Moving out of Campus Accommodation.

I’m writing this on Sunday 7th June 2020, and yesterday I moved out of my university accommodation, it was a lot easier than I expected.

So, background before I retell this story. I am a first-year student and I spent my first year in Chancellors Court accommodation, on campus. I took home my essentials (Which equated for about a half of my stuff) when my lectures were switched to online in light of the current pandemic in March. A week or so ago the university invited me to book a slot to collect the rest of my items, and my timeslot was this Saturday at 9 AM, exhausted was an understatement by the time I was done.

The view from my room on campus

I realise I jumped ahead of myself there, so in an effort to ensure whole experience it recapped for yourself, let’s go from the top. My quarantine sleep schedule is 2/3 AM to 11 AM, sometimes 12 PM.. I had to wake up at 7 AM for my car journey back up to uni. That car journey truly makes me wish I lived close to Edge Hill, every time I take it. My parents and I arrived at the university just before 9, but seemingly since no one else from my building was moving out, we could start early. It was only two people at a time in the building, so we created the system where one of my parents waited outside and took bags, boxes, anything we could put stuff into, to the car, and my other parent and myself packed my belongings. Like I said before, having packed up half my room in March, it was a lot easier of a process.

A candid shot of my desk just before I moved out in March.

In all it took about an hour to pack my remaining clothes, my kitchen stuff, all the things you wouldn’t really think you’d need back home. When all was packed into our car, I had to do the sombre walk of handing my keys in. It felt odd to be wandering through a very quiet campus, I wasn’t going to be staying in the room again and this would be the last time I saw Edge Hill until October, however it was good for me, I’ve gotten one of the last pieces of closure I needed for my first year.

Much like most things at the moment, I can’t say you’ll experience the same as myself, given the circumstances my move out took place in. If you’re a current student still waiting to do this task, maybe this will help. If you’re a prospective student reading this, I hope my recollection of how the university is handling things serves as interesting reading.


My First Year – Living On Campus

My first year at Edge Hill is coming to a close, with only two pieces of coursework left, and living back at home now, it’s an apt time to take a look back on things, my chosen topic for today is living on campus. 

It’s very fair to say that living on campus agreed with me so much I’m doing it next year too, and most likely in my third year after my sandwich placement. Being able to be close to everything I could ever need removes the stress of moving away from home since I don’t live near Edge Hill at all out of term time. 

I chose Chancellors Court as my first choice, and got it! If you’re applying for accommodation right now, I suggest thinking critically about your first choice as there’s a chance you just might get it. Most of the Chancellors accommodation is near the Durning Centre (Where you get your post) and the Catalyst, but mine was situated higher up campus by the Sports Centre. Before you ask, yes my flat was the one the EHU Instagram, communicating with the gym through post-it notes. We wasted so many post-it notes doing that.

Chancellors Court – My building on the right.

In your first year, if you have Facebook, you’re in the relevant groups, and you’re pro-active, you’ll be able to find most, if not all of you the people in your hall. Finding mine prior to moving in made things a lot more relaxed on moving in day, and made me a lot more confident. 

Like you will evolve at university, your room shall too. My room started pretty minimalist and ended up becoming a bit of a mess by the end of the year. Don’t be afraid to make purchases like fans, other things for your room, if you feel like you need them, you need them. 

Everyone’s experiences living on campus will always differ, as no one person will have the same flatmates, accommodation building, prior life experiences, as someone else. For myself, living on campus was a fun and exciting challenge that I excelled at, for others it might be more challenging and they might need a little bit of support in places. Either path you feel you might go down, living on campus at least once is a must-do. 


A-Level Results Day and EHU Campus

So… It’s less than a week until A-level results day! Along with A-level results comes the news surrounding university choices and we hope that you’re coming to Edge Hill! I’ve spoken before about Ormskirk’s striking familiarity and how Edge Hill University almost felt like home from the first time I visited–and with the developments that have been made over the last 3 years, this home has been refurbished!

Chancellors Court

Improvements made over my time studying here include the addition of new halls, from Chancellors South being completed just before my arrival, through Palatine Court being built whilst I studied, to Woodland Court being finished just before I begin my final year (in which I will be living soon)! Other improvements have been made in the form of the new Tech Hub, where I have been working during my summer internship, and the Catalyst – which is receiving its finishing touches as we speak – it’s been an exciting time on campus, that’s for sure.

Tech Hub

I remember this week being pretty nerve-wracking but that many people adopted almost a “win or lose, we’re on the booze” mindset. If you get into your first choice: great! If you get your insurance choice: still great (I remember all my top five choices I was pretty equally favouring). Then, if “worst comes to worst” and you don’t receive an offer and you still want to attend university, there’s always clearing! I’ve heard many anecdotal tales of people going through clearing and attending a university they either hadn’t previously considered or brushed off their list early and absolutely loving it. The sister of one of my friend even ended up studying something a little different to what she had originally planned and ended up enjoying it so much that she’s changed her career path.

All this is to say, the direction of your future isn’t set in stone, and unexpected circumstances might lead you to consider options you’ve previously dismissed or never had the opportunity to think about!

Life at Edge Hill: On-Campus Accommodation

Hey all, I hope you are doing well and are having a great start to a new academic year so far. Some of you reading this will be thinking about university now, and if you are considering Edge Hill University (great choice, by the way!), one of the things that might influence your choice is the on-campus accommodation. Edge Hill has lots of lovely types of accommodation, with their own personality and with everything any student attending lessons here could need. Regardless of if you want an en-suite or are happy sharing a bathroom, or if you need a cheap accommodation alternative or don’t mind spending a bit more money on accommodation, there’s something suited to everyone!

There are two different types of accommodation that I will split this post into – catered and self-catered. I have also listed these different types in order of most expensive per week to the cheapest per week;


Main Halls- £109 a week

Main Halls is part of the probably the first beautiful building you will see upon entering the Edge Hill campus. The two sides of Main Halls link to the Main Building, which gives you great access to the Hub’s services, including the Sage Hall food court, Starbucks, computers and printers. It is also very close to the library. As this is catered accommodation, there is only a small kitchen area in which you can grab snacks and make yourself hot drinks and such, however you are given a Unicard which has money on it from what you pay towards your rent. This can be used to buy food from the various places on campus serving food, such as the Red Bar in the Arts Centre or Sage Hall.

In the kitchens there’s a fridge, freezer, cooker, microwave, toaster, kettle, iron and ironing board, and a cupboard to put any extra food you do buy. As well as the shared kitchens, there are shower cubicles and bathrooms which are shared with your specific cohort within Main Halls. These are kept clean throughout the week by a cleaner, so despite them being shared, they’re kept clean! I know some people worry about sharing bathrooms, but if everything else about Main Halls appeals to you, honestly don’t let bathrooms change your mind, it won’t be the nightmare you might be imagining!

In your rooms you get a single bed, desk and chair, wardrobe, drawers and bedside storage, everything you could really need! The bedrooms are great, especially for the price, and once you get your stuff in there will definitely feel homely.

As with all the other accommodation types, there is free WiFi, 24/7 security walking around campus and on call if needed, and the contract is a 40 week contract.



Chancellors Court and Chancellors South- £124 a week

The Chancellors accommodation buildings are in probably the most beautiful part of the campus. They are close to the Creative Edge (the building most of the film and media based courses are based in) and Sporting Edge (the building that the gym and swimming pool reside in and sports lessons sometimes also occur) buildings, and also surrounds one of the two beautiful lakes on campus – perfect to walk around and chill, and even has its own little beach!

This is a self-catered type of accommodation, so you do not get money to spend on campus from the University and have to cook your own meals in a kitchen you share with your cluster (either 6/8 people). The kitchens include a fridge, freezer, oven, induction hob (with induction pans and such), microwave, kettle, iron and ironing board, and a TV with a license paid for by the Uni!

Unlike Main Halls, in your rooms you get an en-suite shower room. So, if sharing a bathroom really is a deal breaker for you, then this would be perfect for you. In your room you also get a single bed, desk and chair, wardrobe, drawers, bedside storage and mini fridge. If you need an adapted room, call this number: 01695 584190.

As with all the other accommodation types, there is free WiFi, 24/7 security walking around campus and on call if needed, and the contract is a 40 week contract.


Founders Court and Palatine Court- £119/£124 a week dependent on the hall

Founders Court is situated very close to the Arts Centre, so is perfect if you’re doing a creative, performance based/orientated course and want to get to your lesson quick (lets you stay in bed those extra minutes!). Palatine is a little further away, closer to the Creative Edge building, however, the same principle applies!

Again, this accommodation type is self-catered, so you have a shared kitchen (shared with 6/8 people in your cluster) in which you can store and cook your meals. The kitchens in these buildings also have the same things as the kitchens in the Chancellors buildings (fridge, freezer, etc).

Also, similarly to the Chancellors buildings, the bedrooms have the same layout and things in them, and an en-suite shower room (perfect for people not keen on sharing bathrooms).  If you need an adapted room (only available for Founders Court), call this number: 01695 584190.

As with all the other accommodation types, there is free Wifi, 24/7 security walking around campus and on call if needed, and the contract is a 40 week contract.


Graduates Court- £119 a week

Graduates Court is located close to the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Health and Social Care buildings, and is also close to the other wonderful lake on campus. It’s also a very short walk away from the centre of campus, library and the Hub, so its services are easily accessible, which can often be useful!

Again, this accommodation type is self-catered, so you have a shared kitchen (shared with 6/8 people in your cluster) in which you can store and cook your meals. The kitchens in these buildings also have the same things as the kitchens in the Chancellors, Forest Court and Palatine Court buildings (fridge, freezer, etc).

Also, similarly to the Chancellors, Forest Court and Palatine Court buildings, the bedrooms have the same layout and things in them, and an en-suite shower room (perfect for people not keen on sharing bathrooms).

As with all the other accommodation types, there is free WiFi, 24/7 security walking around campus and on call if needed, and the contract is a 40 week contract.


Forest Court- £99/£88 a week

Forest Court is more or less next to Palatine Court, and so would be great for anyone in Creative or Sporting Edge. It is also just on the very edge of the centre of campus, which means you can easily get to the Hub and the library.

Again, this accommodation type is self-catered, so you have a shared kitchen (shared with usually 6 people in your cluster, some halls in Forest Court are slightly different though) in which you can store and cook your meals. The kitchens in these buildings have a fridge, freezer, cooker, microwave, kettle, iron and ironing board.

The bedrooms are a little different to the more expensive accommodation on campus, but is still homely and provides you with everything you need; a single bed, desk and chair, wardrobe, drawers and bedside storage. There is also an en-suite shower room option, so again, perfect for people who worry about sharing bathrooms. This option cost £99, but if you don’t mind sharing you can save an extra £10 and share a bathroom. There are also accessible rooms available upon request.

As with all the other accommodation types, there is free WiFi, 24/7 security walking around campus and on call if needed, and the contract is a 40 week contract.


Back Halls- £74 a week

Back Halls is the most cost efficient accommodation on campus, but is still lovely to live in (known from personal experience! Keep checking back on the blog for another blog on my first year experience in Back Halls and on campus). It is also just behind the SU Bar and the brand new Subway that has been built on campus, and is in front of the Durning Centre where you pick up your post – so super convenient! It’s also a short walk away from the Hub, like Graduates Court.

Again, this accommodation type is self-catered, so you have a shared kitchen (shared with the people in your cluster) in which you can store and cook your meals. The kitchens in these buildings have a fridge, freezer, cooker, microwave, toaster, kettle, iron and ironing board and individual food lockers. In this accommodation there is also only shared bathrooms, however, as in Main Halls they are regularly cleaned and are never an issue in terms of cleanliness.

Again, the bedrooms are a little different to the more expensive accommodation on campus, but is still homely and provides you with everything you need; a single bed, desk and chair, wardrobe, drawers and bedside storage. You also have a sink basin in your room, which is great for brushing your teeth before bed without having to go to the bathroom.

There is also a common room area within Back Halls, which is perfect for hanging out with your flatmates and friends and meet new people on Freshers’ Week.

As with all the other accommodation types, there is free WiFi, 24/7 security walking around campus and on call if needed, and the contract is a 40 week contract.


And that’s all the different types! All the different types are all great and lovely to live in, but if there are specific things you want then I hope this info has helped! You can also request to be in all female accommodation, quiet accommodation and alcohol-free accommodation if you so wish.

If you want a little more information on living on campus at Edge Hill, then click here to follow a link to the Uni’s official page on accommodation and living on campus. Otherwise, feel free to drop me questions in the comments below also! Hope you have a great week!

IT Support and Student Services

In the two years I’ve been at Edge Hill University, I’ve had to use the various support systems a few times, and I’ve always had a positive response from them. The Student Services at EHU are well renowned and really are there for the benefit of the student.

During first year, I went to the IT Services in the Durning Centre for help setting up my PS4. I was staying in Chancellor’s Court, and no-one had managed to connect their consoles to the wifi or ethernet ports in their bedrooms. Soon, the problem was fixed for Microsoft consoles, but the issue still presided for the Sony counterparts. This was an issue with Sony servers – from the gist of it, Sony wasn’t realising that the halls of residence were multiple addresses and had assumed we were one address trying to connect huge numbers of consoles. After the off-site issue was resolved, I worked with IT Services to help them connect my PS4 to the network; it took a couple of tries over a few phone calls, but we soon had it working. As far as I know, I was one of the first, if not the first person in Chancellor’s Court to get their PS4 connected. Soon after, IT Services set up a system via email to get everyone online a lot easier.

I’ve also had to go to IT Services and Academic Registry to alter some personal details, these were also easily remedied and proved no hassle at all. The support systems in place for technical issues is quite robust.

Also during first year, I made some trips to Milton House, for a different kind of support. Although I only attended a few sessions there, it was a great facility and the people there were extremely supportive of me. The Counselling team at Milton House offer a wide range of support from bereavement to anxiety in one-on-one sessions as well as groups and workshops for uni stress.

What To Bring To Halls

Deciding what to take to university may seem like an overwhelming task and you may ask yourself many questions: How many socks are too many socks? Will I ever use this piece of kitchenware? Are you sure I can’t bring my dog/cat/fish/bird/etc??? The answers are: You can never have too many socks; No, you will not; I wish you could bring a pet, but we’re sure you can’t 🙁 But in all seriousness, here’s my advice, anything too big or inexpensive can be bought locally – don’t bother with the hassle of transporting an inconvenient number of things when you can just buy it from Ormskirk or even Liverpool.

Kitchenware is something that you’ll need but will undoubtedly end up having too much of. Since you’ll be sharing space with a number of other students, you could organise yourselves to buy only the right amount of cutlery, pans, etc. This is easy if you communicate and set up a groupchat on facebook via halls pages when they are set up for you in the summer. Basics here include: cutlery, kitchen knives, chopping boards, small oven tray, glasses, mugs, plates, bowls, saucepans – maybe a wok or a frying pan (both come in handy), also tupperware is useful too (but can be acquired through ordering takeout!)

A room in the Back Halls accommodation

Bedding such as your duvet, mattress protector, pillow(s), and sheets are essential. If you’re from the south then you may think you won’t be able to bear the cold winter ahead of you and be tempted to buy a high tog duvet – don’t. I found the halls to be well insulated and heated, but if you do find yourself cold, you can always buy a blanket – which will liven up your room and make you feel at home anyway! Other bedroom supplies include a doorstop (to make your time at uni just a bit more social), a laundry basket (or you could just use one of those big IKEA bags and save yourself the time it takes for you to inevitably transfer your clothes over), and a clothes horse/airer. You won’t need to bring a TV if you get into Chancellors, Graduates, Founders or Palatine, since they have TVs in the rooms (you’ll need your own TV licence for watching live shows though) but if you want to bring a TV to any other hall, don’t bring a big one – it’ll be too big for a university room anyway.

Chancellors Court

When it comes to clothes, it’s really a matter of opinion. You need casual clothes for lounging and everyday life, at least one smart outfit for formal occasions, and nice clothes for going out or if you just feel like putting extra effort in one day! The British weather is forever fickle, so be prepared, and you’ll be fine. Bring as much underwear and socks for a week, two – max. This will set how often you have to do laundry, although if you have an en-suite then you could just do them in the sink by hand – saves a lot of money and is convenient. For the bathroom, you’ll need your regular toiletries, as well as at least one towel. Again, if you have an en-suite then a small bin is useful to have too.

Finally, considering you’re going to university to study, you’ll probably need some stationery supplies too! Apart from the usual stuff, I found a binder with dividers was helpful during revision.


What is Chancellors Court?

As mentioned in a previous blog, one of my favourite places on campus is Chancellors Court. This, Meadon 103 to be exact, was my home in first year and I’d like to tell you a bit about it in this post.


Look how pretty it is!

Chancellors court is a relatively new set of accommodation with the most recent building being completed in 2013 (with Chancellors south added for the September 2014 intake). Chancellors court has 508 rooms and Chancellors south has 248, sounds a lot doesn’t it? But it’s still a very close community and it’s very easy to make friends. It will cost £119 a week next academic year with bills included and the buildings are all named after past Chancellors of the university: Blake, Bradshaw, Byron, Booth, Fulton, Millner, Pinfold, Tomkins, Wilson and Williams in Chancellors Court and Aitken, Jenkins, Laverty, Millins and Welch in Chancellors South.

General feelings

I Loved living on campus, Edge Hill has an ever-extending campus full of lovely student accommodation and has actually been awarded the best student accommodation in the UK by the National Student Housing Survey Awards in 2016. I was amazed at how comfortable and modern it all was, especially in comparison to my friends in other universities who were paying far more. My room was always so well insulated and the kitchen was huge and well-equipped, there was even enough room for me to practise dancing – which I definitely didn’t do (I did). Campus security always made the place safe and FM were always there to help with any technical problems – like that time I was stupid and broke my keycard AND left my phone in my room…


Me and My friends chilling during the summer back in 2015

Chancellors court is located by the Edge Hill Sport building and Creative Edge. It is also just a short walk from the hub and other main buildings on campus. It has a massive lake and the beach, which makes for lovely views, especially from the window of my old room, I miss that view! It’s also a great place to hang out, it’s aesthetically pleasing and has a lot of places to sit down around the lake. The beach is especially lovely in the summer, me and my friends made frequent use of the beach whilst studying for our final assignments in first year.


My room in first year

The bedrooms come with a tv/computer, en suite bathroom, mini fridge and lots of shelves/storage, They really have everything you could possibly need, I even had enough room to fit all my books and DVDs (I have A LOT of them). The kitchens have a lot of room and come with all the amenities you could need; toaster, fridge, freezer, cooker, kettle etc, also have a large tv so you can watch something whilst you eat. Chancellor’s south buildings have sofas and beanbags around the TV so you can be extra comfy.

Until next time! 🙂

My Favourite Places on Campus

Edge Hill’s campus is full of beautiful places, it’s like its own little town with pretty much everything you would need. The friendly, community feel of the campus was a huge factor in my choice to study here so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite places with you.

The Arts Centre

I love the Arts Centre because it has such great facilities for the performing arts students. It boasts a large number of facilities for every aspect of the arts from dance studios to costume workshops. I personally enjoy going to see shows and events there, I’ve been to so many over the last couple of years from professional productions to those put on by students and I’ve even performed in the Rose theatre myself!

Chancellor’s Court

Chancellor’s court is where I used to live in first year, it has a certain nostalgia about it for me. My room used to directly overlook the river so it was lovely to wake up to such a gorgeous view. I Love sitting at the beach area when the weather is nice. The entire area is such a relaxing environment and definitely one of my favourite places to chill.

Sporting Edge

I managed to see Sporting Edge being built during my first year at Edge Hill, seeing how much it developed really interested me. I love how new and shiny everything is there, especially the swimming pool which is where I spend most of my time there. One of my favourite aspects of the sports building is that it has a café area overlooking the pool so you can grab a Starbucks after a good work out.

The Hub

I spend most of my time in The Hub nowadays, it’s the central point of the campus and is often very busy during term times. It has so many different places to grab food and a drink, you can get a meal deal from McColl’s or a hot meal from Sages, or my personal favourite a panini from the sandwich area. The Hub also has a number of different stalls that visit on a weekly basis that sell crepes, smoothies, candles, knitwear and a load of other things. It’s a great and very central place to meet up with friends before or after class.





The Luxuries of Chancellors Court

During my first year I lived in Chancellors Court and I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s pretty luxurious as student accommodation goes, but that is of course accompanied by a slightly higher price than the less lavish halls on campus. I found my room to be really spacious, and the best part about it was all the extras that came with it.

Each room has its own flat screen, which works as both a TV and computer. This is really handy for working on, or if you want to relax and watch some TV. That said, you have to purchase your own TV license if you plan on watching the TV.  There’s all the ports you need (USB, HDMI) but just note that there is not a disc drive (although friends of mine did get USB disc drives and that worked fine). Each kitchen also has a TV in it (but you don’t have to pay for a TV license to watch this one).

Additionally, all the rooms have their own mini fridge. This is great if you want to keep some snacks or drinks in your room, or to keep any food in that your flatmates might covet…(because at some point someone WILL “borrow” something you were really looking forward to – it’s just a fact).

All of the rooms also have a huge window covering most of the far wall which makes the room really light (although if you’re on the ground floor like I was you might fear people looking in…).

Here's a really awful picture of my room that I took the night I moved in
Here’s a really awful picture of my room that I took the night I moved in

In the kitchen, every person gets their own lockable food cupboard which is really big; great for buying things in bulk (a top way to save money!) You get loads of equipment, but I thought that the hobs were particularly fancy because they are touch activated and are induction hobs which, if you’re about to start your university shopping, require special pans.

If you want more information about Chancellors Court or the other accommodation at Edge Hill it can be found here.


The Ins and Outs of Chancellors Court

I lived in Chancellors Court last year and, as the newest accommodation on campus, it was really modern, clean and, most importantly, a pleasure to live in. It’s situated next to Creative Edge and Sporting Edge; fabulous if you’re based in those buildings, but even when I wasn’t, it was only a few minutes’ walk away from the Hub and the centre of campus. I can’t tell you how thankful I was for being able to roll out of bed for a 9am lecture and only be a few minutes away from where I needed to be.  It was also close to the laundrette so I didn’t need to haul my laundry too far.

In my kitchen, everyone was given their own lockable cupboard, and there were loads of other cupboards for storage. There was also two of everything (ovens, sinks, fridges, freezers, induction hobs [we needed special induction pans for these, although one set was supplied] ). Our kitchen also had a large dining table, an area that I found to be fantastic for socialising. Another great bonus was the cleaners. They came in every weekday to clean the common areas in the flat, and were the most lovely ladies ever.

The bedrooms themselves were ideal. There were 8 rooms in my flat, and they were all really well equipped. My room came with a desk and computer, which I found really useful during busy library hours. I brought a ton of stuff with me, but there were plenty of places to keep my things. As well as the wardrobe, there were three large drawers in the desk, a big shelf and under bed storage. Also, each room had its own ensuite wet room, which meant there was no need to fight my flatmates for the bathroom in the mornings – yay!

If you would like a better idea of what Chancellors Court is like, I’d recommend attending an open day. To book your place on an open day, you can click here. I’ve also put a video tour of Chancellors Court below to give you an idea of what to expect.

Chancellors Court is really a lovely place to live, but whichever halls you choose, make sure they are right for you and your budget and you’re bound to have the best time.