• Can I Go To University?

    There are some stereotypes about University students which can be harmful. A lot of films and TV shows all University students as the same person, but this isn’t the case. In this blog, I’ll challenge any preconceptions about University students. “Am I not too old?” Media overrepresents the young students of University, and never really […]

  • Scholarships

    Whilst applying to university and during your time of study there are a range of scholarships available to students. Some scholarships you will be automatically entered into depending on things such as your academic results and others you can apply for. You can use the eligibility calculator to answer a few short questions to find […]

  • The wonderful world of Student Finance!

    Hello all, hope you’ve had a great week. I wanted to make a post about possibly one of the most important things (in my opinion) surrounding university life: Student Finance and funding options! If you are living on campus or even if you think you’ll struggle with course and travel costs, Student Finance is something […]

  • Offers and Interviews!

    So congratulations if you’ve been invited to an applicant day, as this means you’ve been offered a (conditional or unconditional) place! This is great news! If your offer is unconditional then you know that you’ll be joining us in September to start! However if you receive a conditional offer- do not fret! As long as […]

  • Making my final UCAS choices

    Anyone applying for university this year has some quick thinking to do! I can’t tell you what is best for you individually, but I can tell you about my experiences and what was best for me, and my thoughts looking back two years later… One thing that helped me massively when making my decision was […]

  • What is UCAS? Why do I have to use it?

    So you’re all probably familiar with the idea of UCAS, whether this is UCAS points, the application itself or even just the website. UCAS hosts the application process for universities, meaning that you will have to only fill out one application instead of one for each university you apply to – isn’t this a life […]

  • Applying for Student Finance Top Tips

    As I’m sure you are aware Student Finance England is the organisation that most students apply for in order to help pay their way through university, and will help to pay for things like your tuition and living costs. However, I know that there are plenty of people out there who end up applying for […]

  • Faye’s Blogs – The Holiday’s are Over

    So even though I don’t have lectures start until something like the 21st January I have 3 essays that need to be in on Monday. I am stressing out over them so much! Even though I feel as if I have been working on them for months!! I cannot wait to get them over and […]