A Night In On Campus

With University fast approaching, you might be panicked about the social side of thing. Making friends was something I worried about, but what about once you have friends – but don’t like the idea of clubbing? If you aren’t keen on going out, whether it be to Liverpool, Ormskirk or Social, but still want to socialise or do something different, here’s a bunch of options you might want to consider.

Staying in, not drinking

If you’re not a fan of drinking – don’t fret! You’re not the only one, and you’ll be sure to find others you aren’t that keen on it either; societies and the fresher’s Facebook page/group are a great resource for finding others. (Of course, maybe you do like to drink, but just not this particular night).

Why not host a movie night? Either decide on a genre or specific film beforehand or vote once everyone has gathered (try and persuade the guest with the best tv/most comfortable seats to host 😉 ). If you’re not feeling a film, you could play some board/tabletop games, nothing tests a friendship like a game of Monopoly (and did you know that Edge Hill have their very own version?) Still fancy a game but not of the board variety? Why not play a murder mystery or a DnD campaign?

Staying in, but drinking

So you ARE a fan of drinking but still don’t (feel) like clubbing. The above options still apply obviously, but if you feel like it, you could co-opt most of the above to include drinking. For example, a movie night featuring some drinking games – my

suggestions would be the Rocky Horror drinking game, a Harry Potter drinking game, or anime roulette. Many board games too can be adapted to include drinking, including chess! Outside of board games, there are always the usual drinking games (eg. Irish poker, Ring of Fire, the Picolo app), but might I bring Paranoia to your attention – it’s not a drinking game, but better played not quite sober.

Another thing to consider is a live reading drinking game – very similar to the movie drinking games, but this time with a book or my personal favourite, a fanfiction – specifically My Immortal.

(Just remember to respect your flatmates and neighbours by keeping the noise down when it gets late and following securities wishes if you get a noise complaint.)

Something else on campus

Let’s not forget that Edge Hill campus’ Art’s Centre hosts a number of events throughout the year. There’s Free Film Friday, an amazing event held almost every Friday of the academic year that I have made use of many times; Open Mic Nights, held numerous times a year; and plenty of other performances and productions held all across the year.

It’s Christmas Already???

So semester one has come to an end and Christmas is just around the corner. It is that time of year again to spend time with your family and friends and just earn that well deserved rest after the first 12 weeks of uni. Its been a shock to the system and my sleeping pattern, well, I don’t think I ever had one to begin with, never the less, I can honestly say it has been amazing experience so far. If you’re in the situation that I was in last year where you’re on the edge of coming to university, you will not regret your decision.

One of the greatest things about Edge Hill University would have to be the groups and societies that we all have at our fingertips. Have you ever wanted to try something new but not had the opportunity to do so? Well the great thing about this university is the diversity of societies it has to offer and if you can think of something, well, there is a high probability that it runs it.

From my experience, I was overwhelmed by the amount of choice there was to offer when I went to the freshers fair and saw all the clubs running, I mean come on… Harry Potter? No other devoted fan could refuse an offer like that. Having a Harry Potter marathon running over 24 hours also… That was a challenge one too difficult to refuse.

Sport is a large part of the groups that Edge Hill have to offer also and I personally think it is a great way to introduce and embrace yourself into campus life. Sport is an excellent way to make friends, keep healthy and enhance that CV to stand out from the pile. There is basketball, football, rugby, american football and even ultimate frisbee and that’s just a small amount that I can think of. If you can think of a sport or activity that you would like to participate in, Edge Hill has that opportunity.

Above is a video explaining about the new sports centre and even a gym.

If, like myself you prefer extra fries instead of exercise then fear no more because there are a33cf99f3208b4e4fb1af4b6bcd4d343many other societies available. From Harry to hockey there are a so many to choose from and something which I find amazing is the cultural and social aspect that each one has to offer. Come January I will probably find myself trying new things, meeting new people and in all honesty, aside from assignments, exams and beans on toast with a side of noodles, that is what I believe university to be about.

Any way, I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and an Amazing New Year!!!!!

J. x

The Brand New Sporting Edge…

As I’m sure you’re aware if you’ve checked out Edge Hill online or on any of our social media platforms, we have a brand new sporting edge, and I can promise it really is living up to all the expectations! Opened only a mere 5 weeks ago, it’s a lively hive for all things sport and fitness related, and I can assure it is even more impressive in real life than in the pictures.

For any info on prices, facilities and classes please check out the website here: SPORTING EDGE, but for today I thought I’d just share my thoughts and experiences on the all new and improved sporting edge…

During my first and second year, I got a gym membership at the Edge Hill Gym, and I found it was really good value and the facilities were great, so I can imagine they are even more amazing now! However being in 3rd year I was a bit unsure as to how much time I would have to hit the gym and therefore I didn’t renew. Additionally the new sporting edge initiative ‘Get Active Programme’ caught my eye and I decided I would give that a go instead. The programme puts on a range of activities each week for students to get involved in. They have everything from Jiu Jitsu, to Badminton for only £1 a week which I think is such amazing value! So far I’ve been to a few of the classes including Box Fit, Spinning and Abs Express and I thought they were so much fun, I am so pleased to see that the new sports centre are still thinking about student budgets and offering so much at such small prices! You can also sign up to the programme as an annual membership which is £30 to go to any of the sessions for free and to use the new pool, which again is amazing value and the facilities and quality of the classes are outstanding. I’ve been to the pool a few times since it has been opened and it really is great, and not too busy, and at £2 a session you really can’t go wrong.

I hope this gives you a little ideas of whats available on a small budget in the new sporting edge, obviously they have an amazing new fitness suite which you can check out on the website and a range of other classes on offer so definitely have a look there if you’re interested in what else they have to offer!