Running a School Club

Hello! How are you?

I am SO close to the end of my final placement of primary education… and I know the last day is going to be a sad one! Not only because I will miss the children, but because I will miss everybody who works at the school. I have never been in a place so welcoming with so many smiley faces. By knowing there is a lot of support around me, it has really made the placement work a lot easier!

In order to meet the criteria for teachers’ standard 8, it is extremely important to take on more responsibilities. For example, helping out at a Christmas fair or simply working cooperatively with colleagues and parents. Since I am very passionate for art, I have been running my own art club for pupils in year 4. Getting involved with messy art activities has been a lot of fun – for me and the children!

If you are also on professional practice, or know you will be soon, I definitely recommend creating your own club! Obviously, it depends on the school and which type of clubs they are already running. However, if you have the chance I 100% say go for it!

Last week the children began to create ‘galaxy jars’ by sticking tissue paper on a glass jar like a mosaic. It was a pretty simple activity but VERY effective. We will be finishing them off with a bit of glitter tomorrow! Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter?

I would love to hear about any clubs you are, or soon will be running!

Speak soon,

2nd Annual Pride Week 🌈

If you were at Edge Hill University last week, you might have noticed that it was Pride week. How would you have known, you ask? Why the main building being lit up in true rainbow fashion, of course! A great show of solidarity from the university, and with their continued support of all gender toilets and inclusivity it’s not without merit.

Last year was the first ever Pride week at Edge Hill University, before that, the LGBT+ students had usually headed over to Preston for their annual Pride event, lacking anything closer to home. This year saw the return of the pronoun workshop on Monday, a short educational event on how to ask someone’s pronouns and pronouns outside the binary of him/her. Also on Monday was the Student Union Bar quiz, featuring a bonus pride round.

Tuesday was a day for sports and societies to show their support for the LGBT community, with the Pride in Sport and Societies workshop on in the afternoon just before the BUCS sports teams signed the 2018 Pride Pledge, at the Team Edge Hill Forum. The BUCS teams all wore rainbow laces during their Wednesday games, making a visual statement of support to go alongside their signings the day before. Pride Social also saw a return in 2018 on Wednesday evening at Venue, with confetti cannons and rainbow face paint to boot.

On Thursday evening in the Hub, banners were made alongside the film, Pride, being played upstairs – right by the flags hanging proudly from the bridge to the SU Offices. This was of course in preparation for the Pride March that occurred on Friday at midday. Also on Friday, starting at 7pm, was the SU Drag Race, being presented and judged by Manchester’s own, Miss Blair.

Fear not if you missed the events of Pride Week, for, on March 15th, Venue is hosting “Milk”, the North West’s NEWEST LGBT+ Clubnight that promises drag acts and stilt walkers. Open not just to students but to all members of the LGBT+ community and friends.


With Christmas fast approaching and thoughts turning to how many pigs in blankets is an acceptable amount to eat? I thought I’d make my first ever post about…..sports!

Before coming to university my own physical activities were limited to walking the dog around the block. At 32, this lack of exercise was starting to show, although I still remained hopeful that Jurgen Klopp may be looking for a pot-bellied, slightly grey, inactive centre forward to spearhead his Liverpool attack.

During freshers week you get the opportunity to put your name down and join a whole variety of clubs and societies. I decided that I was going to try to take advantage of the wide range of sports clubs Edge Hill has on offer, and get involved in weekly sessions. The hardest part was choosing which sport to partake in with a whole host of clubs and teams to choose from; American football, badminton, cheerleading, cricket (indoor and outdoor), football, futsal, handball, hockey, netball, rugby league, rugby union, squash, swimming, table tennis, tennis, trampolining, and volleyball.

I chose badminton as I’d played a bit back in school, although that was over 17 years ago! Before my first session I have to admit to feeling slightly nervous, ‘What if I’m no good?’…’What if I’m seen as too old?’…’What if everyone’s already in groups of friends?’…..In the end I left my session thinking ‘What was I worried about!?’…Firstly regardless of ability everyone is welcome whether you want to try out for the team or just play for fun. Not once have I ever felt too old and everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. It’s become a great opportunity to meet new people who may not be on your course. The camaraderie of being part of this club is just as important as becoming active for me. I’ve even managed to get myself onto the mens 4th team…I’m putting that on my CV!!!

So I can now have as many pigs in blankets as I like this Christmas as I know I’ll be doing more than just half heartedly walking the dog…and can someone let Jurgen know that I’m unavailable Wednesdays as I have badminton matches.


Joseph Harrison

Edge Hill University Mens 4th team badminton player

SU Societies and Clubs

Hey all, hope you’re well!

As a student at Edge Hill, you get the privilege of the having our wonderful Students Union. The Students Union do two main things on campus: provide support for the students and advice with any issue, be that money issues or issues with stress or coursework, and also organise events and help fund things for students to enjoy in between classes!

Today I wanted to talk about the events that they organise, and more specifically the societies and clubs you can join. There are so many societies at Edge Hill, and something for everyone to enjoy; there are a variety of Sports societies such as the Boxing Society and Badminton Club, the Politics Society and Amnesty International Society, the Women in STEM Society, the Musical Theatre Society and Cosplay Society, and even the Medieval Re-Enactment Society and Harry Potter Society! Anything you could think of, there’s probably a society for. And the coolest thing about if there isn’t one is that you can start a society yourself for anything you feel would be good to have a society for. All the societies currently running were started by students for students, and are managed by the students themselves, so if you wanted to create a society it’s a great thing to do with your time and also something great to put on your CV!

The Societies usually run once a week or have specific meeting dates throughout the month, and are usually quite laid back. For example, with the Yu-Gi-Oh society it runs once a week for 3 and a half hours, but you don’t have to stay for the whole time and you don’t have to go to do matches- you can just go to meet like-minded people!

If you want to have a look at the list of societies and clubs that are currently running at Edge Hill, then click here.

Changes: First to Second Year

End the end of second year, a number of things had changed since the end of first year – surprisingly, time does that. Over the course of the year, many opportunities presented themselves to me. First of all was this, the position as a student blogger! It’s been a worthwhile endeavour not only to contribute to my university but also to diversify my skills. Being in a STEM field, I don’t do this kind of writing all that often, so this was definitely beneficial for me.


My course, in fact, also changed. At the end of first year, I decided to switch from straight Biology to Ecology and Conservation, however, not even a week later, I made up my mind and chose to specialise into Genetics instead. Ultimately, it all came down to module choices and which course allowed me to take my preferred selection of modules. You may come to the end of your first year and realise that another field entirely is calling to you, in which case you may be able to make an interdisciplinary transfer. I have two friends who have transferred from Creative Writing to Human Biology and from Games Programming to Music Production!

As for my societies, I remained in the LGBT society, but I became less active in the volleyball club and more active in the historical reenactment society. Towards the end of the year however, my dedication was primarily with the newly minted sustainability society, and mainly on the allotment that we have given new life. Next year I may join the climbing society, who knows what’ll happen!

Another change from first to second year is accommodation, since I lived in halls for my first year (the lovely chancellor’s court), and had moved into a rented student house for my second year, sharing with one former hallmate, one coursemate, and two others from the year above who my hallmate knew well from societies.

Now, two years after first attending Fresher’s Week on campus, I am in Illinois, USA, acting as a research affiliate for the Morton Arboretum during my sandwich year. Not only that but I completed an Erasmus internship over the summer in Sweden. There are many opportunities for engagement, change, and evolution at Edge Hill University. I’ve been lucky enough to experience quite a few of them and you may too!

Where can I find students in Ormskirk?

University students aren’t difficult to find, they’ll most likely congregate on campus, around the library or the SU bar. But, believe it or not, students do actually leave campus and can be found in various places around Ormskirk, so whip our your pokedex because we’re going to have a game of ‘Edge Hill go’ (yes, I know it’s not got much of a ring to it).


It seems weirdly mundane but you can find a ridiculous amount of students in Aldi. It’s affordable selection of groceries means that students can spend less money on food and more on the things that really ma- actually no most of us spend our money on food! But nonetheless, if you want to catch a glimpse of the lesser spotted student, Aldi is a good place to start!


Wherever you go, pretty much every student town has a Wetherspoons. So what’s so special about it? It’s cheap, friendly and they do the best cocktail pitchers! The Ormskirk branch of ‘spoons can be found at Wheatsheaf Walk (Turn right at the clock and you’re on your way). Also, in keeping with the legendary ‘Ormskirk gingerbread’ when you ascend the stairs you’ll notice an army of gingerbread men on the wall! It’s a great place to go for pre-drinks or for a quick, cheap lunch – Curry Club Thursdays are always the best. Not many people know why ‘Spoons has become such a popular place for students but I can guarantee you’ll go there at least once (fair do’s to you if you can avoid it for three years).

The Loft

As one of Ormskirk’s main nightclubs The Loft attracts a large number of students on a nightly basis. It is the newest club in Ormskirk, taking over the former building that housed Alpine. It hosts a number of events and themed nights that are posted in advance on their Facebook page. The Loft is especially popular during Edge Hill’s weekly social, every Wednesday Ormskirk is taken over by students in fancy dress, it’s hilarious to see all the different societies dressed up in their chosen ‘theme.’ The Loft is also a great and cheaper alternative to a night out in Liverpool, no need to pay extortionate amounts for taxis and you have a selection of different places to pre-drink – ‘Spoons (obviously), Junk, Styles etc – So it’s perfect for when you’re low on cash but need a good night out.


An example of how photogenic the food is.

This is by far my favourite place in Ormskirk, my friends and I have become quite the regulars over the last few years. Cobble is a charming little café that specialises in smoothies, milkshakes, coffee and the most aesthetically pleasing food you can imagine (follow them on Instagram if you don’t believe me – @cobblecoffee). Located on Church Street, this adorable café was originally a cobbler’s – hence the name – and is now run by the grandson of the couple who owned the cobbler’s. Cobble is often very busy and is a popular meeting place for students, they even now have a ‘late night Thursday’ menu including ‘twisted smoothies’ which of course attracts even more students.


I hope this post gave you an idea of the kind of places that are available to and popular with students in the Ormskirk area. Until next time! 🙂

It’s Christmas Already???

So semester one has come to an end and Christmas is just around the corner. It is that time of year again to spend time with your family and friends and just earn that well deserved rest after the first 12 weeks of uni. Its been a shock to the system and my sleeping pattern, well, I don’t think I ever had one to begin with, never the less, I can honestly say it has been amazing experience so far. If you’re in the situation that I was in last year where you’re on the edge of coming to university, you will not regret your decision.

One of the greatest things about Edge Hill University would have to be the groups and societies that we all have at our fingertips. Have you ever wanted to try something new but not had the opportunity to do so? Well the great thing about this university is the diversity of societies it has to offer and if you can think of something, well, there is a high probability that it runs it.

From my experience, I was overwhelmed by the amount of choice there was to offer when I went to the freshers fair and saw all the clubs running, I mean come on… Harry Potter? No other devoted fan could refuse an offer like that. Having a Harry Potter marathon running over 24 hours also… That was a challenge one too difficult to refuse.

Sport is a large part of the groups that Edge Hill have to offer also and I personally think it is a great way to introduce and embrace yourself into campus life. Sport is an excellent way to make friends, keep healthy and enhance that CV to stand out from the pile. There is basketball, football, rugby, american football and even ultimate frisbee and that’s just a small amount that I can think of. If you can think of a sport or activity that you would like to participate in, Edge Hill has that opportunity.

Above is a video explaining about the new sports centre and even a gym.

If, like myself you prefer extra fries instead of exercise then fear no more because there are a33cf99f3208b4e4fb1af4b6bcd4d343many other societies available. From Harry to hockey there are a so many to choose from and something which I find amazing is the cultural and social aspect that each one has to offer. Come January I will probably find myself trying new things, meeting new people and in all honesty, aside from assignments, exams and beans on toast with a side of noodles, that is what I believe university to be about.

Any way, I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and an Amazing New Year!!!!!

J. x

Societies- Let’s get stuck in!

So, societies?

Well, EHU has a vast range of exciting societies going on, with something for everyone! Whether you want to debate about feminism or just want to sit and watch Scooby Doo all day, there is a society for you.

EHU provides over 70 fantastic societies, which are set up and ran by students. You hear some pretty cool stories about different activities happening in each society, some more bizarre than others it has to be said. My personal favourite has to come from the Harry Potter society! On your first visit to the Harry Potter society they use a sorting hat to sort you into your house before your initiation… I mean c’mon that’s just like the films! But if that’s not your thing then we have every sport you can think of, religious groups, music themes, drama, games, anime… there’s a good chance that whatever you like, it’ll be there.

This year I plan on saying yes to a lot more things and this includes joining more societies. Last year I only dipped my toe into the pond, trying RAG (Raising and Giving Society) but this I want to leave my comfort zone and try new things since it is my last year.

I’ll keep you up to date on what I get stuck in to. Make sure you try something new and don’t walk away from university with regrets.

Until next time…

It’s nearly time to return, eeeek!

So, it’s exactly 16 days until I move into my new house, eeek! To be honest I have mixed emotions about this. On one hand I’m super excited to see everyone again and start my new exciting modules. However, on the other hand it’s the beginning of the end *cry* and before I know it, my university experience will be over. THAT MEANS GROWING UP, NOOOOOOOOO!

These past two years have been the quickest of my life, and although I’m very intrigued for the next chapter, I’m not sure I’m ready for this one to end. I mean, come on, are you ready to pay bills and take on new responsibilities? ‘Cause I sure am not!

I want this year to be amazing. So I’m going to say YES a hell of a lot more! Different societies and meeting new people is going to be at the top of my priority list, as well as adventuring to different events in the drama department. This year I want to invest a lot of my time in becoming part of the University experience.

So freshers, you want to know my advice? Do as much as possible. Seriously. These three years fly by. It only seems like yesterday that I was walking into EHU for my first day and here I am in my last year about to say goodbye. Indulge in every opportunity you get in uni and do things you would normally never do. So whether you go to the football society or the Harry Potter one, just make sure you don’t waste three years!

Until next time…:)



Fun times to be had at university.

University is not just about studying a particular subject area for three years (or more) in order to get a degree in it. It’s also about engaging in all aspects of the university experience and that includes having some fun. The best way to do this is to join a club or a society. Most students join clubs and societies at Freshers’ Fair (during freshers’ week and refreshers’ week) where societies and clubs have tables out with current members at them promoting that club/society whilst explaining a bit about who they are (as a club/society), what they do, where they meet and when.

Like a lot of universities edge hill has a vast array of clubs/societies to suit all tastes and interests. A comprehensive list of these can be found here:

Edge Hill University Societies and Clubs

Whilst I was at Edge Hill University, I was a member of a few societies. The first one I ever joined of these was the fantasy and sci-fi society which I joined in first year, and continued going to even in 3rd year when I could. At the Freshers’ Fair in first year they were a new society and so didn’t have a table to promote themselves, but I still joined up 🙂 I was also a member of the psychology society (made up of members of my course), a member of the creative writing society (for a time) and a member of Edge Hill’s Christian Union in third year after becoming a christian in second year.

The bottom line of this post is, it’s important to have some fun whilst at university, whether that’s being a member of a society/club or just going out with your mates for the night. Something my parents encouraged me to do alongside working hard for my degree.

Anyway I hope you are all enjoying your summer and if you have anything you want to ask me then do not hesitate to drop me a comment 🙂