So, what’s campus like?

So, what’s campus like?

Well without trying to sound biased towards EHU, we clearly have one of the nicest campus’ around. I mean, come on, I don’t think I could name 3 other Universities with a lake in the middle of It.

Campus may seem massive when you first arrive, but I bet your high school or college felt like that when you first started, am I right? Once you’ve worked out your accommodation and the buildings you need to be in to study, campus is a lot smaller than you think.

Personally for me, I needed to know the social science building (next to the Geology building), the library and the hub (social space/food area and main shop). It helps knowing the names of different buildings, especially when it comes to exams. As a fresher, knowing where the SU is helps a lot, you’ll probably spend most of your time in here… in fact, way too much time! Quite a few societies meet in the Wilson building throughout the week to discuss projects and the LINC building is extra space to study.

There are buildings allocated for student services, including; financial help, student support and student queries. The staff are always lovely and more than happy to help with any queries raised.

So to sum up, EHU’s campus is an 11/10 for me… without trying to sound biased of course.

Until next time…:)

The Hub

2663255_8ba965e3Located in the centre of campus is the very modern-looking Hub. It’s always busy as it is the main place students use for socialising during the day because.  There’s lots of seats, sofas and tables and there are also a few eating places, including a sandwich bar and a place that serves hot food. If you live in catered halls you can buy your meals from here.

There is also a Starbucks for all your coffee needs, and McColls which is useful for picking up any last minute groceries, although it’s not as cheap as the things you find in supermarkets. As well as this, most days during the week there are also little stalls selling things, ranging from clothes to sweets (‘Cake Man’ from Cottage Cakes has become a campus legend!).  Next to McColls you can find a couple of ATMs, should you need to withdraw any money.


Upstairs in the Hub is home to the SU, where you can find the President and Vice Presidents should you ever need to get in touch with them about anything. There’s also lots of computers upstairs which are always available to use, and printing from them is free.  Additionally there are a few booths which can be used for group work or even for watching a movie. There’s one giant screen which is used to broadcast big television events, such as the Superbowl, or you can just play Xbox on it!

I went to the Hub a lot during my first year as it was somewhere to relax at weekends with friends. Recently I’ve been using it as somewhere to meet friends before lectures and often grab a bite to eat there when I’m on campus. The thing I love about going in there is that, because it’s such a popular spot, I always bump in to someone I know and it’s such a nice place to stop and chat.

Campus History

In my most recent poetry seminar Lindsey, the seminar tutor, was discussing with us the concept of everything that has happened before in a space continuing to exist within that space as part of its history. She talked about how the building that we were currently in never used to exist and that, as we were on the second floor, some time ago the only things to inhabit that space will have been birds. We then considered the importance of a landscape’s history and how we could use this for our poetry. Lindsey then showed us old maps of the university using a website called and I found it all very interesting so thought that I’d share some pictures of how the campus has changed.

edge hill 1927
In 1928 the area where the university is now was just fields.


edge hill 1955
In 1955 what is now known as ‘The Main Building’ appears. It has a very distinctive shape, but nowadays is attached to The Hub.
edge hill 3
In 1963 many more buildings have cropped up and the running track has appeared.
edge hill 5
From 1993, this is the most recent map available on the website, and it is a good indication of how much the campus has grown over the past years.
edge hill now
To finish, here is a picture of the campus now.



All moved in and Freshers has passed

Well hello ladies and gentlemen

I have now officially moved in and can now sit and rest in the comfort of my own individual spot.
I have also watched the freshers come and arrive,  and them party their lives off.

There has been copious amounts of celebration from all the freshers and they have all had a fun time.

Freshers fair, which was last wednesday, was a lot of fun and has allowed many freshers to join many new societies, including my own led societies (Cosplay Society, Pagan Society and Murder Mystery)
And I got to dress up for it

Myself as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe
Myself as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe
Myself as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe
Myself as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe

I’m hoping to meet many new university students and hope I can help anyone in the problems and thoughts that come before them.

— —

Quote of the Day

“I wept not, so to stone inside I grew”

Preparing things to move!

So, The time has come to really start finishing your preparations for moving into Edge Hill. I am fully aware many people have already been doing this for months, but now that your A-Levels have been passed, this is the last big push into Edge Hill University.
As a Helping hand, I’ve compiled a list of one or two things you may need, if you haven’t got them already.


Obviously, your course will sit there and tell you exactly what books they’d like you to get to read for your course, and trust me, get them. They will really come in handy.
If you can’t get them, don’t worry. We have a library that you can borrow them from.,
But not just that! Bring books with you just to relax with. You will come to a point where you will want to just shut your brain off. Don’t. Just get another book, Fiction, Non-Fiction, fantasy, sci-fi etc and read it. I myself bring quite a few with me so I have something to do.
I thoroughly recommend Terry Pratchett, and in particular, Small Gods.

2 -Your Kitchen Needs

This one will not fuss you much if your in one of the halls where your food is provided via your uni card at the restaurants, but for those that are not so ‘lucky’, you’ll want to bring kitchen equipment. Pots, pans, knives, forks, Spoons are a start. Do not forget Chopping boards, colanders, baking tins. Trust me, when I got to the university, I suddenly realized I was really short on this stuff. So I had to go out and buy ALL OF IT. Just be wary of what your space will be like in the halls.

3 – Gizmos 

No, not the adorable Mugwai. (If you don’t know what that is… Look it up)
Laptops will really come in handy, if you have one, for taking notes. Other entertainment like music players of all kinds, and (shudder) Kindles. Do not also forget to bring gaming stations if you are a gamer. There will be space. I know I made space for it.  Just make sure you have insurance for them, which if you don’t, can easily and cheaply be bought from the university.

4 – Comfy Bedding stuff

Doesn’t matter where you are, your going to need this stuff. A big Duvet, pillows, blanket, towels for the bathroom, hand towels, wash bowl, soap, shampoo… Need I go on?

There are other little things you can get, like waste paper bins etc, but if ever you struggle to bring any of these things up with you, do not lose heart! There is an Argos not that far from the Uni, as well as many other stores to shop in.

— — —

Quote of the Day

“Life Prevails”

Campus is so quiet

It’s so beautiful at the moment sitting by the lake at Uni.
At the time of writing I’m sat at the lake, preparing this blog as I watch all the ducks swim around.
It’s a bit precarious right now since it’s raining on and off, but right now it’s worth it.

It feels like I’m the last man on earth as most of the students have all gone home now.
I have one headphone in, and I have Vienna Teng – Recessional playing on my music player.

It’s nice to just sit here and not worry about anything, with my work all done and merely waiting to go home.

By the time this posts, I’ll have started my long journey home down south.
But it feels strange. For nearly a year this has been my home and to leave it, it feels strange.
I feel like crying at the possibility of not being here for 3 months.
It just doesn’t seem right.

Anywho, further up and further in, I must depart as it seems the rain is about to bore down upon me.

Quote of the day

“Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.” 
― George R.R. Martin

An Arduous Trip?

A hello to you all again!

Time is coming around fast before I must head back home,
Home to my family 250 miles down south.

It’s going to be an interesting journey, considering that I must move every single piece of furniture that I have acquired over my time here at the university from Edge Hill to Essex.

Not an easy job, I warrant you, But it is a job I will be preparing for over the next two weeks.

Before then, I have spent this past week working on Scripts and filming.

The once mentioned Doctor Who film I am making is in full progress, and quite an amount has been completed, ready for more filming in the new student year.

I hope to keep you all updated as I carry on!

— —

Quote of the Day

“And where will your little son sleep, John. Under the smoke stacks, Under the heap, Under the tent where the canopy leaks”

Need a Little Help?

As we can all be aware, University is a rollercoster of an experience. There are so many exciting things to do that sometimes you can be unaware of the additional help and guidance you can be given.

Well worry not! Whatever your problem is, be it an accommodation issue or a something to do with your finances, there are many people at hand who can be there to help you out.

Edge Hill University thankfully has the latest technology to help you out too.
Situated in the central part of the campus sits a library with wide and extensive features,  quoting a fabulous IT and study support facilities, 15,000 e-journals, over 150 online databases, 70,000 e-books and 230,000 books and DVDs. A brilliant amount for any Library to have. Included in the library are multiple silent study areas, just in case you want a place to sit in peace and quiet to finish your work.

There’s 24 hour PC access in the LINC building (situated right behind the library), completely free wireless internet across campus (which is currently being used to write this Blog) and teams to support students with a range of skills.

Since there is an increasingly competitive jobs market, there is a Careers Centre  on hand to lend you assistance in guidance towards your chosen career path, or in your current job. Along with that, the Student Services team provide advice and support and can help with anything from accommodation support and advice to finance and welfare advice. The aptly named Inclusive team are also on hand to support those with disabilities or learning difficulties.


No matter what your need is, there is a vast and extensive team of people and services ready at hand to be there for you and give you a hand.
Your not alone in your University experience and you can always have the chance to turn to someone.

Creative Edge!




I’d like to take a moment to talk about my place of work at Edge Hill University
I, of course, study Digital Animation SFX and that study takes place in the
newly created Creative Edge building.


The building opened for use last September (2013) just as my first year began.
Not only is it the new home for Animation students, it is also the home of other
Media courses in the department, which includes Film Studies, advertising and computing. It is designed to provide for us state of the art suites of industry standard facilities.


Available to us at the Creative Edge building is a beautiful set of  TV studios with the ability to broadcast and and full production capabilities for news, drama, documentary and experimental work. We have fully working recording studios with sound-editing suites (something that comes in handy from time to time in animation), animation studios (very, VERY handy for Animation students, obviously), a photography studio, a multimedia laboratory, as well as networking, forensics  and computer laboratories.


The Creative Edge Building also provides a dedicated space on campus for many businesses who wish to recruit students for internships and forge links with academic staff through research and consultancy projects. Because of this we have many visitors around, watching us work and often in turn teaching us some of their own knowledge.
It is an invaluable place for us and is certainly preparing us for work later on after university


Come over and see for yourself

— Thought of the Day —

“The very existence of flame-throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done.” – George Carlin

Student Life at Edge Hill University

As I have spoken many times before, I often have many methods of winding down at university.
It is only natural that after a long tiring day at the university, or even a free day, you’ll want to take a break from work.

For me, it can be a number of things.
From filming something or doing something Doctor Who related

Or sitting there making costumes and attending conventions


There are of course many Societies that I am involved in. There is of course, the Murder Mystery Society, Doctor Who Society, Fantasy and Sci-Fi and so on

I also sometimes just like to sit with my friends in one of the booths upstairs in the hub and just relax
Our Work Space

It seems simple, but It’s something I like to enjoy

Of course from time to time, I do like to indulge in going on a night out, where upon there are many places you can go to, such as the insanely fabulous Lime Tyger in the heart of Ormskirk – a cocktail bar which now serves food!
If you would like a more foodie and healthier option, there is always Blue Juice and Java. Their smoothies are to die for!

As always, liverpool is but a mere train ride away, but as always, if all else fails there is always the comfort of the local Nom takeaway, the bar room, the Hub to relax, the nearby lake or quite simply, your nice lovely bed in your room to have a nice long nap

— Quote of the Day —

Only when you are willing to stand in the dark, are you ready to see the light