Faye’s Blog – Work Update & Preparation for Reading Week

So this week I began work on my Text to Screen assignment as I planned. I’ve started to read American Psycho and have found the corresponding chapter to the scene within the film that I am going to analyse for my 4000 word essay! And I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into it because I think that it is going to be a really strong piece to look at. The scene of the film that I have chosen to analyse is one of the beginning scenes where we see Patrick Bateman preparing himself for the day with his beauty regime and he is discussing all of the various moisturisers and shower gels that he uses etc. This is the scene that officially introduces Patrick Bateman to the viewer.

Also today I have been packing ready to go back home for reading/independent study week. I have a suitcase full of clothes and I still need to fit in my laptop and some work books. Over the week I am hopefully going to finalise my Cult Cinema essay, begin writing my Text to Screen essay, continue reading The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers for Text to Screen too and write at least another 2000 words of my dissertation. I really need to keep focused and try and not get distracted at home! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep on track but I get distracted easily whilst I’m at uni too!

Elisha’s blog- Research project

I have been helping out with a very interesting research project during the last couple of weeks! Ashley Lyons is a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Biology and is carrying out a PhD examining the effects of grazing in upland limestone areas. She has started by carrying out a number of vegetation surveys in which I have been assisting; and the results of this survey will be presented at the British Ecological Society conference in December.

The field work took place in the magnificent Orton Fells, which is a National Nature Reserve with expanses of limestone pavement and heath. It is a lovely site (although extremely cold!) with some fantastic views, and I look forward to re-visiting the site again… you can follow the progress of Ashley’s research on twitter @Upland_Grazing


Alex’s Blog – Halloween in The Venue!

Prepare to be scared this Wednesday night in The Venue…

With free entry and Halloween fancy dress, this promises to be one of the most popular nights of the year! £1.50 drinks all night and the usual team socials should create an interesting mix, the only questions now is what to wear??

Remember to head over to the Student Union website for more information and the latest news on social events!

Alex 🙂


Charlotte’s Blog- Happy Halloween

I know this is a few days early, but I’m very excited for Halloween with all the spooky going’s on! I haven’t decided what I am going to dress up as yet (I know I need to get deciding with it only being two days away). I will upload some pictures of my outfit once I have finally decided! Last year I was a devil but this year I want to try something completely different and very scary! If anyone’s got any suggestions feel free to comment 🙂  This year Edge Hill’s Student Union are putting on free entry to the venue with a variety of drinks promotions! This is set to be a really good night and any of yous thinking of joining Edge Hill this is definitely not a night to be missed next year!!! 

Faye’s Blog – A Very Productive Week

So this week has gone very well. I’m managing to get into a better work routine finally!

I have done even more research on my dissertation and managed to get up to 2000 words. Just 8000 more to go! I am also feeling a lot more confident about my dissertation now after I met up with one of my tutors Andrea. She thought that what I am doing is really strong and that the direction that my dissertation is heading is also really good. So, that has made me feel a lot less stressed because I was worrying about my idea. Andrea always helps boost your confidence too because she is really positive and enthusiastic when you are talking to her about your work which is always helpful!

This week I have also managed to write my first assignment that is due in on the 12th November for my Cult Cinema module! Next week is going to involve me re-drafting and re-drafting it! I chose to write my essay on A Clockwork Orangebecause it is one of my favourite cult films!

As well as doing that I have also started reading The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers for my Text to Screen module. I have given myself three weeks to read it because I know that it can be a pretty tough read but so far I am really enjoying it, a lot more that I originally thought I was going to.

I have also chosen a book and it’s film adaptation that I want to use for my Text to Screen module assignment one. I have chosen to do American Psycho again because it is one of my favourite films. I have also wanted to read the book for a while too and have just never gotten around to it, so this gives me a good excuse! I haven’t started reading it yet, I am going to check with my tutor that it is a good choice first!

Food For Thought… QR Sushi and Braille Burgers!

Quite literally! So this October has seen the first ever QR code written in Sushi… Those of you who aren’t familiar with QR codes, they are a specific barcode which is read by Smart Phones and direct you to something (often using the Internet.) For example you can be linked directly to a Brand’s Website by scanning the code used in their advert.

The last two years have seen a boost in the use of QR codes in some of the most clever and effective ways – below are some photos…

And here is a video about the QR Code Sushi – amazing isn’t it?


Another fabulous campaign which I have only just seen (despite it being made a few months back) is the Wimpy Burger Campaign. It is so brilliant, the fact that it is so personalised, special and helpful. Anybody who knows anybody with sight impairments will understand the value this campaign and having braille menus will have on people. The impact of this campaign, as said in the video, is phenomenal.

Joey’s Blog – Home Sweet Home

Hello again,

Going to University is probably the biggest decision I’ve ever made, it’s one of those things that can (and will) drastically alter the direction your life goes in. Certainly for me, within the first three months since coming to Edge Hill, my life started revolving around the place – I lived there, studied there and even got a job there. Soon after, I’d “visit family” for a while “and then come home”, home now being Ormskirk!

This week I’ve been “visiting family” and finding it quite difficult to get back into the swing of things there, but still, it’s a relaxing change from the hustle and bustle of on-campus accommodation, so I mustn’t grumble.

Yours refreshingly,
Joey x

Alex’s Blog – Get Vinspired!

Do you love to volunteer or give your time in any way to help others? Or do you know someone else who you think deserves recognition for their hard work?

If so, you can nominate yourself or someone else to be a Vinspired National Volunteer Award winner! The nominations are now open for anyone aged 11+ who volunteers in any role; whether it’s in sport, community work, drama, anything!

Categories include:

  • Best new volunteer
  • All round commitment to volunteering
  • Bringing communities together
  • Team activity
  • Outstanding Contribution by a youth worker
  • Most outstanding NCS team

Just click for the nomination form and get nominating! Nominations close in just 8 days!

And don’t forget, if you are a keen volunteer and are applying to come to Edge Hill in 2013, you can apply for an Entrance Scholarship in Volunteering, worth up to £2000!

Alex 🙂

Charlotte’s Blog- Careers Fair

Last week, I attended the careers fair in the Hub at Edge Hill. This was a great opportunity to meet any businesses that recruit graduates either as a sandwich year (not the food as you might all be thinking!) this is where you take a year in between your studies to gain experience within a work place, you do get paid for this year if anyone is thinking of taking this option. There were also businesses there who recruit graduates as soon as they have completed their degree. Even though I am trying not to think about what I want to do once my university life is over in the summer 🙁 I know it is important to start thinking about any opportunities that may interest me now as many employers start recruiting from the Christmas period on wards  This helped me a lot as before I have only ever thought of going into a specific area of psychology, my main interests are educational or forensic. As I know these areas may be very difficult to get into straight after doing a degree and it would mean having to a masters for a further 2 years. This fair showed me there are other routes I could go into first for example Human Resources, I had never looked into this area before as I didn’t think it would appeal to me or that it had anything to do with Psychology. How little did I know, as this does involve psychometric testing. I would advise anyone to go along to a careers fair if they see any advertised as it was very useful, even if you aren’t even a university student yet its always a good idea to know what you want to do for when everyone asks you that dreaded question!

Joey’s Blog – Fatal Fairytales

Hello again,

In last week’s blog, I mentioned preparing for an upcoming murder mystery event that I had organised. Well, the evening has been and gone, and I’m so pleased to say that is was a raving success!

Societies are one of the many ways of getting involved with campus life, and provide an excellent break from the rigours of exams, revision and hard study. There are around fifty active societies currently in operation at Edge Hill, and this number is steadily growing; with such a diverse range of groups to join, there’s definitely something for everyone – and if there isn’t anything that takes your fancy, then the Students’ Union will help you set one up quickly and easily.

Yours happily (ever after!),
Joey x