Food and Drink in Ormskirk

Well this is it. This weekend I will be moving out of Ormskirk…forever. I’m absolutely gutted about it. I thought for this blog I’d make myself cry some more and tell you about some of my favourite food and drink places in Ormskirk and why I’m going to miss it so much.

I’ve said already that Ormskirk is quiet, and compared to a lot of places it most definitely is, but it is also full of hidden gems that make it truly unique and exciting. There’s lots of independent cafes, bars and restaurants, and pretty much every single one that I’ve tried has been amazing. But there’s a few places I’d totally recommend visiting. First is Bramley’s, a cafe that I discovered in my first year. It serves the best iced coffee in the entire world and nothing else will ever compare. Next is Blue Juice and Java, which I only tried for the first time this year, but I’ve been there so many times since, always for their absolutely delicious, freshly-made juices that come in little jars with handles. It’s a healthy alternative ¬†for when you fancy going out for a drink with friends, and the staff there are so lovely.

Juice at Blue Juice and Java
Juice at Blue Juice and Java

Restaurant wise my number one pick is Salt and Liquor, because the food there is absolutely incredible. It’s also my favourite bar in Ormskirk because their cocktails are so yummy but also reasonably priced. I really wish I could pack it up and take it home with me. I’m also going to really miss the SU bar on campus, because the food there is really good despite the cheap price (I find myself constantly craving the nachos!) and the drinks are cheap too! The Fat Olive has also been a favourite of mine since first year, and I’ve been way more times than I care to admit because of the great deals they offer on such high quality food.

Next week when you hear for me I will be back down South (much to my despair!) but I will continue to write some (probably very sad) blogs about reasons why I miss Ormskirk and why Edge Hill is the most amazing university in the world whilst I try and come to terms with the fact that I have to be a proper adult now.