on to one today!

Quote for the day: “I don’t even remember the season. I just remember walking between them and feeling for the first time that I belonged somewhere.” The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky.

Hope you all have another amazing week. Until next time!

-Becki 🙂

I Can’t Afford a Ferrari

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all having another good week and enjoying the little taste of summer we seem to be having at the moment.

This week I’m going to talk to you about student finance, money and budgeting. Scary as it all is, handling your own money is a huge part of the university experience.

This was probably the thing I freaked out about the most when I left for uni, but as long as you do a little preparation then there’s nothing to worry about.

Most of you have probably finished your student finance applications and received your confirmation letters, so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll have to support yourself next year.

I’ve just reapplied for student finance this week too (it’s much easier the second time around I swear!) Since I’ll be moving from halls into a student house I’m going to have to re-plan my budget a little bit, and I thought I would give you all a few tips too.

As soon as I received my student finance letter I worked out how much money I would have for each week, and when I got to uni I made sure I never went over that amount. Depending on which halls you live in/ if you live at home then you might have more student finance left over after housing payments.

The main tip when it comes to budgeting is to remember everything you will need. Include money for books and academic resources, your weekly food shop, toiletries and travel money.

It’s also nice to put aside a little bit of your weekly allowance so that you can treat yourself every once in a while. I put aside a few pounds a week and then treat myself to Domino’s whenever I hand in a particularly tough assignment for example.

Another major tip is to not splurge your student loan as soon as it comes in. It may seem like a lot of money but it’s better to be careful. If you have a budget plan and stick to it then it gives you peace of mind.

I spend a lot of time searching for better deals too. My weekly shop might change depending on which supermarkets are doing special promotions. Hunting around on the web for cheaper course books is always a good idea too- you can pretty much always get them cheaper than you think.

Managing your money is nothing to worry about, as long as you manage it sensibly then everything will run super smoothly.

Quote for the day: There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no one independence quite so important, as living within your means. -Calvin Coolidge.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day. Until next time!

Becki 🙂

It’s not long now… *cry*!

Hi guys,

It’s very quickly becoming the end of a lot of things.

I’ve finished my course, like it’s completely done. Goodbye seminars, lectures and dissertation and hello the waiting game. I’m not a worrier until the day of my results so I’m not going to stress until then, what will be, will be and all.

It’s weird that I’m finishing as you are probably starting. Exams are right around the corner and it’s now the time to get your head done and study like mad to get the grades you need for EHU. Planning is crucial for busy exam periods. Post-it-notes, spider-grams and colour coding does make a difference if that’s the type of learner you are. Films, short documentaries and YouTube clips are also good, I mean we all remember the Pythagoras song from maths, don’t we? Revision group sessions are also extremely helpful to bonus ideas off one another, but if you’re going to get distracted it’s probably not the best route.

KEY TIP: You MUST have some down time. There is literally no point in burning out before and exam. Obviously the lead up to an exam you should be putting more hours in, but 24/7 is not the way to go. Balance your schedule with chill time (go see friends, watch your favourite tv show, sleep) and revision time (create a timetable if that helps).

Don’t panic, take your time and please remember that it’s not all about the grade you get. YOU ARE NOT A GRADE!


Until next time…



Freshers year is coming!

Hey guys,

How are you all? I’m great.

Since I’m coming to the end of my university experience I’m starting to look back at my favourite things parts. I’ve enjoyed every year, but obviously the best year is your first. Being a fresher is amazing. Whether you’re commuting from home or moving into EHU halls there are somethings that only your first year will bring compared to the other two years. Independence, new friends and far too many drunken nights out are just a few of the fresher experiences you’ll get to enjoy.

In your fresher year you’ll probably experience a hurdle (or two). Budgeting  disasters, a level of stress to produce good work for your course and waves of feeling homesick… don’t worry it passes and if not you’re only a phone call away from home. Despite these small setbacks the pros definitely out way the cons. I’d give anything to go back to day one and redo it all again. It was probably the best year of my life (deep).

So, whether you’re moving out or commuting from home, freshers’ year will be unforgettable. Everyone is in the same boat as you; nervous, scared, excited. Just take a deep breath and enjoy every moment. Try anything and everything! Honesty, blink and it’s gone, so make sure it’s worth looking back on!

Until next time…


Hey guys,

Hope you’ve had a great week.

Last week I wrote a blog on your nearest city (Liverpool) and thought it would only be appropriate to sell you on your local town. So, hello Ormskirk.

Ormskirk is super cute and as a student living away, you will get to know this place like the back of your hand. the town is pretty small with everything a student needs from local supermarkets to essential pubs and bars.

So, let’s see what you can get up to:

1- EHU has to be my first one obviously. The uni puts on a range of events throughout the year to keep you hooked in. Our SU plans everything from paintball parties, cake sales, fancy dress events, charity based events to stand up comedy, theatre events and society events.

2- Hungry or thirsty? Ormskirk has a variety of pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants for you to enjoy! So get in a pint… or two.

3- I know it’s not exactly Ormskirk but a stone throw away is Farmer Ted’s (a family fun animal petting farm) which might not be your cup of tea normally, but when it comes to September and October it’s transformed into Farmageddon a scary 3 building walk through, surrounded by all your worst nightmares.

4- Gyms and libraries – for those dedicated enough, I envy you.

5- EHU cinema. Yes, we have a cinema, how cool?

Well, that’s just a sprinkle of what Ormskirk has to offer you and if it’s not enough Liverpool and Southport are only down the road. To be honest you’ll find that you and your friends think of better things to do anyway, so it’s not all about a little town.

Until next time…

So, Sociology… we meet again?

Hey guys, hope you’re all well.

So what’s an average week like for a third year Sociology BA (Hons) student? Well…

This is my last semester (cry) which consists on 3 modules: Critical terrorism, childhood and sexuality and finally my dissertation. I’m in Tuesdays and Thursdays (x2, 2 hour lectures & x2, 1 hour seminars) which is very kind indeed. This leaves me a lot of time to work on my assignments, dissertation and catch up on my wider reading. Last semester was probably my favourite period (subject wise) during university, as I got to pick the modules I wanted to do. Hopefully this semester will be the same.

Sociology library days? Yes, I have to admit these are required more and more as you pass through your years at EHU. I’m going to be honest (like really honest, so please don’t tell my tutors…please), in first year I could probably count on my hands the amount of times I actually used the library… which is pretty bad. Second year I stepped up my game, realising uni isn’t all about partying and my social life… and my grades shot up dramatically. Third year the library is practically my home. My advice? USE THE LIBRARY, IT HELPS.

My course outside of the classroom? Sociology is everywhere you look. You only have to turn on the news to be able to pick a starting point or even over hear a conversation in a café. Studying sociology has changed my opinion on a range of different issues and I’m so glad I picked it.

So that’s a brief insight into my week, but what about you?

Let me know if you have any questions regarding a sociology BA (hons) or anything to do with the social science department or EHU in general.

Until next time…


So, it’s a fresh start… HELLO 2016!

So, with a fresh start and a new year, can we really apply the cliche of ‘new year, new me’?

You’re probably on your last big push before summer exams and the pressure is starting to mount, but please don’t stress. I know exams and coursework is stressful, believe me I’ve been there- and still there now- but when you look back it will all be worth it. The key to exam prep is not to stress (easier said than done of course). Planning is key. Work out when you’re going to do something and do it. You need to make sure you factor in social time, whether that be a twenty minute phone call with friends, or a trip to the cinema, it is still required so you don’t burn out.

This year is all about setting goals. For me my number one goal is to achieve an amazing degree and walk away from uni with no third year regrets. I need to start thinking about what’s after my gap year of travelling, ’cause I dont want to stress when I come back to nothing, but I’ll do that another day. I want to buy my first car, how exciting will that be?!?!

So, plan, plan, plan is my advice. Whether it’s what days you’re going to revise, or what you’re going to do after uni, just plan.

Until next time…

Goodbye 2015. Hello 2016…

Hey guys,

Hope you’re doing well. Just a quick one…

So, it’s that time of the year again. Saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new. Well, let’s summarise the goods of 2015 and make goals for 2016, shall we.


  • Made it through the year smiling, a few stumbles along the way, but well done Jen you got there.
  • Completed all uni work- even managed to get some amazing grades (again well done Jen, if I do ay so myself).
  • Went on my first ever group holiday with the uni lot… Amsterdam, I miss you dearly.
  • Ready for 2016, I think.

Goals for 2016:

  • Graduate with an amazing grade. (PLEASE)
  • Have some sort of plan for after uni… It doesn’t have to be a life plan, but a plan would be helpful.
  • Have an amazing 2016, of course.

So, what’s your goals? To get amazing grades and come to EHU, yep that’s what I thought. so here’s the game plan. WORK HARD! I know exams are fast approaching and you’re probably swamped in assignments and essays, but believe me, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Hope you had an amazing Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

I’ll speak to you next year… 😉

Until next time…

Christmas in Liverpool?

Hey guys, just a quick one. 🙂

Hope you’re all doing good!

So one of the advantages about coming to EHU is being 30 minutes away from Liverpool city. Now, without trying to sound bias (seeing as it is my local city), Liverpool really is one of the nicest places around.

From the sites to the shops, people to the general atmosphere, restaurants to entertainment facilities; the city really does have it all. Liverpool is especially amazing around Christmas time. The city is wall to wall with lights and loads going on. You’ve got the Christmas markets, ice rink, music events and Santa grottos left, right and centre.

Ormskirk has great transport links to the city. Frequent rains and buses allow you to have spontaneous trips without any hassle. The trains are usually every 10-15 minutes (Sundays may be slightly different).

Anyway I can’t wait for you to fall in love with Liverpool, it’s amazing.

Until next time…

QUICK update!


Hope you’re all well, just a quick one!

So what have I done this week. Assignments, assignments, assignments… and my dissertation of course. So the workload is heavy at the minute, but the more I get done now, the less I have to do later, right? Well positive thinking is the only thing keeping me going, so let’s keep it light and fluffy. So Christmas is right around the corner and then around that corner is probably exams, yes? Well here is what I’d do over the Christmas break… You need to be realistic. There is no point saying you’ll do work everyday when we all know that wont happen. You need time to relax, see your friends and family and actually enjoy Christmas. So make a timetable and stick to it. You don’t need to study solidly everyday 12 hours a day! It’s all about balance and when you can’t find motivation to carry on, remember why you’re doing it! Think of EHU and the course that you want! seriously, you need to think of your target and it’ll make you want to keep studying/revising/reading!

Anyway, what’s the best Christmas film? I mean I’ve tried working it out over and over again and I’ve come to a list with my friends:

It’s either:

A) Elf (nah)

B) Love Actually (100% YES)

C) The Grinch (possible but Love Actually is the one i think)

Anyway I’ll leave you with that debate and the thought of Christmas being right around the corner. Happy studying.

Until next time…