First Year over! :)



Hi Everyone! Hope you’re well and have had a good week.

I know right now alot of people have either finished their course or are right on the edge of finishing, just needing that final push towards the end. I handed in my final assignment last Thursday and can’t explain how good it feels to be done after all the slaving away for the past few months. When I first finished, I just slept the full Friday to celebrate!                                                                                  Since then I have been keeping myself busy and my plan was to stay on campus for a few weeks before I go back home for summer- but I have come back home for a couple of weeks before I return with my parents to fully move out- but more of that in my next post!  In this blog I’m going to talk about finishing my first year and 3 mains things I have learnt when being at Edge Hill since September.

Independence!                                                                                                                                            With the countless amount of responsibilities that comes with moving out and going to uni, you really do gain alot of maturity and independence! Many jobs including budgeting, cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping and keeping on top of all uni work- just to name a few! The responsibilities are endless! So when faced with all these responsibilities, it is an instinct to do what we need to do! It can be so difficult to get everything done- but something really important that I’ve learnt within this first year is just to try your best, that’s all you can do. I’ve learnt there are always people around you who are there to help and a phone call home or to friends really helps!

Productiveness and Motivation!                                                                                                I have always been a procrastinator, and when I know i have something  I need to do, but don’t want to (like the laundry or washing up or an assignment that I don’t know how to start) I will do virtually everything else I can to put off doing it! Anything! Like going to an exercise class, having a nap , watching a film, going on a night out..! The list is never ending! But during this first year at Edge Hill, I’ve really learnt if I don’t do it, it just won’t get done! I have enjoyed writing to do lists and meal plans and put everything on the list. Even things like having meals or meeting friends or watching an episode of something as well as starting an assignment as it means I will be more likely to do it! I find that motivating myself by almost bribing myself with things I want to do, makes my goals more achievable.

Confidence and trust in yourself and others!                                                                      During my first year, I have met friends that I know I will keep for life and meeting new people has required confidence and trust! Being confident to make the leap with meeting new people and being yourself is so important- and how you meet like minded friends. And having that trust in others is important too! You have to remember that everyone at uni is in the same boat, everyone is nervous and doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but by being friendly and being yourself- everyone will be happy! Your happiness is so important so making decisions and being safe in situations you are comfortable is key!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog and it has given you an insight into three important life skills I have learnt in my first year at Edge Hill! Please comment if you have any questions, I hope to hear from you soon.

Alice! 🙂


What will University give you?

Hey all, I hope you’re enjoying the end of your Summer!

There are many things that being at Edge Hill has given me, and helped me with, and I bet many of you reading this now would have the same thing happen! I thought I’d talk about a few just to show you how great my time at Edge Hill has been for me and what you might have to look forward to in the future:


The main thing that being at Edge Hill has done for me is increase my confidence massively. There are a lot of things that contributed to this; my course, my teachers, the opportunities I’ve been offered and given, the societies I’ve gotten involved with, traveling to and from the University and living independently to name the main ones!

I do the BA (Hons) in Performing Arts, and I came to Edge Hill knowing that I wanted to be a performer, but not knowing exactly what my potential is. I now know that I have such a wide range of skills at my disposal, from Circus to Physical Theatre, from Naturalism to Melodrama. And not only has my course and my teachers helped me to discover this, but they’ve also helped me to make my use of these skills better, and in turn become more confident as a performer. This has led to me taking the opportunities to perform which have been given to me, such as performing as a part of this and last years’ Circus Intensive week and performing to 4 different audiences each year, performing at Ormskirk’s Gingerbread Festival and teaching children to do circus tricks, and help out with events such as the Human Book Chain, in which I was dressed at a witch and entertaining the helpers with circus tricks!

I joined the Aerial society which is overseen by Inversion Pole Fitness attendees and found a sport I can truly enjoy. It helped me feel confident in myself too! I’ve learnt a skill that I’ve wanted to learn for a few years but never thought I could do.

I never thought I’d be able to cope so well with living independently too, but I’ve started to learn how to cook properly and I can no longer say that I’m anxious I’ll get on a wrong train!


I’ve made some amazing friends during my time here. They’re definitely friends I’ll have for life. Be that through my course, through events I’ve been to or just because I happen to be in Ormskirk/Liverpool!

I never really found making friends easy before University, but it just goes to show how much Edge Hill has helped me, because I find it much easier now!

The Experiences

As I mentioned above, I’ve had some fantastic performance experiences, but I’ve also had some great experiences outside of performing. Campus Life set up an event for students to go to the Manchester Christmas Markets, something which I’d always wanted to go and check out but never managed to, and the past two Christmases I was in with the treat of getting a place on these trips!

I’ve also come to love Liverpool. I come from a small town a short drive between Manchester and Leeds, and those were the only two major cities I’d ever been involved with. But coming to Edge Hill, I’ve not only had the pleasure of living in the lovely town that is Ormskirk, but also completely fallen in love with Liverpool and what it has to offer!

So those are just a few things I’ve found have changed in my life since I started at Edge Hill nearly two years ago now. It’s flown by, but I treasure every moment to this very day and I look forward to spending one more year here. I hope this post has given you some idea of what you might be able to get out of coming here too and if you’re joining us in September, you’ll have a great time, I can guarantee you this!

Study Tips, Exams Made Easier ✓

Hola! So exams are now over and I am back into the full swing of things this semester. This semester I am studying Business Economics, Marketing for Business, Business Start Up and Spanish and so if anyone is interested in getting some insights to any of these modules feel free to message me. These last two weeks have been a case of studying for exams and if you happen to struggle with revision (like I have done in the past) I have provided some of my study tips in which I have learned and hopefully they will come in helpful for you and your next exam.

There are a number of different types of exams in which people sit. This could be multiple choice, essay questions or practical exams and it just so happened mine was three essay questions in two hours on Operations Management concepts and theories. Okay, when reading this it can sound a little daunting, I mean it took me three months to write my essay for the assignment so how am I going to write three in the space of two hours? If you’re reading this while you’re in school or college it can come across even more intimidating but I can assure you it isn’t as bad as it sounds.

To prepare for an exam like this I would suggest reading a wide selection of books and journal articles to ensure you have that background as to what your exam will be about. From this you can then start making notes which can be in more depth from your lectures and seminars. The way in which I do this would be spider diagrams. I find this extremely helpful when you just need to see all the information spread across the one page. Use a number of coloured pencils and pens to stimulate your brain and enable it to jog your memory when it comes to the exam. On a positive it makes your notes look that bit better.

When you begin to feel more comfortable that you have written down enough information, the next task would be to break these notes down smaller and smaller until it’s just a sentence that holds enough information about the subject you are revising. These sentences can then be put onto flash cards and you can practice memorising them. When it comes down to the exam you will have this bank of sentences which contain wider information and the essay will just flow. You will feel confident and prepared for your exam and with the right amount of effort put in you will get that first everyone wants.

I can understand that this revision technique comes across tedious however it does work significantly well for myself to the point where I feel confident in my exams. It all comes down to confidence and if you are confident in your exam you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Hope this information will help you with your revision.

Have a great week.

J. x

One for the Introverts…

‘There is zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas’ Susan Cain.

This is a quote that really stood out to me when reading GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. (Which FYI is the best book I’ve read this year – if you’re a girl with big ideas and big career plans this is a great read and I’ve written a review about it here: GIRLBOSS Review

But seriously, when you think about it, the world has been set up for extroverts, and sometimes for the introverts out there, it can feel as if you’re being overlooked, but just because you’re not the loudest in the classroom or the one pushing their ideas, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to be successful, and this was definitely something I worried about when starting University, especially a degree such as advertising!
At school and 6th form, I definitely wasn’t the most confident, I never liked putting my hand up to answer questions and I didn’t like taking the lead on group or class debates, and the thought of having to do this in a lecture theatre absolutely terrified me! I was worried that lecturers wouldn’t recognise I had talent if I didn’t speak up, and that I would inevitably get bad grades if I didn’t gain some confidence, or at least appear confident.

Now firstly, the whole process of going to university does help with the confidence thing, you meet so many new people all the time, that chatting to people and expressing your opinions and ideas in a group does just get easier and easier. The other thing I have noticed, is that the people that are really confident and expressive, don’t necessarily have the best ideas or get the best grades. To succeed at university is very different to school, you can’t just sail through on confidence alone, and the ones that thrive on hard work and determination are the ones that have the better ideas and are more likely to succeed. Basically what I’m trying to say is if you are shy, and are worried about not appearing confident, don’t be! Your lecturers will notice your hard work through the outcome of your work and essays and assignments. It’s something I worried about so much at the start but I really wish I hadn’t! If you put the effort in, go to all your lectures, do all your additional reading and get really stuck into any projects that are thrown your way, you will do absolutely amazingly and get the grades you want!


For extra motivation check out these introverts that have seriously kick ass careers! :