Swimming in the Deep End

Sometimes being thrown into the deep end isn’t a bad thing, although if you’re like me you won’t like it!

I am currently on my third and final placement at a high school. Looking back to year one I was very shy and dreaded speaking up… whether that was in a presentation, putting my hand up or just anytime really! Ironically now this is what I want my pupils NOT to be! Promoting and encouraging them to be confident in a way that I never was!

So this brings me to year one, the first term, when we wee told we had to present a starter to the whole course (just under 30 people… but still!). I was dreading it, despite actually training to be a teacher I don’t think I realised how hard standing up and presenting something would be… never mind actually getting the class to do it! BUT I did it, despite being extremely anxious, and it wasn’t even a disaster!

What I am getting at is sometimes even if there’s an aspect of something that you’re dreading… maybe your upcoming modules at uni or moving away from home, you will be ok! It is good to know that you can tap into certain aspects of people or departments that are willing to help you if you begin to struggle. At Edge Hill you can speak to numerous people… your friends, tutors, heads of courses, Student Services, the SU…. (to name a few!) A handy link can be found here, enabling you to choose the right service you require, should you need it!

Even if you know that you’ll be fine, be safe in the knowledge that I have found, sometimes I thrive in a situation when it is forced upon me and it makes me a better more rounded person! I will never look back and now, if I had to just present a starter, I would love it and I’d have so many innovative ideas that I lacked two years ago! So it just shows what hard work and determination can do! So to that, I thank Uni for helping me develop and learn!