• Getting Your Results

    Hi everyone, if you have already got your results and been accepted then congratulations and good on you. For those still waiting I think it’s just A-Level people at this point I want to give a few ideas of what to expect and how to move forward once you receive your grades, Waiting for results […]

  • Results Day!

    Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing extremely well today. For those of you who want to go to uni this year then a very important day is on it’s way. Many of you will be looking forward to (or slightly dreading) results day and now the waiting is almost over! Good luck to all […]

  • Results Results Results

    So it’s nearing to that all important results day that we’ve all been waiting for! Your summer seems to center around it: buying things for uni, waiting to see if you’ve got in, waiting to see which accommodation you’ve been placed in… and of course ACTUALLY going to uni! But honestly, don’t let it get […]

  • ‘Twas the Night Before Results Day…

    …When all through the house, not a student was sleeping…because they were all far too nervous! So tomorrow is the big day. In less than 24 hours Edge Hill University will have a brand new set of students ready to start in September. This is so incredibly exciting! Although I imagine the butterflies are starting […]


    So the time has finally come that you will receive your A-level┬áresults (Thursday)! As much as you might have wanted summer to drag out, it’s time to face the music and your fate (slightly dramatic? I think so). But listen… obviously you want amazing grades, but it’s not the end of the world if you […]