What Is Ormskirk Like?

I’ve had people ask me before ‘what’s Ormskirk like’ as a town to live in? So I thought I would give my thoughts on this for those of you that are starting in September or moving into off campus accommodation.

For starters Ormskirk is a small town, so if your coming for the city life you aren’t going to get it here, BUT Liverpool City Centre is only around 15 miles away and the transport links for the town are good with both rail and bus travel being regular and conveniently accessible from the in town train/bus stations. Most shops operate around the town centre with housing all over the place. Since the town is small and there is a demand for housing because of the large number of students, and prices will be cheaper the further you go out of Ormskirk but at least it isn’t London eh?.

For the size of the town there is a surprisingly good selection of shops, bars, takeaways etc. suitable for everyone, my personal favourite being the Dixi Chicken and pizza on the Southport road which is an underrated gem.

For things to do obviously it’s not going to have as much as somewhere like Liverpool but there’s still things to do depending on what takes your interest. There’s a few different gyms around the town and a leisure centre to choose from. If your one for outdoorsy stuff then the various walks and bike trails might be for you, and there is also the market in the centre every Thursday and Saturday every week which is always popular among young and old and you can get a good selection of stuff. There was also recently the opening of a cinema in the Chapel Gallery that shows a mix of new and old films.

So there’s just a few things to know about Ormskirk if you were interested, if you have any questions let me know and thanks for reading.


Ormskirk – Home of Edge Hill

Edge Hill University is situated in the small but wonderful town of Ormskirk. As someone who has travelled quite the distance from home to be at uni, from a village just outside two small towns, I knew as soon as I stepped off the train in Ormskirk that I could feel at home here. Originally a market town, founded in 1286 with a charter granted by Edward I, Ormskirk has a way about it that makes you feel like you’ve lived there your entire life, even if you’re only visiting for the day, and despite being small, it has a constant buzz of life going through it (especially at night if you’re anywhere near Alpine!)

Education has been part of the town since 1614, and has played a big part in the education of women – being the first establishment of the kind to educate solely women (outside of the church) all the way back in 1885 when it was known as Edge Hill College. It wasn’t until 1959 that Edge Hill had any male students or staff on campus, and even then they were very much the minority.  Today, Edge Hill’s feminist history is something that is very much noted at the university, and the women still have the majority, with men being outnumbered 2:1.

Ormskirk is also famous for gingerbread, although nobody really seems to know where it originally came from, but the do know that it was being sold by the gingerbread women of Ormskirk as early as 1732, and is still sold and celebrated today by the  summer Gingerbread Festival and is used as an educational and commercial platform for the town.

Public transport routes around the uni are also wonderful for travelling around- without having to fork out for a taxi each time. The EdgeLink bus is an absolute saviour if you’ve done your weekly shop in town and can barely  carry it out of the trolly, as you can hop on it (for free!) at the bus station and it can take you up to the uni and back into town again every 20 minutes. Ormskirk also has a train station which has direct routes to both Liverpool and Preston, which are perfect for days out in the city or as links to further afield, such as going home for weekends.

That’s all for now, but if you would like to know more about the history of Ormskirk and the university, you can visit Ormskirk Bygone Times and the Edge Hill University website.

Where can I find students in Ormskirk?

University students aren’t difficult to find, they’ll most likely congregate on campus, around the library or the SU bar. But, believe it or not, students do actually leave campus and can be found in various places around Ormskirk, so whip our your pokedex because we’re going to have a game of ‘Edge Hill go’ (yes, I know it’s not got much of a ring to it).


It seems weirdly mundane but you can find a ridiculous amount of students in Aldi. It’s affordable selection of groceries means that students can spend less money on food and more on the things that really ma- actually no most of us spend our money on food! But nonetheless, if you want to catch a glimpse of the lesser spotted student, Aldi is a good place to start!


Wherever you go, pretty much every student town has a Wetherspoons. So what’s so special about it? It’s cheap, friendly and they do the best cocktail pitchers! The Ormskirk branch of ‘spoons can be found at Wheatsheaf Walk (Turn right at the clock and you’re on your way). Also, in keeping with the legendary ‘Ormskirk gingerbread’ when you ascend the stairs you’ll notice an army of gingerbread men on the wall! It’s a great place to go for pre-drinks or for a quick, cheap lunch – Curry Club Thursdays are always the best. Not many people know why ‘Spoons has become such a popular place for students but I can guarantee you’ll go there at least once (fair do’s to you if you can avoid it for three years).

The Loft

As one of Ormskirk’s main nightclubs The Loft attracts a large number of students on a nightly basis. It is the newest club in Ormskirk, taking over the former building that housed Alpine. It hosts a number of events and themed nights that are posted in advance on their Facebook page. The Loft is especially popular during Edge Hill’s weekly social, every Wednesday Ormskirk is taken over by students in fancy dress, it’s hilarious to see all the different societies dressed up in their chosen ‘theme.’ The Loft is also a great and cheaper alternative to a night out in Liverpool, no need to pay extortionate amounts for taxis and you have a selection of different places to pre-drink – ‘Spoons (obviously), Junk, Styles etc – So it’s perfect for when you’re low on cash but need a good night out.


An example of how photogenic the food is.

This is by far my favourite place in Ormskirk, my friends and I have become quite the regulars over the last few years. Cobble is a charming little café that specialises in smoothies, milkshakes, coffee and the most aesthetically pleasing food you can imagine (follow them on Instagram if you don’t believe me – @cobblecoffee). Located on Church Street, this adorable café was originally a cobbler’s – hence the name – and is now run by the grandson of the couple who owned the cobbler’s. Cobble is often very busy and is a popular meeting place for students, they even now have a ‘late night Thursday’ menu including ‘twisted smoothies’ which of course attracts even more students.


I hope this post gave you an idea of the kind of places that are available to and popular with students in the Ormskirk area. Until next time! 🙂