Making Your Decision…

If you haven’t already received feedback from the universities you have applied to, you’ll be hearing back very shortly I can assure you. But what happens when you’ve been given your offers? It’s time to make some very important decisions, that’s what! Here are my top 3 factors to consider when making your decision.

  1. The Programme You’ve Applied For: Do your research. For each individual university, pull the subject/profession apart, delving deep into module topics, forms of assessment, work experience opportunities, employability rates and facilities supporting this specific subject area etc. Just because a university is in the top 10 doesn’t mean that for the area you wish to study is rated just as proudly. If you’re certain on what you want to study, focus on the quality, ranking and feedback for that specific major rather than the university itself. You need to most importantly choose a course that best fits around you! Often, you may find a university of a less competitive nature may very well have a more suited programme for yourself, working in your favour!
  2. Location: You’re going to be living here for the next few years of your life. Moving to university is such a large and life changing step as you begin to explore the new and unknown. So you want to make sure that wherever you choose, you’re going to feel most comfortable and happy. At the end of the day, you’re going to be living here, not just visiting (unfortunately)! You need to ensure that the location benefits you, granting you access to facilities you ‘wont be able to live without’. If you’re not happy in your environment, you’re not going to study well. Edge Hill may not exactly be in a well-known location, but this wasn’t a problem as I’m only 30 minutes away by train to Liverpool or Manchester if I fancy a day out!
  3. Size & Type of University: For me, Edge Hill slaughtered all other chances opposing universities had at this one. Universities range from those sprawled  across vast cities, to those tucked away on one ground, all in close-knit. Social atmosphere can also conflict with this one. You’ll know what you will feel most comfortable with once having visited the university for yourself. You’ll know straight away if you’re apprehensive or ready to pack your bags and move in. But it’s certainly something to consider! I mean hey, look at me. I’m able to wake up 10 minutes before a lecture, make myself look presentable and still make it to my seminar a little early. Think of convenience and perhaps wasn’t doesn’t feel quite so daunting for yourself.

Trust me, when considering these important facts when comparing between your options, you’ll just know which university is right for you!