• The Nitty Gritty

    Now, I bet you’ve heard a lot more about the social life at uni than you probably have about the actual degree part! Now everybody’s course is different and I definitely recommend that you ask somebody how your course is assessed before you start uni to make sure that you are prepared for what’s instore! […]

  • These Are Not the Grades You Are Looking For

    Hi everyone! (Yes the title of this blog is a Star Wars reference.) Today I wanted to talk a little about the tutors at university, and the kind of support and advice you can expect. When you come to Edge Hill you are assigned a Personal Tutor. This is usually a member of staff in […]

  • Exams and Coursework!

    So for all you A-Level students exams are not long away and unfortunately at Uni you may not escape this lovely past time! However some courses, like the Primary Education and Early Years course do not involve exams- just coursework, so you may be in luck! However some courses (including mine) have both exams and […]

  • To Be or Not to Be

    Hi everyone! Hope you have all had an absolutely amazing Easter. Thankfully most of us still have a few more days before we’re back to work. I’ve been doing a lot of reading over the last few days, even more so than usual. Reading week is usually the time I use to do research or […]

  • Holidays and Egg-xaminations

    Hi everyone! It’s the first day of spring today, so I hope that means the weather will start to pick up soon. As term has just finished for a few weeks I’m back at home, but I can’t wait to be back on campus in a few weeks. I’m sure that it will look beautiful […]

  • The Assignment That Stole Christmas

    A Cautionary Tale. Once Upon a Time there was a student who had so many essays and exams after the Christmas period that they were worried how they were going to complete all their work in time. Instead of planning ahead, or talking to lecturers the student decided to ignore the assignment. The dreaded assignment […]

  • Places to study.

    With results day lurking around the corner, and how fast time seems to go these days, you’ll soon be getting stuck into your degree (whatever that might be). So, I thought I’d write a piece on places to study whilst at university. The library  All universities will have a library in some form or another […]

  • Home for Easter and the end is nigh (almost)

    Well after what’s been a very busy term I am finally home for Easter (yay!) 😀 However, I’m not home for complete downtime. I do have a lot of work to crack on with include The rest of my dissertation write up The rest of a 2000 word lab report The rest of a 1000 […]

  • Coming Up This Semester

    I have now been back at Edge Hill full time almost a week and have had my first lectures and seminars of the semester. In these my tutors outlined the structure of my two new modules this semester (Research Technologies and Tools and Reflections and Future Directions) along with how they are assessed. In Tuesday’s […]

  • Busy Busy Busy

    Like a lot of third years at this time of year I am busy..very busy. Aside from preparations for Christmas (which will be upon us before we know it) I have the following to complete and submit before going home for two weeks Applying Psychology to Lifestyle Behaviors Presentation This is an poster presentation based […]