Food, glorious food…

So coming to uni is great… until you realise you aren’t Gordon Ramsey or your mum. If you’re like me and can cook a little (but are limited by choice), then you’re doing better than half your roommates, who can’t even make scrambled eggs.

When coming to uni, cooking can be a challenge. Some days you don’t mind eating dry pasta and cheese, or beans on toast… but other days all you want is home cooking or a takeaway. So here’s a few suggestions:

1. If you’re not a great cook and hate the majority of meals you make, then it might be worth your while buying ready meals, or trying simple recipes. I’d opt for beans on toast if it all goes wrong.

2. As much as it is annoying having to buy loads of ingredients to make a dish, rather than buy a simple ready meal… in the long run it will work out cheaper (and if you’re constantly trying to lose weight like me, a lot healthier too).

3. Why not treat yourself every month? Promise yourself that you will put a few pounds a side every week and then either go out for a meal or order a takeaway in. This way all those boiled eggs and saving money will be worth it.

I’m sure after a few weeks you’ll have your eating habits sorted and if not don’t worry… Christmas break is just around the corner!

Until next time…:)

My Mad Fat Uni Experience…


Sometimes I feel like my life is like Rae’s… which is a bit of a lie if I’m being honest because we have very little in common. Unlike Rae, I thankfully don’t suffer from any mental illnesses, I don’t have a dysfunctional family (most of the time) and I don’t have self confidence issues.

BUT like Rae, I do seem to binge eat- a lot. I set goals for each year and I know losing weight will always be at the top, but this plan seems to vanish when I come back to uni. Uni can sometimes be long, dull days of which eating a full pizza (and not regretting any slice) makes you feel slightly better. This year (2nd) we aren’t going out as much, we aren’t messing around as much (indoor water fights/egg fights to think of a couple) and we pretty much know everything about each other, so hours of learning about everyone’s backgrounds are long gone. To be honest our focus has switched from the social experience of a fresher to knuckling down and working to maintain good grades.

Campus has many areas for you to eat. The HUB area offers a range of foods, including vegan and vegetarian options. There are shops based around campus for quick purchases, along with a takeaway and delivery service. The SU provides food at a good price and in some buildings, such as the education building and the heath building, there is a restaurant and catering facilities.

However I’m on a big push to not only kick start my diet, but to keep to it and actually lose weight! No doubt there will be ups and downs, but I’ll keep you all up to date on here.

Until next time…:)