• Ormskirk!

    Hello all, I hope you’re having a wonderful start to the week! Edge Hill resides in a small town that can sometimes cause confusion. People either know it, or they don’t, but it’s a shame for those who don’t because it’s such a wonderful town. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and do: Shops: not […]

  • Where can I find students in Ormskirk?

    University students aren’t difficult to find, they’ll most likely congregate on campus, around the library or the SU bar. But, believe it or not, students do actually leave campus and can be found in various places around Ormskirk, so whip our your pokedex because we’re going to have a game of ‘Edge Hill go’ (yes, […]

  • Birthday Celebrations!!!

    Last weekend I celebrated my 21st birthday (and am now feeling extremely old!). I had the most amazing day, which I spent in the local area, trying out some new places and some old favourites. It was really busy but I enjoyed every minute. In the morning (after I was spoilt rotten with presents!) I […]