• Decisions…

    I don’t know about you, but I sometimes worry about getting old and grey. I used to worry that I’d skate through life and before I knew it, I’d be sat replaying my yesterdays wishing I had done things differently. Before I came to EHU I was clueless about what to do after my Sociology degree. […]

  • How to decide on what university to go to.

    By now you should have a good idea about what university you want to go to in September, i.e. you have decided upon your firm choice  and insurance choice (plan b) universities. Incase you haven’t, this blog post will outline some things you should consider when making that decisions What is your course department like? […]

  • Other Courses and why Psychology was the right one for me.

    With the UCAS deadline rapidly approaching (January 15th is the deadline for applications for the majority of courses) I thought I’d reflect on the other courses I considered when applying to university. History My 1st choice of degree course for a long time (right the way through high school) was history. I’ve always been a […]