Next week I turn twenty one, and I can’t help thinking about how much has changed since this time last year, when I was shut in my room refusing point blank to accept that I was about to turn twenty.

I won’t pretend that I was happy with my life last year. While all my friends were midway through their second years at university I was working fifty hours a week in a minimum wage job, unsure of what to do with myself.

Naturally I took my job very seriously...
Naturally I took my job very seriously…

The year before that, when I was grudgingly waiting to turn nineteen, I was living six hours away from home in Wales, incredibly unhappy with my choice of university.

Choosing to leave university and brand myself a ‘drop-out’ was incredibly tough, but looking back now I have no regrets. After that, as much as I may have complained about my time working in fast food I think that the year and a half of full-time work did me good, and I’m grateful that I gained that extra time to decide what I wanted to do with myself.

I’m now happier than ever studying a course that I’m really enjoying. Having had a bad experience at university I can really appreciate how good this experience is turning out to be. I’m only at the end of my first semester, but I’ve powered my way through a lot of work, made friends, got a part-time job and joined a society. The year’s flying by and, while I’m already finding myself feeling a little stressed at times over the work-load, I know that it’s completely normal and I’ll be sad when it’s all over.

For now though, I have my 21st birthday night out to look forward to. It will be a great chance to let loose a bit and to get into the Christmas spirit. I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for me.

Getting into the Christmas spirit... because, no matter how much work I may have, there is always time to edit Christmas hats onto pictures of my cats.
Getting into the Christmas spirit… because, no matter how much work I may have, there is always time to edit Christmas hats onto pictures of my cats.

Faye’s Blog – Exam & then Home for Christmas!!

So today I had my exam for my Cinema and National Identity module. It went okay I think but I’m pretty sure it could have gone better!! I found it really really difficult! I had to discuss the myths around Australian and New Zealand cinema in relation to two films, What Happened to the Broken Hearted? and Gallipoli 🙂

Now I am back home in Blackpool over Christmas and I am finally starting to feel a lot more Christmasy and excited!!!  Even though I still have three assignments to write and my dissertation!!