Welcome Back!

Hi everyone,

Welcome back after the Easter break, I hope you have had a good Easter break and managed to have some well deserved time off from your studies.

My Easter has been quite eventful, I went home for a few days to catch up with family and friends as I had not been home in quite a while! But, as I am in my third year I have had a lot to do and it has included quite a few late nights in the library! The weather has been so nice as well so it was lovely to be able to spend some time in our garden doing work.

This week is actually the last week of semester two and then we move on to the joys of exams and assignment deadlines, it is such a strange feeling for me as I only have three more deadlines and then I will have completed my degree. I can’t believe that three years have gone so quickly and I only have a few months before I move home and released into the real world!

I would love to know what you all got up to over Easter! and good luck to everyone handing in their dissertations over the next week as well as to everyone with deadlines, summer is fast approaching!

See you soon!

Ellie 🙂

Using Your Holidays Wisely!

Hey everyone and HAPPY EASTER!

I hope you are all stuffing your faces with chocolate eggs and having a nice chill day. However, don’t forget to keep up with all the work you have to do before going back to University.

As I am on my Easter holidays at home in ‘wee’ Ireland, I thought I would share my tips on how to use the uni holidays wisely and still be able to enjoy your time at home.

Utilise your time!

You have so much free time now that you don’t have classes and lectures, why not use this time to get ahead of the game before returning back?

Set yourself a goal everyday in terms of work

For example, I would set myself a word count goal on how many words I want to get written in my assignment. This way I know how much I want to write and then if I get over that word count, I can have more time to spend with my family and friends (and dog).

Use your time alone to catch up on reading and studying

Being away from the distractions of university and halls can be great thing if you want to catch up for time lost. 

Do the most work you can do early in the day so that you can relax with your family in the evening.

I have mentioned in a few blogs that I love waking up early and getting my day started. When I am at home, waking up early, taking my dog for a walk and then getting started on my assignments is the best way I could start my day because I find that I am way more productive in the morning. Try it!

Start to write out a study plan or an assignment writing plan for when you go back to Uni so that you are super organised smash the term.

Returning back to university after a long break can be quite daunting especially when you know you have studying to be doing or assignments to write. I like using my time off to start planning study sessions or plan out an upcoming assignment so that I have a head start. Image result for you can do it

I know that going home for holidays can be very distracting as you have family to catch up with and friends to see, but remember that Uni can be just as distracting especially if you are living in halls.

I love coming back home for holidays, and to be honest, for the first few days I do take time to spend with my family however, I always make sure to stay on top of my work and assignments so that I have less stress to deal with upon returning.

Hopefully this advice is helpful. I really do try to utilise my time off at home to really get into my work and assignment writing. It feels really good knowing that I am ahead of the game!

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”

-Bruce Lee-


Easter Holidays

Hi everyone, we are into the Easter holiday’s now and most people have left campus for the time being. It can feel like a strange time to have a break so close to the end of the year considering most of us are only a month or so away from finishing for the year. Easter to me always feels like one of those times that passes by ridiculously quick since there can be so much going on and that’s without including any of the usual Easter festivities like an egg hunt. Speaking of which there was one on campus last week, which wEgg huntas a fun change from the norm, managed to snag myself a Milkybar egg because white chocolate is obviously the best kind!

Now that most people have gone home, maybe yourself included, this is the perfect time to get on top of all that fun (sarcasm) uni work you’ve been saving up. If your already on top of all your deadlines then nice one. Try to prioritize work like essays etc. that can be done off campus while your away freeing up your time when your on-campus for stuff that might only be doable at uni or at least easier, say if there’s software here you can use.

If you are living on campus and are staying at Edge Hill throughout the Easter holidays then enjoy, it is pretty chill when it’s really quiet. It is also important to know that various outlets and services throughout Edge Hill will have different working hours with most services closed on the Easter weekend, I have linked Edge hill’s own guide for more specific information. https://issuu.com/ehucampuslife/docs/easter_on_campus_guide_2019_large

Whatever you’re doing for Easter enjoy yourself, don’t forget about your work but don’t let it control your holidays either, till next time.



Happy Easter!

Hi everyone 🙂

I’m pretty sure all students at Edge Hill are super happy that it is now the Easter holidays, we were all in need of a rest, especially to our third year students who recently handed in their dissertations, and looking forward to spend some time at home to catch up with family and friends! I am definitely grateful for a few weeks off to chill and hopefully get a good amount of work done too!

This term has definitely been an eventful one, including the entire shut down of the university thanks the beast from the east! But it has also been a great couple of months for the university as we announced that very soon we will be offering degree courses in medicine which is incredible!

Also, now that Easter is finally here it means we only have two weeks left of the semester which means it is nearly summer!

I hope you all have a great Easter

Ellie 🙂

What to do with your time off

For many of us we are now in our Easter break and at university this can be anything from 2 weeks to 4 weeks, and for some term may have already ended for the year leaving you with a new chunk of free time to occupy.

One of the first things I’d suggest to do is take some time to focus on your well being. This can be anything from just lighting a candle, spending a day looking after yourself or watching your film. Whilst at university you can often forget to indulge in the things that make you feel good. When you have time off its okay to be a little selfish and take time out just for yourself. Whilst its good to see friends and family, try not to fill your schedule completely. It can be easy to organise a host of activities going here, there and everywhere and before you know it the break is over.  Take time to rest and relax.

Don’t feel pressure to go home either, for some people staying at University can be more beneficial as they feel that they can work better or just enjoy spending some time alone. This can often be difficult for parents to understand so try to explain your reasons and hopefully they will understand. As well as this for some people who suffer from homesickness it can be easier to stay rather going backwards and forwards.

If you plan to do university work over your Easter break try and organise times to fit this in. There’s nothing worse than sitting everyday saying you’re going to start something and just sitting, waiting, procrastinating and putting it off and wasting a day that could have been spent doing something else. Make sure if you are taking books home from the library you reserve them to avoid getting fines whilst you’re away from university. As well as university work some people may choose to go home to a job. This is a great opportunity to earn money ready for the summer or for the next term of university.

As well as working, the Easter break is also a great time to travel. At University the longer break puts you at an advantage as you can book flights or breaks out of the ‘school holidays’ and benefit from cheaper travel especially if you’re booking in advance. Depending on what you are studying you may be given a yearly overview during your first week, with dates of holidays included, this can help you organise an appropriate time to travel and book as early as possible to make the most of deals.

Basically you need to take the time to do whatever it is that you want to do, whether that be staying at university working or going home and doing nothing, it is your break and you should make the most of it however you choose to spend it.

Easter is here!

So this week is the first week of the Easter holidays, and for you lucky people probably the start of some serious revision! After a full term at uni, I think everybody looks forward to going home for the Christmas/Easter breaks. It is lovely to come home and enjoy home comforts also if you’re lucky enough you can save a bit of money!

You’ll enjoy the change of being home with a whole new routine, that unfortunately still includes revision and assignments – there’s no rest for the wicked! The best part about coming home if definitely seeing family and friends, this term of two months leaves a lot of things to catch up on!

However living back with parents can be a difficult one, obviously everyone’s relationship with their parents/guardians or household will be different. Going back home can be a strange one because you’ve not as much freedom as you have when at uni, making your own meals, shopping, going out!

Talking to my friends about their experiences of going back home varies a lot! I’d suggest that if you do struggle with the change of going back home that you talk to the people in your household and you establish some new ground rules that work for everyone!

Easter also means that the year is also over – so that’s a good and bad thing! This is because it means summer is nearly here (yay- holidays!) but it also means exams are soon!

Home for Easter and the end is nigh (almost)

Well after what’s been a very busy term I am finally home for Easter (yay!) 😀 However, I’m not home for complete downtime. I do have a lot of work to crack on with include

  1. The rest of my dissertation write up
  2. The rest of a 2000 word lab report
  3. The rest of a 1000 word essay

So I’ll be busy at the dinning room table most days with my laptop, journal articles and pen drives writing these assignments and making sure they’re as good as they can be because at the end of the day third year counts for 60% of my final overall mark, and with graduation on the horizon it’s paramount I keep working hard so I can graduate with a degree classification I’m proud of.

Speaking of graduation, on Thursday night it was revealed when I’m going to be graduating Edge Hill. The date is set for Tuesday 21st July 2015 at 3pm which means I’m gonna be graduating in ceremony 6. Due to the sheer volume of students graduating, Edge Hill breaks down its graduation ceremonies over a period four per day for a week. There’s one at 10am, one at 12:30pm, one at 3pm and one at 5:45pm and they all get put on YouTube for people to enjoy in the days, weeks and months after the ceremony has taken place. I’m quite glad to be graduating at 3pm because it means I don’t have to get up quite so early to get to campus (i’ll have moved back home by then). However I do have to be on campus 2 hours before the ceremony starts at 3pm in order to get robed up, put on my graduation cap and have photos taken (a lot of them will be taken of that I’m sure).

But I can’t get too far ahead of myself because I do have the remainder of my coursework to get on with, and I can’t actually register until 17th April which is a while off and then order my cap and robes nearer the time (I’ll probably get an email telling me how and when I need to do this by).

Anyway if anyone has any questions they want to ask me about Edge Hill, feel free to drop me a comment and I’ll reply 🙂

Wrapping Up For Easter

This is the last week before the start of the Easter holidays so I’ve been attending a lot of summary lectures this week. It’s also at this point in the semester that  people start drifting off home for the holidays so my classes have been rather lacking students compared to normal!  As excited as I am to go home for a few weeks, the Easter holidays definitely do not signal the end of work for me as I have tons of essays to write over the next few weeks. As much as I’m not looking forward to writing them it’s kind of bitter sweet because they will be the last essays that I ever write for my degree! This definitely means it’s time to start focusing on what exactly it is that I’m going to do after I graduate but I’ll have to let you know what that is when I finally figure it out…

I know I’m definitely going to miss being in Ormskirk over Easter because my hometown does not provide me with the luxury of having everything I need right outside my front door like Ormskirk does – I’m forever thankful that I have a student house right next to the main high street!

For those of you taking A Levels or other exams in the next few months, the Easter holidays really do provide you with an excellent opportunity to knuckle down and get some hardcore revision in. It’s absolutely not too early to start revising and it’s best to come up with at least some kind of schedule to ensure you get to cover everything in the time you have. I know it really sucks having to give up your time off of Sixth Form or college in order to revise, but it is totally worth it once you get to your extra long summer and you don’t have to worry so much about results. At that point you can just look forward to starting university and all the amazing memories that you’re going to make!