Nature On Your Doorstep

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all having another good week 🙂

This week I’m going to be talking about a unique aspect of Edge Hill Campus – the amount of nature that can be found here!

The Lakes

Not every campus can boast having a lake, never mind having two!

I lived in Chancellors Court in First Year, and my kitchen overlooked the lake on Eastern Campus. It was such an amazing view, and one I never expected.

The other lake can be found on the Western Campus, near the Faculty of Health and Social Care, so no matter where you are on campus you’re close to an amazing view and a lot of wildlife. Which brings me onto. . .


There are always a few ducks roaming around campus and Edge Hill is probably pretty well renowned for its duck population.

Be careful though, if you have food they like to come and try to steal it!

Plus they’ve been known to wander into the Hub every now and again, which is a pretty fun sight.

If ducks aren’t enough for you then there are rabbits hiding all across campus and even the famous Campus Cat. Definitely worth trying to spot whilst on campus!


La Plage

Along with the lakes Eastern Campus even has it’s very own beach!

With places to sit, enough sand to make an impressive sand castle and the feeling of being on holiday without even leaving campus the beach is one of my favourite spots.

In First Year I would always cut through the beach on the way to lectures and seminars (it’s impossible to be sad for those 9ams when the first thing you see is a beach.)

It’s also a great place to play some card games with friends in the sunshine, our personal favourite is Go Fish.

Nature is all around

Edge Hill’s campus is truly beautiful, and if you don’t believe me come and see for yourself!

The first time I visited I knew this was the place I wanted to spend the next three years studying for my degree. The course was perfect, the tutors were friendly and the excellent scenery was just an added bonus!

Quote for the day: “I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, ‘This is what it is to be happy.’ ” The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath

Until next time!

-Becki 🙂

My A-Z of Edge Hill University

A – Art’s Centre: The Art’s Centre hosts a wide range of entertainment available for anyone – film, theatre, and music. Currently, students can get a free membership that comes with a few free tickets.
B – Biosciences: Obviously the greatest department around, is the department of biology. The building is filled with great equipment such as the electron microscope as well as having the brand new tech hub lab next door. Of course, the department staff are as well phenomenal – the technicians, administrators and lecturers.
C – Campus: Our wonderful campus is fairly small but incredibly beautiful. With two lakes and plenty of green spaces, you will never be far from nature, yet the modern facilities are equally as stunning.
D – Ducks: If you don’t know already, you should know that the ducks on campus are essentially the mascots of our uni.
E – Edge Link: The Edge Link Bus runs from campus to Ormskirk throughout the day, roughly every 15 minutes.
F – Facilities: Many impressive facilities exist at Edge Hill, the newest of which is the Techhub. It hosts the new biotechnology lab, as well as the CAVE. Other buildings worth mentioning are Creative Edge and Sporting Edge – both being modern facilities for the computery creative and the athletic populations of Edge Hill.
G – Green: Facilities Management became the second university in the UK to gain the Green Flag Award for maintaining an attractive and welcoming campus. Our uni is also green in that it is environmentally conscious, sporting solar panels, ground source heating and thermal heat recovery.
H – History: Edge Hill College, as it was once known, was originally a women-only teaching college, until accepting men in 1959. The history of Edge HIll has links to women’s rights and the Suffragette movement.
I – International: The International office allows students the opportunity to study abroad on the ERASMUS+ program. We have links to Sweden, Cyprus, Belgium, and many more.
J – Joint Honours: Those wishing to study a joint or combined honours degree will find a number of options available to them at Edge Hill, particularly in the Humanities subjects on offer here.
K – Knowledge: Those studying at Edge Hill will gain knowledge into their degree subject that only a lecturer could give. Studying Biology at Edge Hill has presented me with many opportunities to learn that would not have been available to me otherwise.
L – Liverpool: A mere 30 minutes on the train from Liverpool, Ormskirk is nicely situated near the bustling city.
M – Money Advice Team: The Money Advice Team offer advice at drop-in sessions all throughout the term, providing support on money management as well as information regarding scholarships and the hardship fund.
N – Nightlife: There are few clubs and bars in Ormskirk, as well as the SU Bar and Quad, ensuring you will have plenty of choices if you decide on a night in town.
O – Ormskirk: A quaint market town that makes a lovely place to call your home away from home. From the clock tower to coronation park, I know I’ve come to love it.
P – PGCE: Qualifications for teaching are also available at Edge Hill, alongside other undergrad and postgrad degrees.
Q – Queer representation: Our students’ union have both an LGBT+ Officer and also the upcoming position of a Trans Officer.
R – Red Bar: The Red Bar – adjacent the Arts Centre – is the location of the Open Mic nights and serves delicious pizza! The staff are incredibly welcoming too. Also here are many board games for a nice quiet social time.
S – Societies and Sports: So! Many! Societies! Ranging from Sports clubs to liberation or recreational socs.
T – Tutors: I can speak from experience when I say that my personal tutor has been very supportive of me and has provided great support when I’ve needed it. Personal tutors definitely make an important part of the incredible student support system at Edge Hill.
U – University of the Year: Back in 2014-5, Edge Hill won the University of the Year in 10th annual Times Higher Education (THE) Awards – a title it rightfully deserves!
V – Varsity: The annual sporting competition between us and the University of Central Lancashire is a great opportunity to get involved in competitive sport. Bonus V – Vikings: The Edge Hill American football team!
W – Whatuni awards: This year, Edge Hill won top accommodation, third for student support, and placed in the top five for Courses and Lecturers and Uni Facilities.
X – Xenobiotics: One of the areas of study by our biology department is mosquitoes as a vector for human disease. A topic that accompanies this is the use of insecticides – xenobiotics – to kerb the spread of said diseases.
Y – You: Our Student’s Union values you, and is made by you. Our bar and house staff are students, as are the elected officers, president and vice presidents.
Z – Zoo: Chester zoo is not far, and was one of the trips I attended during the first few weeks of my biology degree. It was a great icebreaker and helped form bonds that would only be strengthened in Cyprus, another trip in the first term of my first term of Biology.

The Birds on Campus

The ducks patrol their lake by the Education building

You may or may not know that the Edge Hill ducks are essentially are mascots. The ducks that swim in our lakes are practically family, we cherish them. Living in Chancellor’s Court last year, you often see them from your window milling around the ground floor windows, hoping to persuade some student to spare some food. Failing that, they sometimes wonder into the Hub – a couple of times last year they had to be escorted out and away from Sages!

A lone Black-headed gull, idling on the lake

Apart from the ducks, campus sports a variety of birds – ranging from pigeons to moorhens. There are many gulls on campus, such as the Black-headed gull (pictured right), and I have often seen them quarreling with the ducks for food. They seem to share a truce with the pigeons though and have on occasion extended this to their more aquatic cousins.

Robin between the branches – unsure whether my lens is friend or foe
The arrogant goose claims this rock as its own

One family of birds that never seem to be messed with on campus, are the corvids. Whether they be crows, ravens, or rooks, the other birds don’t mess with them. Usually steering clear of the lakes, these birds are most often found on the greens in front of main building, but are also likely to be found around the urban parts of campus during quiet times, i.e. the path running parallel the Business building that leads down the Back Halls, or around the Health building on the weekends. Unfortunately I haven’t seen one up close in a while, but a few months back I did get very close to one perched quite happily on a bin before I even realised they were there. That’s one thing to say about the birds on campus – they sure are brave. Even the blackbirds and robins let you get pretty close before flying off. Some birds (*cough* geese *cough*) might be too brave in fact. However I think that’s just a general trait amongst geese, and not one specific to Edge Hillian birds.

Of course, we do get other animal guests to the campus, including bunnies and more than the occasional neighbouring cat!

Wildlife on Campus

If you’ve ever been to an open day at Edge Hill, a campus tour or an applicant visit day you may or may not have noticed that Edge Hill is home to more than just students. Edge Hill is also home to various forms of wildlife. Whilst there’s the usual types of birds like pigeons, robins and blackbirds there’s also rabbits and ducks. I was on campus this week when I met this little one.

Met he/she outside the Wilson centre where the gym is.
Met he/she outside the Wilson centre where the gym is.

As a lover of rabbits (back home we have a house rabbit called Dusty ) I nearly internally died of cuteness and then the very next day I met them again and this time they were with their friend/sibling. As well as wild rabbits there are also ducks on campus and in first year I got this photo of them whist wondering around campus after tea one night

Three females and a male
Three males and a female

As well as seeing them around on campus, in first year when my relatives used to come to visit me when I lived on campus we used to feed them with bread (although technically we shouldn’t of been because bread is like junk food to ducks). At graduation in July I want to feed them again one last time (this time with seeds) before I leave for good. You may also be surprised to know that the ducks have their own Facebook page: Edge Hill Ducks and I have to say the wildlife on campus is one of the many things I’m going to miss about Edge Hill after I’ve left 🙁