• Making the Most of Your Foundation Year in Medicine Part 2: Social Aspects

    Continuing from the last blog, I’ll be discussing just a few of the things I’ve done in my first year. Although this blog is targeted towards future Foundation Year medical students, this blog’s applicable for anyone! Go to as Many Events as Possible Do you have a generous student loan? Then go on an organised […]

  • Fun things for students on campus!

    Hey all, I hope you’re having a good week. One of the main things that students look for when applying for a University is what they can do in their spare time, both on and off campus. Below is a link to a blog post by Eleanor Wilson about the night-life, but this post is […]

  • Film Screenings at the Arts Centre

    Hey all, I hope you’re doing well. I’m sure you’ll have seen a few of my posts about the Arts Centre and what it offers, but if not here are a some links to a couple: The Arts Centre Box Office- Theatre Galore! The Arts Centre (FREE!) Membership One of the great things about the […]

  • Up and Coming at the Arts Centre!

    Hey all, hope you are doing well 🙂 Every semester there is a new programme of fantastic events at the Arts Centre, and this semester is pretty exciting! For those of you who do not know about the Arts Centre yet, the Arts Centre is both the place in which the Performing Arts courses are […]

  • The Arts Centre Box Office and the Red Carpet Review!

    Hello all! I hope you’ve had a good start to October and are enjoying this spooky season (I know I am!). I am writing this after going to one of the many theatre shows that are performed within Edge Hill itself in the Arts Centre! As a Performing Arts student, I practically live within the […]

  • A Night In On Campus

    With University fast approaching, you might be panicked about the social side of thing. Making friends was something I worried about, but what about once you have friends – but don’t like the idea of clubbing? If you aren’t keen on going out, whether it be to Liverpool, Ormskirk or Social, but still want to […]

  • Lights, Camera, Action!

    Hey everyone! Hope you’re all having a good week and that spring is treating you well. Ormskirk has actually seen some sunshine over the last few days, which is getting me in the mood for summer! This week’s post is about the Arts Centre here at Edge Hill, which is definitely worth a visit if […]

  • My A-Z of Edge Hill University

    A – Art’s Centre: The Art’s Centre hosts a wide range of entertainment available for anyone – film, theatre, and music. Currently, students can get a free membership that comes with a few free tickets. B – Biosciences: Obviously the greatest department around, is the department of biology. The building is filled with great equipment […]

  • Theatre Screenings- National Theatre, RCS and more!

    Hello all, hope you’ve had a wonderful week so far! I’ve made previous posts on what Edge Hill’s own wonderful Arts Centre offer to students and the surrounding public (these will be linked at the bottom of the post!), and although I’ve mentioned the Theatre Screenings briefly, I thought I’d provide a little more detail […]

  • Love Film?

    Hello all, hope you’re having a wonderful week! Although I’ve done a couple of posts on the Arts Centre and the wonderful things they offer, I haven’t quite let you in on all of it just yet (unbelievably!). Although the Arts Centre is a working Theatre and has both theatrical and musical events throughout the […]