My University Highlights

Hi everyone,

As I enter my penultimate week of lectures as I am in my last year I thought it would be nice to look at my highlights of being at Edge Hill over the last three years! I have had a great time and I am definitely going to miss it!

Celebrating 21!

This year all my friends are turning 21, and whilst my birthday isn’t until June, it has been amazing celebrating with my friends! For example, we have been for meals, attended parties and even just had a sleepover and film night!t! 




Ghetto Golf!

This year I went to Ghetto Golf for the first time! This is located in the heart of Liverpool next to the baltic market, for £10 you can play an 18 hole round of crazy golf, the decorations are incredible and its such a fun night out!



I had been to Liverpool before coming to Edge Hill but I feel that in my time here I have really got to know the city and I love it there its such an exciting and thriving place. In September last year, we went to see the Giants as they returned to the city. They were incredible and it is a day I will never forget.



Days Out! 

In the summer months, me and my friends make the most of our free time and we try to go on as many days out as we can! We have been to Southport a few times, which is just a short train or bus journey away. It is so nice to just walk around the gardens and along the pier, I really love playing on the 2p machines!




Finally, getting to celebrate special occasions with my housemates have been some of my favourite memories of university! I made us a Christmas dinner last year and we all loved it, we even had some bucks fizz! Living one of my friends has definitely been my favourite part of university and I will really miss them when I move home!



I hope you enjoyed this post!

Ellie 🙂

Returning to Uni after Christmas

If you are currently in your first year of study this Blog might be particularly relevant to you, although it could just as easily be important to anyone at University. It might be your first time back at home for the Christmas holiday’s, especially if you live in a different country to your study. So you have gotten back into your old life routine, your bedroom, friends and family and almost forgotten you ever moved out at all, but unfortunately the time comes when you have to go back up to your halls which while you might miss, may also leaving you feeling a bit apprehensive as you had just gotten used to staying at home again.

The first thing you can do to make things easier is bring any extra thing’s from home you may have not been able to bring the first time or had forgotten, pictures and posters or maybe things like books/DVD’s that you may now realise you actually wouldn’t mind having while chilling in halls.

Invite a friend or family member to visit, it is important to remember that as far as I know you are not allowed to have people overnight within halls accommodation (but that could change so I’ve provided a link to find more information) but it wouldn’t hurt to have them come up for the day or a few days depending on the distance, and stay in a hotel etc. This is a great way to bridge that gap between your university life and your home life and when you may possibly be feeling homesick after christmas, this ‘bridge’ so as to speak is a good way to slowly ease yourself back into independent life.

Plan out when you are next going to visit home and family or friends, putting in a date even if it’s a few months from the present can really help relax you in the long run. If you feel like you won’t see your family for ages it would definitely help to know that in fact you will actually see them in March or April.

Anyways hope you enjoyed reading, any questions ask away!


Navigating the Limbo Between Christmas and New Years

Hello everyone, hope you all had a good Christmas and didn’t eat too much. Who am I kidding, who cares? For me that’s one of the highlights of the period, eating and drinking too much, which is easily done when there’s so much of it. Some of you might be feeling a bit lethargic or bored after the last few days so here’s a few ways to at least attempt to put a spring in your step coming into the new year.

Excercise: I know i know, not everyone’s gonna be feeling this and that’s fair enough but there’s plenty to be said for getting in the gym after all that over-indulgence, for one, it can help get rid of that lethargic feeling and two, it can give you a head start going into any fitness based new years resolutions if that’s what you may have had in mind. Some gym’s do promotions around this time of year to indulge all the people who say they will start going to the gym in the new year with discounted memberships and free weeks etc. If you get going now you will have a better chance of being one of the people who actually keeps their resolution for longer than a week!

Getting ahead of coursework/ revision: Again I know, a lot easier said than done but hear me out, even if you do a bit of work or revision before the New Year rolls around you will feel a lot better come early January when most other people will only have started. This is the perfect time to get work done as generally we have more free time around now after the Christmas rush so why not? If you have coursework due and maybe not in the mood to delve deep into a 2500 word essay yet, it might be an idea to research what you are going to write and plan it out even if you don’t feel like writing it yet, same goes for exam’s you could plan your revision if you don’t want to start it yet.

Whatever you choose to do coming up to New Years have a good one!


Winter Holidays

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas break. I have completed 5 weeks of my final professional practice with another 5 weeks to go! My school is absolutely fantastic, with lovely staff and even lovelier children! I am yet to come across a child who doesn’t go out of their way to assist me or hold doors open for others. It’s the little things that go a long way!

Although I have had a brilliant few weeks, there has been a lot of planning, evaluating and resource-making involved. I am very much in need of a relax… and I am sure you are too! What are your Christmas plans?

  1. Catch up with family and friends 

Make the most of your time out of sixth form / college and make plans with your nearest and dearest!

  1. Get up to date with work

Christmas holidays are a good chance to get yourself organised and get that to-do list checked off! Make a timetable / calendar and make a rough note of what you’ll do each day. This always helps me to organise my time.

  1. Explore your home town

Get Christmassy! You may celebrate Christmas or you may not… but it is always fun to get into the festive spirit! Take a trip into town and visit your local Christmas markets or have a go at ice-skating if you’re feeling brave.

  1. Relax

Wind down with a hot chocolate and watch your favourite Christmas movie (Elf is the best one OBVIOUSLY). You might be working over the Christmas holidays but make sure you get some ‘me time’ after a long day’s work.

I hope your course work / revision is going well. This time 3 years ago I was preparing for my Primary Education interview at Edge Hill. Let me know if you would like to hear about my experience!

In our last week of school (the Friday just gone), we took part in Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day by donating £1 and wearing a festive jumper. You can make a donation of £2 by texting JINGLE to 70050.

Have a brilliant Christmas with your loved ones and remember what Christmas is all about.

Setting Goals for 2019 – Making the most at Edge Hill

New Year Goals

With the first semester over at university you may be thinking back over the times during when things didn’t really follow your plan. That might be that you never got the job you were looking for, or never got the grades you expected. It happens to all of us but in this blog post I want to talk about three ways that you can turn yourself around, and not give up hope on the goals you wanted to achieve.

Don’t forget your old goals

It might be tempting to simply write off those things that you just had to achieve in your first few months at university because you haven’t yet accomplished them. But don’t. Remember that perseverance in the face of extreme doubt is the only  way to get where you want. I personally wanted to have my driving test passed before Christmas. When I didn’t, I came back after the new year with a positive attitude. I wasn’t bogged down with the fact I hadn’t passed, and shortly after the new year I got my full license. So don’t forget your goals.

Make positive changes

I’m not even batting around the bush with this one. Coursework. If you left it to the last moment last year, that might be in university or college, then don’t. Get your coursework down as quickly as possible and use all of the time given to you. Not doing so is a massive mistake. Apart from that make a list of things that you know you want to change. Maybe its going to the gym more, or maybe its simply learning a new skill. Whatever it is, if you want it then go for it.

Reward yourself

Don’t forget to relax. All work and no play is no good for you. Take the time out to get yourself something nice, take a break, go home and see family. Just chill out. If you push yourself too hard towards something then eventually you will burn out. You don’t want to start really excited to get what you want and end up not wanting it because you pushed too hard too early.

That’s everything. Take these three things and you will be praised, trust me. If you want to learn more about dealing with stress you can check out my other blog post here.

Dealing with Stress at University – Stress is like the flu, everyone usually gets it

And if you want more free and great advice email [email protected] or leave a comment below and I will get back to you. If you want to suggest something to write about or want to be interviewed leave a comment below also and I will get back to you personally!

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re well!

So in my last blog post I spoke about ways to get ready for Christmas while at university, and I mentioned that in my next blog I would do cheap, homemade gift and decorations ideas to make for your flat.  I am back home now for Christmas,  but while I was at uni getting ready for my favourite time of year, I really enjoyed making decorations and gifts for my family and friends and for the flat to save myself some money! And I also found  it very therapeutic and nice to do when having a break from uni work and doing it with your flatmates to make your flat look a little more Christmassy!

Paper Chains:

Paper chains are really easy to make and hardly cost anything at all. All it involves is taking strips of patterned or coloured paper and cut them the same lengths, approximately 20cm. To make the strips link, loop one and secure the loop with pritt stick and feed a strip a different colour or pattern through the first loop and secure that with glue. Continue for all of the strips, changing with each pattern. I made mine using a pack of patterned Christmas paper from a charity shop for £2 and doubled up each strip so that the pattern was on the inside and out. These always look great and are lovely to hang in your room to decorate!

Paper bird:

This bird again is very easy to make and is also very versatile in the way you choose to make it.  You simply cut the shape want to do, other ideas are more Christmassy animals such as a reindeer or a dove! Again I doubled up the patterned paper and placed card inbetween and cut a slit in the middle. Next you fold another piece of patterned paper in a  concertina and put this in the slit, then decorate with eyes and use a looped piece of ribbon so you can hang it perhaps off a mini Christmas tree!


This is my favourite decoration to make because it is so easy but always looks good every time you make it! This is also a lovely gift for family and friends or simply, like me to keep for yourself!                                                                                                


To make one of these wreaths you need a circular wire to act as the base for your wreath, you can get these really cheap or make your own by bending a wire coat hanger. Next you need small strips of fabric or ribbon and you simply knot each piece around the wire frame! I like to make the pieces long and filling it up well and sticking to a colour scheme, when you are happy with it, simply add a loop of ribbon to hang up, maybe on your flat door or in your room!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog and it has given you some helpful ideas for decorating your flat and getting into the Christmas spirit!

Alice 🙂

First Blog – The Christmas Lights Turn On

Hey guys! For my first blog post I was going to do a bit about myself, but since I’ve just been to it, I thought I would do one on the Christmas lights switch on in Ormskirk town centre.

While Ormskirk is a pretty small town, there is usually something going on and this weekend was no exception. To be honest, I’m not one to get over-excited about Christmas, in fact I compare myself more to the Grinch then your typical Whovillian (someone who really likes christmas). But I thought it was time I actually went to a ‘switch on’ since I had never actually gone to one before, ( I know right).

Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights

Anyways, to my surprise I was actually pretty impressed by what I saw, for a small town the event sure was popular with the locals, the main square was packed, music was playing and even though it was proper Baltic (freezing) out everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. There were various stalls of food and drink, doughnuts, sweets, pizzas, pies, and Candy Floss as well as your usual christmas staples like Mince pies. To my dismay, the Gingerbread stall was already gone when I got there which I was proper gutted about considering I had recently found a new interest for the stuff, it’s got quite the history and popularity in Ormskirk.

Ice Sculpture
Ice Sculpture

As well as the various food stands there were also different knick knacks to buy if that’s your sort of thing, if you like Christmas it definitely would be. The countdown was then done by the Town Crier, who when I saw instantly made me think of Homer Simpson yelling HEAR YE HEAR YE. After some dazzling lights switching on, we were treated to a performance from the definitely legitimate Tom Jones, who did a few stone cold classics.

Finally me and my girlfriend grabbed some Candy Floss for the road to satisfy our inner child. All in all a pretty enjoyable mini trip, part of Ormskirk if any prospective students choose to come here, is it’s typical small town charm that you just don’t get in the big cities, which is one of the reasons I chose Edge Hill. Anyways I hope you enjoyed my random segment and see you soon!

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree


Exam time

So Christmas and New Year have been and gone which means the batteries have been recharged and it’s back to University…first up an exam!!!

If like me, you are a mature student, theres a good chance you haven’t taken an exam in a good number of years. The thought of an exam a couple of months ago filled me with dread and anxiety. Thanks to PPD (Personal Professional Development) lectures I’m feeling more at ease.

PPD lectures are not something I was aware of but I have come to find them a great help in my first semester. They give you an insight of what to expect when it comes to University life, essays and exams among other things, as-well as what is expected from yourself. Through these hour lectures (usually replacing a normal lecture, so it’s not something you have to find extra time for) I feel I have been prepared with what to expect when turning up for my exam and also what I need to bring. These may sound like little things but for someone who last took an exam over seventeen years ago I have found the information to be invaluable. The biggest help I found was the revision tips given, something I always found to be a weak point of mine back in school.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first semester of my first year of University and am really finding my course in marketing and advertising fantastic. I love the creative side of the course and am hoping thanks to PPD lectures and the help of lecturers (who are always approachable) that exams will no longer fill me with the dread they once did.

If truth be told I’m itching to get back in, even with an exam, and start my second semester…I’ve missed the place.


Winter Holidays Away From Home

Although most students go home for the holidays in winter, some don’t! For whatever reason, be it preference or necessity, it can be a little odd to experience. The campus empties out dramatically towards the end of December in preparation for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and you may find yourself a bit lonely, especially if you are living in halls where most if not all of your cluster has migrated away for the short holiday season.
This year, since I was on placement in the USA, I couldn’t return home for the holidays, as the flight would cost too much money. It was a strange feeling to be in a different country around this time of year, as usually I would be with my parents and family for Christmas and usually with old secondary school or sixth form friends for New Year’s Eve (for the past few years, we’ve even held a pre-Christmas dinner party, lovingly dubbed “Mockmas”). There are a few ways to alleviate the weird feeling this time of year that may help as much at Edge Hill University as they did for me in Chicago.

Number one, in the lead-up to Christmas, my Dad visited me over here in the States. If you can’t be with your family on Christmas, bring your family to you instead! The same principle applies with friends if you’re going to miss seeing them over Winter Break, see if any of them can come to Edge Hill University beforehand and have a catch-up or mini Christmas dinner. Maybe exchange gifts!

My very own Christmas Trash Tree

Number two. One of the highlights of Christmas for me as a child (and a teenager, let’s be honest) was the presents, the gift giving and receiving always felt like the core event, since I was never big on roast dinner, or food in general. Perhaps you’ll be sent gifts in the mail, or maybe some money. You might feel silly, but if you buy yourself gifts beforehand and set them aside until Christmas, you’ll have something to look forward to!

Number three, call people! In the glorious age of modern technology, you can hear the voices of nearly anyone you know in an instant, and maybe even see their faces too. It’s one thing to greet family one by one as your family arrive at your gran’s house, but something else entirely to suddenly have them all there on your phone’s tiny screen as the camera is moved from person to person – quite overwhelming! Still, a lovely substitute.

Lastly, is spending it with friends. Hopefully, you’ve made some friends either through your halls, societies, or course – and some of them might be local, or staying over the holidays too! You never know until you ask, so find out who will be on campus, or in the relatively close area, and arrange a meet-up. They might invite you over for Christmas or New Year’s, or you could just hang out in between, and easy the Winter Blues.
Happy Holidays!

The 12 Days of Edge Hill

On the twelfth day of Edge Hill the campus gave to me 115 ducks a quacking

On the eleventh day of Edge Hill the campus gave to me two frosty lakes, beautiful to see

On the tenth day of Edge Hill the campus gave to me accommodation that makes life so easy

On the ninth day of Edge Hill the campus gave to me buildings filled with creativity

On the eight day of Edge Hill the campus gave to me the awesome library

On the seventh day of Edge Hill the campus gave to me shows to see aplenty

On the sixth day of Edge Hill the campus gave to me lots of great SU activities

On the fifth day of Edge Hill the campus gave to me the campus cats!

On the fourth day of Edge Hill the campus gave to me campus life’s Christmas market trip opportunity

On the third day of Edge Hill the campus gave to me sights so truly stunning to see

On the second day of Edge Hill the campus gave to me the most sense of security

On the first day of Edge Hill the campus gave to me the best time at university

It’s cheesy, I know, but how could I resist! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to your New Years’ celebrations!