My Applicant Visit Day – English Literature Taster Session

(This blog is going to focus on my experience of an English Literature taster session that is a big part of an applicant visit day. See my last blog for more details about my applicant visit day in general).

When I attended an applicant visit day at Edge Hill, the English Literature taster session directly followed a general talk about the English and History department. We were directed to follow a particular member of staff, depending on which course we were taking, out of the lecture hall and into our taster sessions. I was nervous, and I remember not wanting to leave my parents, feeling very much like a child again. But I did, because I knew that if I was going to move out in September I certainly needed to be able to leave them then.

I didn’t know it then, but the tutor I followed out of that lecture hall would become one of my tutors for a module in first year. Getting to know him during that session actually helped me settle into his group a lot quicker when I was an actual student. As a generally shy person, this upper-hand really helped me feel a lot more confident.

The English Literature taster session went better than I imagined. The class was bigger than your typical seminar size, containing about twenty people or so. The tutor gave us a quick talk about studying English Literature at Edge Hill, before setting us the task of analysing two poems in groups. This scared me, but it really shouldn’t have; we weren’t expected to analyse the poems at some super high magical degree level; all he wanted to know was what we could get out of it. Anything that we did come up with, he gladly helped us expand on, so I really felt like I learnt something even in that short time.

Some of the people I met during that taster session went on to become Edge Hill students too. This was great during my first couple of weeks at university, because every now and then a face I recognised would pop up in a sea of strangers and it was that kind of thing that made me feel more confident in situations I was finding daunting and scary.

My experience of the English Literature taster session is really what convinced me most that the course at Edge Hill was the right one for me, and I advise anyone who has any doubts to attend one.

My Applicant Visit Day

(I have so much to say about my applicant visit day that I’m going to split my experience into two blogs. This week I’m going to talk about the day in general, and next week my blog will be about the English Literature taster session that forms a big part of an applicant visit day).

It was nearly two years ago that I visited Edge Hill for an applicant visit day but I can still remember it fairly clearly (however I am feeling very old right now – time flies!).  Before I attended the applicant visit day I knew that I really loved the campus and town at Edge Hill, but I was still feeling torn between studying at EHU or another university.

When the day came around, it’s safe to say I was pretty nervous. New situations scare me a lot, but they’re also exciting. When I arrived at Edge Hill on the morning of my visit I was greeted by lots of welcoming people, both students and staff alike, which helped calm my nerves. It was also helpful seeing that everyone else who was visiting seemed kind of nervous too.

The first thing I did was attend a talk about the English and History department in general. At the end of this talk, I had an English Literature taster session (read more on this in my blog next week!). After the taster session we were given the opportunity to grab some lunch, and then there were finance and accommodation talks, followed by a tour of campus. By this point, I really had to start making my way home because I lived so far away. Luckily, the Edge Hill staff were happy to help, and they found me a student guide to give me my own private tour of campus so I could get away quickly.

As I said, when I arrived at Edge Hill that day I hadn’t made up my mind about where I was going to study, but by the time I left I was certain that Edge Hill was the place for me. Having a taster session is what really sealed the deal for me; I saw what my studies at Edge Hill would be like and I loved what I saw.