Exercise and keeping fit at Edge Hill.

Hi everyone, hope you’re well and have had a good week! For today’s blog, I thought I’d write a bit about a few ways I try to keep fit at uni. I think many people think of uni as a time in your life where you slip into bad eating habits of cheap junk food and do zero exercise as you have no time because of uni work! Whereas, I feel like that is completely to the individual, and if you make the time, effort and motivation for it, you can get into a healthy routine of fitness and healthy eating, while also having time for uni work! I like to do exercise after I’ve been to the Catalyst for a couple of hours and have a good healthy meal afterwards.

The Sports Centre                                                                                                                                     In the past couple of months, I have been in the Sports Centre most days, and really making the most of my membership, as I know alot of my friends who have a membership like to as well! The facilities as brilliant, for me personally my favourite parts are the exercise classes (all free with an Edge Hill sports membership!) and the pool. I feel like in the few months I have got my fitness routine at the Sports centre down to a tee and really loving it.

On Mondays I have swim team from 7-9 (I am going to do a blog post all about the swim team next week, about what it’s like to be part of the team and what we do). On Tuesdays I go to Step class at 7:15 and Yoga straight after at 8:20, on Wednesdays Zumba at 7:35 and Konga at 8:25. On Thurdays, if I’m not still in my Critical Theories lecture, I go to land training at 7-8 and Friday I go to Zumba at 6:30!

So yes, you could really say I like to make the most of the factilies, at the weekend I like to go swimming and on a run around the back of the sports centre and aroung campus. It all depends on what I’m up to that week, for example last week I didn’t go to as many classes as I went to a few different shows at the Arts centre to change things up a bit!

Exercising with friends                                                                                                                         I really like to go to the classes at the Sports centre with friends, who if they don’t have a membership can pay for an individual class, and same for going for a swim. I find that getting into fitness is so much easier and more fun if you do it with friends, (I do find the classes are lots of fun either way though, especially zumba!) I also really enjoying going jogging with friends, it can be a great hangover cure the afternoon after a night out as well as a good sleep. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog about ways I do exercise and keep (a bit!) fit at uni. These are just ways I like to do it, I know everyone is different, some people like going into the gym and getting into their own routine or having a personal trainer, whatever works for you. Remember to do what feels right for you and not to push yourself too far, I often have the weekend off and sometimes only go to one of two exercise classes a week, I just gave you an example of a busy fitness week for me!

Alice 🙂



Teaching Jobs

Hello everyone!

I hope you have had a fantastic weekend. Since I am coming to the end of my university course,  it is that time where everyone is looking for their dream school to work with!

Edge Hill University offer a lot of  support to help you search for work. In 2018, 95% of students who completed my primary education course found employment within 6 months after finishing their degree. Edge Hill Careers offer advice on lots of topics of discussion such as job-hunting and CV writing. It is easy to book an appointment online.

NQT pools

Different authorities and areas have their own ‘NQT pool.’ I hadn’t heard of teacher pools before so wanted to find out more information about them. Some pools may require an application, interview and teaching observation. Once you gain a place in the pool, different schools in that area have access to your information and experience. From here, they contact you directly to offer an interview. I highly recommend researching which pools you would consider joining!

School websites

Individual schools often advertise their vacancies on their official website. There are usually the following information and documents available: application form, person specification, job description, a closing date and an interview date. So if you have a specific school in mind, perhaps from your previous placements or work experience,  make sure to have a look and see if there are any vacancies available!

Other Websites

Other websites provide filtered search engines to help you search for vacancies that match what you are looking for. Options include the location, the year group / key stage, full-time, part-time, permanent or temporary jobs.

AND if you decide teaching is not for you… the primary education degree opens you up to soooo many other options. Some people decide to do a masters in a different subject and others begin to teach abroad! The possibilities are never-ending. Wishing you the best of luck!

Speak soon,


My Experience of My First Professional Practice!

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a fantastic week!

As part of my Primary Science Education course, I have to complete three block placements over the course of three years. On the 8th of March I finished my first ever professional practice at university.

I hope you enjoy reading about my experience of my first professional practice in a primary school setting!

All my stuff packed up and ready for my first day on placement!

When I first arrived to my placement school, I was a bundle of nerves. I had no idea what was going to happen or what the staff were going to be like.

Luckily for me, I was placed in an AMAZING school that values the use of outdoor learning and building resilience in children. As well as having a great school ethos, all of the staff were so so lovely and welcoming and I immediately felt right at home.

I was placed in a year 3 class with another student teacher and yet again, I felt so grateful to have such respectful and well-behaved class of children. The class teacher/my mentor could not have been more kind and accommodating from the moment we came into the class.

It was safe to say that my nerves quickly faded after my first day on the job!

In terms of planning and preparing for lessons, I found this really hard at the start because it was such a new concept to me. However, with the help of the Edge Hill professional practice blackboard support and previous seminars on planning, it quickly became second nature to me.

This is what the Edge Hill lesson plan format was like. It was really simple and easy to follow!

While I was on professional practice, I knew how important it was to involve myself in as many activities and out of class experiences as I could. Me and the other student teacher were luckily given the opportunity to accompany our class on a school trip to Ribblehead Caves in the Yorkshire Dales. This experience was something I will always remember as it was so much fun but also way out of my comfort zone!

The caves were so tiny, I had to walk sideways!

If you want to read more about my trip to Ribblehead, head over to my blog post about it here; https://mydigitaljourney45482930.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=44&action=edit

Coming up to the end of the 7 week block placement, I began to get really sad that it was almost time to leave the children and the teachers. I could not believe how much I enjoyed the whole experience and how lovely everyone in the school was.

After teaching the children so much, I am really happy to say that I am no longer worried about my ability as a teacher as this professional practice has really made me see the potential I have as an educator and how rewarding it is!

Some of the lovely handmade cards I received from the children in my class!

Overall, my first professional practice experience in a primary setting was so rewarding. Edge Hill also always made sure that we were supported throughout the placement, sending out newsletters, adding resources to blackboard and emphasising that they were only an email away if we had any concerns.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog. I am so grateful to the university for being so supportive during professional practice and for sending me to an amazing school where I learned so much about my future career!

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

– Dr Seuss –

Choosing the Right Halls for You

Hi guys when looking at universities, accommodation can be an important factor to consider, price, location and overall quality come into play and in my own experience it can be tough to choose when you haven’t seen everything to offer in detail so here’s a quick guide to what Edge Hill can offer you during your time here.

Chancellors Court/South, Founders East/West, Palatine Court, Graduates Court: I have grouped all this accommodation together because of their similar pricing/interior style.  From next year all rooms in these accommodations will range from £120-to 130 a week depending on the block. The different buildings do have some differences (mainly in location) but as far as I know they aren’t major. Overall as someone who has previously lived in Chancellors Court I was really impressed with the accommodation, rooms are a nice size, kitchen is also great, big enough for multiple people at once. Then there’s other things like the mini-fridge and my personal favourite feature, the wired internet connection. There is wi-fi as well, but if you do want to use wired internet it is really fast and very reliable, something you don’t always see with any kind of accommodation. 

Main Halls, Back Halls,: These blocks are a bit more budget friendly but do offer up some major differences, mainly in that there are no en-suites something you might not be bothered about at all so happy days. Most importantly the Main Halls are self-catered so part of your hall fees will go towards credit for food on campus. Self-catered accommodation here is £76 as of next year and catered £112 per week. So if you’re looking to save money these buildings could be the choice for you.

Forest Court: I put this one on its own as it’s kind of the middle ground between the two types above, Forest Court features both shared bathrooms and en-suite rooms and is priced at around £90-102 a week for next year so is a nice middle ground if neither of the others is exactly what you are looking for.

Woodland Court: These building is specifically for 3rd year students which is why I have situated it in its own group. With prices from £122-127 as of next year it’s in a similar price range as the other new buildings talked about earlier. the main difference being as far as I know it is the only accommodation that has a washing machine in the kitchen so there’s a bonus, if your going into 3rd year and looking for somewhere to live this could be a good bet for you.

Whichever halls you do end up choosing all accommodations run on a 40 week contract and include 24/7 security as standard for piece of mind. Here’s a link to the website for more information and for pictures etc. Anyway hope this helps and thanks for reading.



Ways to keep your room clean and tidy at uni!

Hi everyone, hope you’re well and have had a good week! For today’s blog I thought I give some tips on how to keep your room tidy and clean in your flat at uni.

Personalising your room                                                                                                                    It’s a great idea to make your room personal to you, but something I’ve found is that if I have alot of things in my room, it is easy for your room to get cluttered and messy. A nice idea is having photos up with white tac and posters on your wall and make your room more you without it becoming cluttered. I have a cork board in my room that i like to stick sentimental cards, letters and photos as well as having a few frames photos on my desk that make my room more me!

Having a certain place for everything                                                                                          Something I like to do is have certain place for everything. So I have little boxes for bobbles and hairgrips and a jar for all my pens and pencils. This really helps when my room gets really messy and I can pick everything off the floor and put it all in the right places they belong, it makes it alot easier for me. Like for when I do my laundry, straight after I’ve brought it back up all my stairs ( a right nightmare), I hang up my laundry on my clothes airer and when it’s all dry I fold or hang everything back up in my wardrobe. I always like to do it like this as it means I don’t keep putting off tidying it all away!

Take time out to keep your room clean.                                                                                      There is a difference between keeping your room clean and keeping your room tidy. When my room is very messy, I first put everything in the places they belong and tidy everything away. Then I clean, hoover and clean all the surfaces and clean my bathroom. I like to tidy my room properly twice a week and give everywhere a good clean once a week. I used to hate tidying my room, but I find that if I pop on a good playlist and have a good dance while I get it all done, I actually really enjoy it! Or I’ll facetime a friend while I’m putting fresh sheets on my bed or organising uni work. By having a certain day each week that I clean and do my laundry means it gets done and I won’t just put it off because I know it has to be done!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and it has given you a few tips of how to keep your room clean and tidy at uni! It can be hard to stay on top of it, and sometimes mine gets into a right tip but if I try to keep it tidy, it means it saves me time in the long run and makes a room that’s a lot nicer to be in!

Have a good week,

Alice 🙂



Food and Drink in The Hub – Opening and Closing Times 🥪🍝🥗


One thing I think is really important to have is the opening and closing times of places around the campus. Some do display it around their area but I’ve found these aren’t always accurate and they are subject to change. So I did some research and asking around today and got some information about the wonderful places to grab food or drink at Edge Hill – more specifically (because there are so many) we’re going to look at The Hub today!

Related image

The Hub is found right in the center of the campus, attached to the back of the main building. It can get fairly busy at times as it holds some popular places to eat and drink.

McColl’s is the local express shop for the campus. They also cook and serve hot food in the mornings like sausage/bacon barms, hot dogs, slices of pizzas.
Mon – Sun: 7.30am – 11pm

Starbucks is the reason The Hub is quite busy in the mornings. Who doesn’t love a Starbucks? The ladies there are really friendly too and if you bring your own cup you can get money off your drink!
Mon – Fri: 7.30am – 6.30pm
Sat – Sun: 1pm – 5pm
(However, on Applicant Visit Days – they are open from 8am!)

Grab and Go is a lovely little sandwich parlour where you can grab a pre-packaged sandwich, drink and snack for a £2.95 meal deal. Or you can opt for a freshly made ‘subway-like’ sandwich, which is also included in the meal deal and these start at £1.40 (on their own) – which is amazing! They also have paninis, pies, salad boxes, confectionery, drinks and sometimes pizza in the afternoon!
Mon – Fri: 10am – 5pm
Closed at weekends

Sages is a hot food canteen with some lovely meal choices. It’s open in the morning for breakfast but also serve lunch and dinner. I’ll insert a little menu from this week but be aware that this changes!

Mon – Fri: 7.30am – 2.30pm then 5pm – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 10.30am – 1pm then 5pm – 9pm

My favourite thing during the week The Hub holds little pop up market vendors with various street food, sweet treats and other little bits and bobs. There’s always something going on in The Hub and I love that about it!

Wow. Is anyone else hungry? I am.

I hope this helps to show how many amazing places there are to eat and drink at Edge Hill – and that’s only The Hub! There’s many more around campus and we’ll get to that soon ☺️ – thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment if you have any questions.


Primary Education with QTS – My first professional practice (Regional Opportunity)👩🏽‍🏫🏫



I’ve just gotten back from my first professional practice. I’ve been teaching for 7 weeks on a regional opportunity in High Peak, Derbyshire and I wanted to share some of my experience with you if you’re wondering about placements on this course. 🏫

I’ve talked a little about this before over on this post, but I’ve just gotten back and want to give you my honest opinion of my experience:

The travel 🚂 :
New Mills is a quaint little town close to Stockport. It’s around 50 miles away, which deems it as a regional opportunity. There are also other places such as Cumbria or Barrow-in-Furness, but this may change next year. I travelled there on the train and came back last week on the train also – this can be claimed back as the university will pay for travel to and from university and also to and from the school that I was on placement at. Whether this is trains, cars, buses – all forms of public transport, barring taxis. On top of this, the University provided us with £3 a day for our breakfast which I thought was a lovely gesture.

The accommodation 🏡 :
The University does their best to provide you with accommodation that is as good as your halls, if not better – ours was certainly better and I love my accommodation at Edge Hill! There was four of us from the university placed together in a guest house above a stunning cafe, it was really spacious and fully furnished with everything you could ever need. We were all taken aback at how amazing it was. It was a short drive from the school and one of the flat mates had his car with him so that made everything a lot easier – and he could claim back on taking us every day – 14p per mile and an extra 3p for each passenger. A great set up really.

The school 🏫 :
The school was nothing I had ever seen before. Living and growing up abroad, I was used to big international schools with 4-6 form entry classes, averaging at 90 pupils in a year group. This school has 80 pupils in it’s entire school, and there were only 3 classes: Rec/Y1, Y2/3 and Y3/4/5. I felt out my comfort zone but my mentor and all the staff were so welcoming and you have a visiting tutor from Edge Hill come to check on you which is great. There is lots of support and I enjoyed it so much. I already can’t wait for next years placement!

I hope this has given you  little more insight into regional opportunities. As someone who wants to travel with teaching, I wanted to experience a school and town that I had never been to before and I’m glad I did. I can’t urge you enough to try a regional opportunity if you come to Edge Hill – it’s amazing that they even provide this! 😱

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment if you have any questions! 💕


Greece: My Placement

So from my last blog, I mentioned that I was going to Greece, and finally I am back so thought this was a perfect time to write a blog about it.

On my course (Film and TV Production), an opportunity came through for students about volunteering at a film festival in Thessaloniki, Greece. As soon as I saw this email, I signed up for it and put in an application form. Luckily, a few weeks later, I got an email from the Media department saying that I had secured a place for the trip and that I needed to confirm and attend the meetings in order to keep this placement.

What Edge Hill Done For Me 

I and 3 other students across the department secured a place on this trip and was so excited about it. Although this put me in a bit of a panic because of production work for my course, all of my module leaders were supportive of the placement and recognised that I could ask for an extension if I was stressed out about the work. This was one of the best things about Edge Hill as they allow students to go and enjoy placements that will help and further their career.


I learnt so much with this placement and was so lucky with gaining this opportunity. With these placements, you need to show something for it therefore, each day I spent in Thessaloniki, I had to write a small diary entry of what I experienced as every day was different. For example, one of the days I was there, I was volunteering at a film screening and got to start talking to other people working there and getting to know the language.

I’d say that if you’re planning on coming onto this course, or any courses within Edge Hill, one of the things to do is to see whether they offer placements and how they will help with the course.

If you would like any more advice about the course you have applied for at Edge Hill, I would email a course leader which you can find under the course onthe website. If you would like to know more about the placement I went on as well, just comment below.

Ellis x

Prepare Yourself for University – What no one tells you!

Hello everyone! I thought I would do a post all about how to prepare yourself for a university life and becoming more independent as it is rather different to living at home. I really wish I had prepared myself more for starting university as I got the shock of my life when I arrived and my parents left me all alone.

Really hope you enjoy this post and find it useful!

Start to cook for yourself!

You might be thinking, “it’s fine, I’m pretty sure I know how to turn the oven on and throw in some frozen chips etc.” This may work for the first few weeks of cooking for yourself but there comes a time when you crave a good, healthy, wholesome meal that didn’t come out of the freezer. 

Picture courtesy of @aliceliveing on instagram!

Being able to make your own meals from scratch that are healthy and make your flat mates jealous is such an essential skill for university. Luckily I cooked a lot for myself before I moved out but since living on my own, I have explored many dishes that are super easy to make and are so good for me! Start now and discover your love for cooking!

Do the washing!

Not going to lie, I did not do a lot of my own washing before I came to university. The only time I did do any washing was when I had to get it out of the washer and hang it up on the line. Let me tell you now, washing all your own clothes is not fun so I would highly suggest to start early and get used to it.

However, saying that, it does feel strangely rewarding to come back from the laundry room and have lovely clean clothes. Always a silver lining!

Push yourself!

This is something I was wish I had done before coming to university. I was never very good at conversational skills and kept to myself a lot. When I came to university, socialising and talking to new people was a whole other concept to me. I came to campus as a really shy, introverted  Irish girl who couldn’t hold a decent conversation for more than 3 minutes.

I wish that I pushed myself more to open up to people and learn how to talk to new people before coming to university as I know for a fact this would help me make friends quicker and not feel so nervous about the situation. You could do this by joining a club in your hometown so that you can familiarise yourself with talking and socialising with people you have never met before.

Be more independent!

The above pointers all kind of link to this one but I want to speak about this one more generally. What I mean about being more independent is not relying on the people at home to do things for you like cook, clean, washing the clothes, do the food shopping etc.

Before I moved out of my home, I made the conscious decision to do more things for myself. I generally was already quite independent but I wanted to make sure that I could handle the things that my mum or dad would normally help out with. For example, the summer before university started, I started to do the food shop by myself instead of my mum and I going together. It was hard shopping for five people but it definitely prepared me for when I started to do my own shopping. Another independent task I started to do for myself was the dreaded…booking your own doctors appointment. I know, I know, it seems scary but, that is what independence feels like sometimes!


All jokes aside, becoming more independent before coming to university 100% helped with the transition. It may seem awful to start with but it has to happen sometime, so why not start now?

I hope you enjoyed this post and find it helpful! See ya next time – Lauren x

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”

– Coco Chanel-


On Thursday 7th March, Edge Hill’s student services, campus life and the SU put on a Feel Good Festival in the main building for Uni mental health day. This is just one of the great events that the university runs for it’s students, and I thought I would share my experience of it.

There were a number of different stalls set up in the hub, which is generally what happens at these events, a few examples of these stalls are a free pick ‘n’ mix stand where you could get a cup full of the sweets you wanted, a ping pong table, a mini basketball hoop game, a face paint/glitter station, and this was all for free!!

My friends and I decided to get some fake tattoos, the man running the stall was really smiley and chatty, and everyone your saw or spoke to was really friendly. 

We also had the opportunity to plant our own flowers. They provided the pots and seeds, so we could take it away and grow our own plants. There were also a few competitions you could enter to win prizes. My friends and I also had a picture taken in a photo booth, there was a number of different props that we could choose from and it was nice to have a bit of fun after our lectures.

Finally a friend and I also took advantage of the free massages that were also on offer. We waited for only about 30 minutes but it was definitely worth it. The ladies that did our massages made us feel really comfortable and made a conversation where they could. I even almost fell asleep due to how good the massage was, it was about 10 minutes long and beforehand the lady asked me if I had any problems with my back and if there was anything in particular I wanted.

Overall this is just one of the many events that is put on in the hub, and the number of things that you can do at them. For this particular function, it was a happy and chilled environment with a nice message and meaning behind it. Lots of people struggle with mental health and this event just shows how much support the uni offers and how friendly everyone is around campus.