• What to expect from final year?

    As my third and final year of university as an undergraduate draws closer, I’m wondering how different it will be to second year. You might also be wondering what modules are available to you in your final year of a biological sciences degree. As I’m doing a Genetics BSc, I have four compulsory modules: Applications […]

  • Biology Dissertation Fieldwork

    Biology Dissertation Fieldwork

    Since I’m entering my third and final year of my BSc Genetics degree very, very soon, I need to be thinking about my genetics dissertation. I have chosen to centre my research project on plant genetics and ecology – both in the field and in the lab. The organism of interest for my studies is the […]

  • A Biology Dissertation Proposal

    One of the compulsory modules in third year on any biological sciences undergraduate degree is the dissertation. This module is worth twice the amount of a single third-year module – and with third-year being weighed more than second, this amounts to a hefty percentage overall! The first part of the dissertation that is currently due […]

  • Beginning Third Year

      Hi everyone 🙂 In September I will be starting my third and last year of university at Edge Hill. It’s something I have been thinking about a lot and the idea of graduating in just over a year is so terrifying as it feels as if I started uni last week!! Many people will […]

  • Biology Dissertation Topics

    Biology Dissertation Topics

    Dissertations are a big undertaking. Not only is the dissertation module worth double the credits of a regular module, it is meant to take up 200 hours. For the biological sciences degrees, you must perform a series of experiments or scientific techniques to answer a research question. Depending on your specific degree ie Human Biology, […]

  • Biology – Second Year Decisions

    With the summer term of second year approaching, many people have had to decide on a number of future ventures – third year modules, dissertation topics, and perhaps summer placements. So, in chronological order I present to you – the recent decisions of biosciences students. Erasmus Although not a particularly​ recent event, it does pertain […]

  • My Studying Essentials

    It’s very easy to get distracted whilst trying to get your uni work done. Procrastination is one of the most tempting forces in the universe and we all fall victim to it from time to time and find ourselves watching irrelevant Youtube videos with hours-worth of work still left to do. But I have some […]

  • So, what’s left?

    Hi guys, How are you all? Just a quick one today my friends. Well things are starting to come to an end and I’m starting to get a little sad about that. I handed my dissertation in last Thursday which was a massive weight off of my shoulders. I’ve got two more assignments to do […]

  • Dissertation deadline is looming, ahhhh!

    Hey guys, How are we? Well what’s new? With my dissertation deadline right around the corner it’s time to start worrying. I worry about a lot of things, especially when it comes to university work, I just want it to be good! Over these three years I’ve had my fair share of panic tears and […]

  • So what’s new?

    Hey guys, just a quick one… So, what’s new in the life of Jen? Well, I have recently been to V Festival and had an amazing time but since I’ve gotten home I’ve clicked into gear and continued the preparation for my dissertation. I realise that this year is going to be one of the hardest […]