• Visiting Edge Hill as A Prospective Student

    Hey guys, for this blog I’m going to talk about visiting Edge Hill as a prospective student what you can expect and what is available to you. Chances are if you are looking at university as an option you have probably selected five universities to put down on your application, or maybe you are looking […]

  • Applicant Visit Days Ahoy!

    With the beginning of February comes the Applicant Visit Days, typically held between now and March/April, non-interviewing applicants will soon receive notice of these wonderful days – maybe you already have! Although I personally did not attend an applicant visit day for Biology, I have worked for the Biology Department as an Applicant Visit Day […]

  • Biological Applicant Day

    Biological Applicant Day

    From February to April 1st, applicant days are occurring here at EHU and you may be wondering what it’s like and how it will benefit you. Since Edge Hill University is so far away from my hometown, I could only make it to an Open Day, and not the applicant day (plus, I was already […]

  • What can you expect from an Applicant Day?

    If you have applied for a course that does not have an interview, such as Psychology, English, Computing, etc, then you will be, or have already been invited to an Applicant Day. The first of these are starting very soon, so what exactly can you expect from an Applicant Day? Now, I did not attend one of […]

  • Transport to, from and around Edge Hill

    Hello all, Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all had a great start to the year and are enjoying a break from your colleges, sixth forms or other. I’m sure one of the most important things to you is how you can travel to, from and around Edge Hill University. Before arriving to the Uni […]

  • Applicant Visit Days at Edge Hill

    Recently my psychology department held it’s annual applicant visit day for people looking to study Psychology at Edge Hill in September. But what is it an applicant visit day? What does it consist of? Is it worth going to one? Do I need to book on one? The aim of this blog post is to […]

  • Visiting Edge Hill

    Whilst I was certain from the moment that I applied to Edge Hill that I wanted to go there, it wasn’t until the Applicant Visit Day that I really started to become excited. The most valuable part of the day for me was the taster sessions. The day was especially for joint honours students so […]

  • BA, Bsc, BMus, BEng, LLM, MPhil, MEd, MBA, PhD – The Different (Music) Degree Types

    BA, Bsc, BMus, BEng, LLM, MPhil, MEd, MBA, PhD – The Different (Music) Degree Types

    I think the best way to explain these types is through applying them to the broad discipline of MUSIC as I think nearly every type of degree can be applied to it… There seems to be a general (seriously, I am generalising here) creative to technical spectrum when it comes to Music and Audio in higher education. […]

  • Applicant Visit Days

    Now that the UCAS deadline for university applications has passed, many of you will be considering which of the universities you applied for is going to be your firm (1st) and insurance choice (2nd). One way that might help you in your decision-making process is to tend an applicant visit day which are run by […]