Home for Easter and the end is nigh (almost)

Well after what’s been a very busy term I am finally home for Easter (yay!) šŸ˜€ However, I’m not home for complete downtime. I do have a lot of work to crack on with include

  1. The rest of my dissertation write up
  2. The rest of a 2000 word lab report
  3. The rest of a 1000 word essay

So I’ll be busy at the dinning room table most days with my laptop, journal articles and pen drives writing these assignments and making sure they’re as good as they can be because at the end of the day third year counts for 60% of my final overall mark, and with graduation on the horizon it’s paramount I keep working hard so I can graduate with a degree classification I’m proud of.

Speaking of graduation, on Thursday night it was revealed when I’m going to be graduating Edge Hill. The date is set for Tuesday 21st July 2015 at 3pm which means I’m gonna be graduating in ceremony 6. Due to the sheer volume of students graduating, Edge Hill breaks down its graduation ceremonies over a period four per day for a week. There’s one at 10am, one at 12:30pm, one at 3pm and one at 5:45pm and they all get put on YouTube for people to enjoy in the days, weeks and months after the ceremony has taken place. I’m quite glad to be graduating at 3pm because it means I don’t have to get up quite so early to get to campus (i’ll have moved back home by then). However I do have to be on campus 2 hours before the ceremony starts at 3pm in order to get robed up, put on my graduation cap and have photos taken (a lot of them will be taken of that I’m sure).

But I can’t get too far ahead of myself because I do have the remainder of my coursework to get on with, and I can’t actually register until 17th April which is a while off and then order my cap and robes nearer the time (I’ll probably get an email telling me how and when I need to do this by).

Anyway if anyone has any questions they want to ask me about Edge Hill, feel free to drop me a comment and I’ll reply šŸ™‚

Easter is coming!

Hello one and all!

Well, since this is the last week before the start of the official Eostre holidays, work has been insanely chaotic. I’m having to work hard on the giant writing piece being put before me, and complete a 3000 word review diary and a 1500 word essay.
Not easy, but can be kind of enjoyable.

On top of that I am currently working on my 3D work, making my adorable little creature, Rakator.
I am rather proud of him.

Hopefully soon I can get him fully rendered up in 3d to Show off to one and all.
I am always proud of my creations, much like many other animation students who attend Edge Hill University.

Hope to speak to you again soon!

Enjoy a Song on me from the Miracle of Sound

ā€“ — ā€“

Quote of the Day

ā€œI am lonely wherever I go. Sanctuary is all that Iā€™ve knownā€

New Year, New…Reading List?

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a lovely festive period and are feeling relaxed and ready for the year ahead.

These first few weeks of term are the assessment period for my course, which means if you have any January exams this is the time you’ll be taking them. Luckily for me, I don’t have any exams this semester but I do have a lot of assignments due in at the end of this week and early next week. I’ve put off doing my essays over Christmas which means I now have to catch up on work quickly. Can you blame me for not doing it all though? I’ve been so busy catching up with people from my hometown and doing Christmassy things I really haven’t had time! In order to make myself concentrate, I’ve come back up to Ormskirk where I find there are less distractions because most of my housemates aren’t back yet. I will also use these few weeks to get a head start on the reading for this semester as I have a ton of books to get through!

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but if you have a course that requires you to read a lot of books, like English Literature, it can get pretty expensive. But there are ways to keep your costs down. The library has a wide selection of books, however be wary that a lot of people have the same idea so if you plan on borrowing a book from there last minute it might not be available. I buy all of my books second-hand because it’s so much cheaper, and sites like Amazon are great for this. Ā Also, a lot of older books that are no longer in copyright can be read online or on an e-reader for free which saves a lot of money if you’re studying the classics.

Busy Busy Busy

Like a lot of third years at this time of year I am busy..very busy. Aside from preparations for Christmas (which will be upon us before we know it) I have the following to complete and submit before going home for two weeks

Applying Psychology to Lifestyle Behaviors Presentation

This is an poster presentation based on a health behavior that someone we know, wants to or needs to change in order to improve their overall health. I chose to interview my dad and ask him questions in relation to his weight as this is a topic that is relevant to me and I’m very interested in. For the assignment so far I have interviewed him, wrote up the interview findings and analysed them. I now need to design an intervention and critically discuss it and the theoretical model it’s based off as well as make sure the poster looks good and rehearse it before the 15th December.

Personality and Individual Differences Presentation/2000 word reflectionĀ 

Another presentation I have to do soon is for my personality and individual differences module. This is a group based presentation we have five made up candidates who are applying to the role of a sales manager. We each have to talk about who we’ve picked and why in relation to different theories of personality. In addition this there’s also a 2000 word reflection of the process and the presentation to be written and handed in by the same deadline of the 16th December.

Aside from the above I also have to gather data for my dissertation because I have now had the ethical clearance to do so but collecting data is proving a big challenge because I have to use sports coaches and their athletes and only one sports coach has said they’re interested so far. As well as these things I also need to start looking for literature (research papers) for the second substance misuse essay that is due at the beginning of January. I definitely have a lot to do!


Support From Tutors

In Emma’s blog last week (which you can read HERE) she wrote about all the different places from which you can get support whilst studying at Edge Hill. In this blog I’m going to focus on the people who have given me the most support; the tutors.

Personal Tutors

In the first week every student is assigned a personal tutor. It is then the responsibility of the student to ensure that they meet with their tutor at key points during the year. The tutors are also available to talk to whenever needed, and a personal meeting can be set up through email. Traditionally a person’s tutor is somebody who teaches within the course that the person is studying. Whilst my personal tutor doesn’t teach any of my modules she is a Creative Writing tutor and a playwright. I went to see one of her plays in February (which I blogged about HERE) and it made me feel really reassured that I’d be able to seek advice in my studies from a writer as talented as her.

Joint Honours Students

Although people’s personal tutors are from the area that they’re studying, because I’m joint honours I don’t have a personal tutor directly associated with the Film Studies side of my course. Because of this, in my first week one of the module leaders in Film Studies assigned an unofficial personal tutor to all the joint honours students. Personal tutors are there to talk about all issues, but when the issue is specific to a subject I’ve found it really helpful to have a point of contact specialising in that subject, and I see being assigned an unnofficial personal tutor just another way in which the staff at Edge Hill ensure that we’re getting all the support that we need.

Seminar Tutors

When it comes to needing help with assignments I’ve found that the seminar tutors are the bets people to go to. There have been a couple of instances when I’ve needed help, advice, or sometimes just a confidence boost regarding an essay and I’ve found that arranging a meeting with the tutor who teaches me on that specific module is the best thing to do. The tutors have always steered me in the right direction and helped me focus on areas that need improvement, without simply telling me what to change (which would be helpful in the short-term, but I wouldn’t learn anything from!) I know that I owe my good grades not only to what the tutors have taught me, but also to the support they have given me.

Need a Little Help?

As we can all be aware, University is a rollercoster of an experience. There are so many exciting things to do that sometimes you can be unaware of the additional help and guidance you can be given.

Well worry not! Whatever your problem is, be it an accommodation issue or a something to do with your finances, there are many people at hand who can be there to help you out.

Edge Hill University thankfully has the latestĀ technology to help you out too.
Situated in the central part of the campus sits a library with wide and extensive features, Ā quoting a fabulous IT and study support facilities, 15,000 e-journals, over 150 online databases, 70,000 e-books and 230,000 books and DVDs. A brilliant amount for any Library to have. Included in the library are multiple silent study areas, just in case you want a place to sit in peace and quiet to finish your work.

There’s 24 hour PC access in the LINC building (situated right behind the library), completely free wireless internet across campus (which is currently being used to write this Blog) and teams to support students with a range of skills.

Since there is an increasingly competitive jobs market,Ā there is aĀ Careers CentreĀ Ā on hand to lend you assistance in guidance towards your chosen career path, or in your current job. Along with that, theĀ Student Services team provide advice and support and can help with anything from accommodation support and advice to finance and welfare advice. The aptly named Inclusive team are also on hand to support those with disabilities or learning difficulties.


No matter what your need is, there is a vast and extensive team of people and services ready at hand to be there for you and give you a hand.
Your not alone in your University experience and you can always have the chance to turn to someone.


It’s nearing the end of the university year which means that I have a ton of assignment deadlines at the moment. University assignments differ somewhat from the ones I had to do whilst I was at school, and the procedure for handing them in is extremely different. Before I started at Edge Hill I had lots of questions about assignments, so I’ve written this for anyone who might be in the same position. However, every department has their own way of doing things, so bear in mind that I only know about the procedure for those studying English Literature.

Once we’ve written an essay, the first thing we do is upload it to an online system called Turnitin. This checks the work for plagiarism, after which you are given a similarity percentage. Our tutors use this to check that our work is all our own, and that is why we very often get reminded about how important it is to reference accurately. For English Literature, we use the MHRA style of referencing. It can be difficult to use at first, but I found it quickly got a lot easier with practice.

We are also required to hand in a physical copy of our work, which most tutors will annotate and add feedback to when they mark it. There are lots of regulations regarding how work should be presented, such as spacing and font size, but you’ll be told about all those things when you start the course. Assignments are always submitted alongside a coversheet which has your name and details of the essay on. We pick these up from the copy room which is located next to where we hand our essays in. Here’s what the English Literature coversheet looks like:


In the English and History department we hand our assignments in in drop boxes located down the Clough corridor. The boxes are emptied at 4pm each day and stamped so they know which day you handed it in (not that it matters as long as it’s before the deadline.) Once they’ve been marked, our tutors either hand our essays back to us during seminars, or leave them in the English and History office for us to collect.

1 month left of 2nd year

At the time of writing this blog I now have just under a month left of my 2nd year of my degree! One of my housemates pointed this out to me and my friends on Facebook yesterday and I honestly canā€™t believe where the past 18 months or so have gone. Before starting my degree my dad once told me that it would fly by and how right he has been. Not only that but according to my personal tutor and my boyfriend (who is a third year) say that my third and final year of my degree will go even quicker!

The past few weeks at uni however, have been hard for me (I got ill and then I hit some problems with two of my assignments so Iā€™ve been stressed to say the least) but I have gotten through it in one piece and Iā€™m at home now for the Easter holidays. The only things I have left to do in my second year of my course are

  1. Write and submit a 2000 word lab report
  2. Sit 2x 2 hour exams in May (One for my cognitive psychology module and the other for my social psychology module)
  3. Wait to hear which dissertation project I have been accepted onto (Weā€™re due to find this out after exams so we can do the necessary reading over summer)
  4. Wait to find out whether Iā€™ve got a place on my optional modules for next year or not.

Anyway I thought Iā€™d end this blog with the below video. Itā€™s a song by one of my favourite singers andĀ which is rather befitting for how fast my degree is going.

Types of Assignments and Assessments

As I am currently in the midst of a very busy period planning and writing assignments, I thought Iā€™d center this particular blog on the different types of assignments that you will encounter when youā€™re at University.


The main form of assessment that is used by my psychologyĀ course (and many other courses for that matter) are essays. An essay is one way to show the tutors on your course you have understood a topic that has been covered in the lectures/seminars by answering a set question (although this is not always the case) using your own knowledge backed up by evidence. Either from books or journal articles. Word counts for these range from 1000 words and upwards (+/- 10% of the set word count)

Lab Reports

All science based courses, such as mine will involve you carrying out a piece of research and then writing up your findings in the form of a lab report. All lab reports on my course have to be in the format set out by the APA (American Psychological Association) and differ in their sections depending on what type of research you have carried out: qualitative or quantitative.


Presentations usually involve you teaming up with other people on your course/in your seminar group to present something. Whether it be a poster you’ve created about a piece of famous research or a PowerPoint presentation about what you’ve learnt in your lectures.

Book Reviews

When I was in my first year one of my assignments in the second semester was to read and review a book from a list provided to us. I chose to review Oliver Sackā€™s book ā€œThe Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hatā€. I found the book to be a fascinating read and I had to summarize each chapter in a 100 words or so.


A portfolio is essentially a collection of work and on my course one of the assignments Iā€™m currently working on, is a 3000 portfolio which outlines my proposal for an anti-obesity poster/advertising campaign. This is based on how Iā€™d apply psychological theory to help fight this growing health epidemic.

Faye’s Blog – Work Update & Preparation for Reading Week

So this week I began work on my Text to Screen assignment as I planned. I’ve started to read American Psycho and have found the corresponding chapter to the scene within the film that I am going to analyse for my 4000 word essay! And I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into it because I think that it is going to be a really strong piece to look at. The scene of the film that I have chosen to analyse is one of theĀ beginningĀ scenes where we see Patrick Bateman preparing himself for the day with his beauty regime and he is discussing all of the variousĀ moisturisersĀ and shower gels that he uses etc. This is the scene that officially introduces Patrick Bateman to the viewer.

Also today I have been packing ready to go back home for reading/independentĀ study week. I have a suitcase full of clothes and I still need to fit in my laptop and some work books. Over the week I am hopefully going to finalise my Cult Cinema essay, begin writing my Text to Screen essay, continue reading The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers for Text to Screen too and write at least another 2000 words of my dissertation. I really need to keep focused and try and not get distracted at home! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep on track but I get distracted easily whilst I’m at uni too!