• Can I Go To University?

    There are some stereotypes about University students which can be harmful. A lot of films and TV shows all University students as the same person, but this isn’t the case. In this blog, I’ll challenge any preconceptions about University students. “Am I not too old?” Media overrepresents the young students of University, and never really […]

  • Primary Teaching Interviews

    Hello again! After recently being successful at an interview for a local teaching position, I thought I would collect a few handy tips that helped me when applying for post-grad jobs!  Be yourself I have learned that most people can see straight through anyone who is pretending to be someone they are not. The school […]

  • [Part One] Studying in Ireland and thinking of Edge Hill? – The Leaving Cert

    As someone who has experienced the Irish Leaving certificate first hand and furthered my education at Edge Hill there are a few things that can trip up the unsuspecting student. This four part guide will hopefully give you an insight into some of the points to consider when coming to Edge Hill from Ireland. In […]

  • Why Did I Choose Edge Hill?

    I guess you’re wondering why I chose to study at Edge Hill above anywhere else? No? Well I’m going to tell you anyway because I love my uni and I want you to know exactly why I think it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Maybe you’ll agree, maybe you won’t, but […]

  • Big Decisions!

    Lately I have been able to speak to an A-Level student who still is unsure of what she wants to do at University, but she knows she wants to go! So I have a feeling that if she feels like that then many of you will too! So I thought I’d write a blog informing […]

  • What is UCAS? Why do I have to use it?

    So you’re all probably familiar with the idea of UCAS, whether this is UCAS points, the application itself or even just the website. UCAS hosts the application process for universities, meaning that you will have to only fill out one application instead of one for each university you apply to – isn’t this a life […]