Student Support

Edge Hill has a lot to offer in the way of a support network, but I always find that when in doubt it’s best to start at the Student Information Centre. The Student Information Centre is on campus, right next to the library, and it is a great place to get advice. I’ve actually been having council-tax-related-trouble this morning, so I rang up the Student Information Centre and they advised me over the phone. Here are some of the things they can help you with:

They can help you if: 

…you need to talk to a one-on-one counsellor- If you’re struggling and need somebody to talk to then a counselling session can be arranged. Read more HERE.

…you are struggling to find work- The Student Information Centre includes the Careers Centre. In the Careers Centre the advisors are on hand to assist students in getting jobs and to help students with their employability. They can look over your CV and arrange voluntary work. Read more HERE.

…you need financial advice- Today, after over an hour of calling various people at Liverpool council, googling things that I’d never understand and tearing my hair out I called the Student Information Centre. They advised me on how best to proceed and put my mind at rest. They can also help with budgeting and funding information. Read more HERE.

…you need childcare support- Edge Hill assist where they can in making it as easy as possible for parents to attend university. They can give information and advice on childcare and can also give information regarding financial support. Read more HERE.

Click HERE for more information on the support offered to students.



The Child From Yesterday…

One of my absolute favourite bands is the band “My Chemical Romance” and one of their songs is called “Kids From Yesterday” and I am just that. I have been 20 for just over a month and I’m not a kid anymore. Not only that I am now roughly at the half way stage in my degree and I have to tell my tutors which optional modules I’d like to study next year soon. Also on Wednesday my “Applying Psychology” lecture was centred around careers and the importance of third year for deciding what we want to do after graduation and how the Edge Hill University Careers Centre can help students with their plans. So I thought I’d write this entry on my future plans at this moment in time.


About a week ago everyone on my course received an email about picking our optional modules for next year. After looking at the booklet for my course which details all of the optional and compulsory modules, that will be running next year I have decided that I would like to study:

  1. Clinical & Abnormal Psychology
  2. Research Technology and Tools
  3. Applying Psychology to Lifestyle behaviorurs

I mentioned third year modules in one of my previous entries (see, but having looked at the booklet that was posted up online I decided to study “Applying Psychology to Lifestyle Behaviours” alongside the ones I already knew I wanted to study.

After Graduation 

Next summer my time as an Edge Hill Psychology student will come to an end 🙁 This makes me realize that I am going to have to have plans as to what I want to do. My first career path choice is Research Psychology where I’d conduct my own research or work with an established researcher to assist them with their research. Having looked up other choices online I may also decide to become a Health Psychologist. They help people to overcome health issues like: smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction and eating disorders (e.g. obesity and anorexia). Both paths interest me but for now I am concentrating on getting my degree.