Student Discounts

Hi guys, as a student money can be tight, so it’s a good job that there are a variety of discounts available if you are interested in saving money, here are a few things I use.

NUS TOTUM Card: You can purchase one of these in the on campus SU shop or online for just £12 a year. They can be used for discounts across a range of businesses throughout the UK and they can even be used within the SU shop and bar for extra sweet savings, also worth noting you save more  money on the card price overall by buying a three or two year card.

UNiDAYS: Accessible through the website or via the nifty app, UNiDAYS is completely free and only requires verification of being a student by signing in using your Edge Hill portal credentials. The app also grants you discounts across a range of things like, shops, restaurants and online retailers.

16-25 Rail Card: My personal favourite, the rail card can save you up to a 1/3 on rail prices, usually the 1/3 is more applicable if your ticket is over a tenner but savings can be made regardless of the fare. I use this all the time and would recommend it to anyone who used trains at least every now and again. It costs £30 a year but I managed to get it for free with my bank account so that’s something else to look out for.

Mobile Network Rewards: OK, this one isn’t exclusively for students but I thought it best to put here since there are some really great deals to be had through some networks own rewards for being a customer. Networks like 02, Vodafone and EE among others all have various deals, such as discounted cinema tickets, free food and priority booking for concerts.

Student Offers: Sometimes you don’t always need an extra item to avail of discounts, an Edge Hill card will get you plenty of discounts on it’s own. From  student offers in restaurants, to saving on movie going, through a student ticket.

So there’s a few ways the student can save money, hope this helped and thanks for reading.


Celebrate, remember, fight back.

Last weekend I took part in my local Cancer Research UK Relay for Life 2015. This is an annual 24 hour-long event held up and down the country as a way of raising money for Cancer Research UK. However, that’s not its only purpose. It’s also a way of celebrating the lives of those people who survived cancer, remembering those who lost their battle with it, and those who are still fighting it. Through sponsorships (online and offline) I have managed to raise £85 and whilst this is not as much as the first time I did it (back in 2011), it all counts towards my teams total and the overall event total (the people in charge of organising and running it are looking to raise £35,000 this year) and I will definitely be taking part next year when my local relay for life celebrates 10 years 😀 Whilst at the event I did take lots of photos and these are below.

Whilst I’m on the subject of raising money for charity and doing charitable things, you might be interested to know that Edge Hill does lots of charity work too. For instance this year the SU have been asking people to donate non perishable items so they can be passed onto Southport Food Bank (you can read up on this here) and there are two charitable societies you can join whilst at Edge Hill. These are as follows

  1. Raising and Giving Society
  2. Amnesty International

Of course you don’t have to join them, but you may want to if charity work is something your particularly passionate about.

Eco friendly university

Scientists and environmentalists are always going on about how global warming is inevitable and how as humans, we are contributing to it by emitting CO2 (carbon dioxide), methane and other harmful gases into the ozone layer, which is the protective layer that can be seen on pictures of our planet that have been taken from outer space by astronauts. As we are contributing to it, it’s our responsibility to help lessen it’s effects by doing the 3Rs.

  1. Reduce – Reducing the waste we create
  2. Reuse – Reusing things, such as shopping bags
  3. Recycle – Recycling waste that can be recycled

The reason I’m talking about this is because Edge Hill University is a very eco friendly university. For instance, they have specific bins around campus for waste. There’s ones for recycling paper and cardboard, there’s ones for cans and plastic bottles and ones for general waste (rubbish that can’t otherwise be recycled). As well this on the upper level of the hub there is a cylinder shaped depository near where the SU are based where you can deposit non rechargeable batteries once they have run out (i.e. gone flat). Edge Hill also encourage students to car share for those students who drive to university and ask that staff and students turn off things that use electricity at the end each day, particularly over the holiday periods such as Christmas.

On top of what Edge Hill already do to help the environment, the SU have recently come up with a scheme that encourages students who are moving out of halls to donate their unwanted items so that they can be reused elsewhere. The link to the poster about this is below

Edge Hill SU Re-use Scheme

I personally think it’s great that Edge Hill care about the environment so much and you may have visited other universities who also make sure staff and students reduce, reuse and recycle.

Fresher’s Week and how to Make The Most of It.

As you are well aware now (or at least should be), Fresher’s week is coming up very soon. This is your first week at university and will be a jammed packed one. Edge Hill SU have organised a whole series of events for that week. So there is a lot going on. One event is Fresher’s Fayre. I recommend you go, because it will give you a chance to sign up for societies, sports teams, the gym and the local health services. It was at Fresher’s Fare 2012 (two years ago now!) that I signed up for the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Society. I also signed up for the Disney society (I’ve only been once though, so don’t sign up to something you’re barely going to go to). Since then many other societies have formed so you will certainly have plenty to choose from. For instance I signed up for Edge Hill’s Christian Union a few days ago, and am looking forward to meeting those of you who sign up for that 🙂

Another piece of advice for Fresher’s week is to take a notebook and a pen (or your tablet/laptop) when attending information talks. Fresher’s week is full of them. From your departmental welcome talk to one from the library they’re all on during fresher’s week and they are jammed packed with information, so there will be a lot to take in.

On a final note if you do happen to get lost at all whilst you get used to your new surroundings, don’t be afraid to ask. Being lost is not a good feeling, so just ask someone and they should be able to point you in the right direction.