Society collaborations

Over the past few weeks or so the Doctor Who Society and Fantasy and Sci-Fi society (that I’m a part of) have been getting together on a Saturday night to watch, yep you guessed it Doctor Who on the big screen over in the hub. This can be booked out for use by Edge Hill students via the Student’s Union for society meetings, for instance the video gaming society use it on a weekly basis for playing video games in multi-player mode and the american Superbowl final gets shown on there too when it’s on. I started going to watch it with them around episode seven of the current series “Kill the Moon”, which features Peter Capaldi as the famous time traveler and Jenna Coleman as his companion Clara.

With them I have also watched

  1. Mummy on the Orient Express (for someone who is interested in Egyptology this was a great episode)
  2. Flatline (there were quite a few funny bits to this episode which we all laughed out loud at, the Addams Family reference was my favourite!)
  3. In the Forest of the Night

Getting together with other people at University (who may or may not be on your course and in your year) to do things like this is a brilliant idea in my opinion. So should the above societies continue to do this next year when you’re at Edge Hill, it’s something I recommend you getting involved with 🙂

Listen! And Makeup work

Hello Fellow readers! exactly a week until you start turning up to Edge Hill University to study whatever courses you intend to do.

I myself am slowly getting ready, and packing but still trying to relax before I go.


This weekend though, we got to see Doctor Who’s new Episode, Listen.


If your afraid of the things under your bed… Ha, this will make it worse.

This is the scariest episode for quite some time.

It’s a darker tale for Doctor Who, one that hums with menace and causes chills with the mere thought that some abomination may reveal its  face at any second. If the Doctor’s afraid, what hope do we have?

This is the first story this series where Peter Capaldi’s Doctor has felt truly at home – the mad old uncle in the middle of a mid-life crisis. His plea, “I have to know” what’s beyond the door at the end of the universe are the words of a desperate man. After going full-grump last week we also get a rare glimpse of the Doctor’s warmer side as he helps a younger character overcome his tormentor with a motivational speech only his mind could muster.

For the first Two Acts it’s a near-perfect PG horror, building towards a straightforward monster appearance, but then: the rug pull – an unexpected stop at a barn on Gallifrey. The revelation that Clara had such a seismic influence on the Doctor in his formative years will inevitably irritate some, but it works wonderfully in the context of the episode, and is a genuine jaw-dropper of a twist. It risks damaging the Doctor’s air of mystery. After all, a few hints here and there, we know little about the Doctor’s early years. But, knowing that the Doctor is always afraid is a moment of pure magic – a compelling new facet to a character we’ve known for 50 years.

I really loved this episode, and I look forward to next weeks episode, Time Heist

— — – –

“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.”
― Stephen King


Getting Closer

Well hello everyone

It looks like university is getting closer and closer by the day.
I am anxiously awaiting my return to my place of residence in forest court.
Those of you who are also going to be residing in Forest Court, I am always around and available for you to come and talk to.
Thankfully, your student assistant will also always be on hand.
They will assist you in any manner they possibly can. Not matter how big or small the problem. They will be able to give you a hand. You should be meeting your student assistant on the day you move in, the 21st.

I hope to meet some of you soon 🙂

—  — —

As stated in my last blog, Doctor Who was just divine.
The Episode Deep Breath, Peter Capaldi’s opening episode was just amazing.
Bringing us on an emotional rollercoaster, Capaldi transitioned seemlessly into the role and gave it his all.
I look forward to seeing more of him and seeing the new episodes.

He has not dissappointed

— — —

Quote of the Day

“All I require is a Jelly Baby tin of Zen”

Clearing and Doctor Who

Hello one and all!

By now, many if not all of you should have received your grades by now and will most probably be looking forward to joining the university.

Those at clearing will be on their phones at this moment, waiting to help you out at a moments notice.
I know many of the people working on the clearing desk, and I know all of them are more then happy to help you out.

If ever you have any problems, give those guys a call with the numbers provided to you and they will be around to give you a hand.

— — —

Doctor Who is coming soon, with it’s premiere episode “Deep Breath”

This episode will see the return of Clara and the Paternoster gang return, with Peter Capaldi now taking the helm as the newly regenerated Doctor.

I am anxious as ever to see how this goes, and I hope some of you are too.
For those of you who have not yet seen it, here is the trailer for the new episode


— — — —

Quote of the Day

“But now you stand before me, Devoid of all dismay. Could it be? Just maybe… I’ll let you have your day.”

– Charles Dance