Stephanie’s Blog – Getting ready for Christmas…

This Week Uni has been buzzing with the Vintage Fair earlier in the week and then a Christmas Fair later on in the week.

Both events were busy and they were great. There are lots of fundraising events and stalls supporting Teams and Societies within the University and also a cake-stall has been in the Hub for people raising money to climb Kilimanjaro for Charity!

At the Fairs there was some live music with people playing the flute, clarinet and trumpets which was nice and got us all in the Christmas Spirit because they were playing christmas songs. My Friends bought some handbags and some jewellery and I noticed that Mince Pies were selling fast too!

As much as I miss home at this time of the year, I don’t miss Christmas Shopping in London because it is sooooo crowded, luckily I went back home in November and saw the lights without too many crowds. Luckily I have the benefits of Liverpool and late night shopping at The Trafford Centre where, despite it being busy it isn’t too busy! Happy Christmas Shopping Everyone… 🙂


Alex’s Blog – Fingers Crossed!

Interviews for PGCE places are now underway and it is nervous times for applicants..

I chose the Edge Hill Secondary PE PGCE as my first choice, seeing as it is the largest provider of high quality secondary teacher training in the UK, voted ‘outstanding’ across all 33 inspected outcomes by Ofsted last year and to put it simply, I wouldn’t want to study anywhere else.

My interview was last week, with the rest finishing next week. It was possibly the most nervous week of my life leading up to the day but I felt pretty excited just before going into my interview! The interview felt like it went by in a second and before I knew it, I was back finishing the written assignment. Thankfully, we had already been given the opportunity to practice this during a mock interview day put on by some of the PE & School Sport lecturers.

If selected, I will go through to a second round which will involve teaching in a local school, before the final applicants are selected.

Now all I can do is wait..

Alex 🙂

Faye’s Blog – Campus

Before applying to come to Edge Hill University I also looked at UCLAN and Manchester. That involved looking around the university’s. The major issue I had with those university’s was their location and how big and busy everything seemed. So that put me off them completely!

When I came to look round Edge Hill, yes it seemed busy because it was an open day, but everything was all in one area, everything was well sign posted and I knew that it wouldn’t take too long to learn my way around the place.

The campus is also very beautiful and calm, there are plenty of places to just chill out and relax in between lectures or when you have some spare time. For example, there are various seating areas in the main building and The Hub’s upstairs area has comfy couches where you can sit with friends and have a catch up and if it is a nice day you can go and sit near the pond or on the grass areas on campus, which is lovely!

Essentials that are on campus are, laundry services, a bar, swimming pool, library, 24 hour computer access, gym and outdoor sports facilities.

If you want to explore outside the campus town is only a short walk away so everything else isn’t so far, supermarkets, clothing stores, pubs, clubs and the train station etc.

Charlotte’s Blog- The Campus

One of the major things you need to think about when choosing universities is if you would like to study at a campus university (where everything is in one place) or a red brick university (where everything is spread about a city/place). For me the campus universities appealed more, as coming from a small town I thought the change of moving away from home would be enough for me too deal with and with campus universities I wouldn’t have to worry about finding my way across a city to get to lectures. But of course visit each university to get a feel for it before making any final decision.

Edge Hill is a campus university, the beautiful campus in which it is situated is definitely one of the reason’s I chose to study here. I fell in love with it as soon as I attended the open day,it just had a home from home feeling and I have definitely not lost this feeling over the past three years! Who else can say their university has a pond with ducks in it!

Everything on the campus is very close to each other, with halls of residences, a university shop, library, 24 hour computer facilities, gym, swimming pool and off course all the different departments and faculties where the lectures take place. The campus is developing all the time with “the hub” being built last year this has a shop, dining areas and computer facilities within it and it is a great place to meet new people. New halls of residence were also built this year with a new entry to the campus. I lived in halls in my first year and this was definitely one of the best experiences of my student life so far, I met so many new friends and just loved the overall experience.My family have also fallen in love with the university.

I may be a bit biased but I would definitely encourage anyone to study at Edge Hill University but of course come and have a look round before making any decision as after all this is going to be your home over the next few years!


Joey’s Blog – The Campus For Me

Hello again,

The theme of this month’s Think-Mail is ‘The Campus’, and as such, that is the topic of this week’s blog post for each of the Edge Hill Bloggers!

As a Student Assistant, I’ve had the pleasure of living on campus for all three years of my course, giving me a different perspective on the University than those who live off-campus or only live on campus just for their first year.

Firstly, everything you could need is at hand when you’re on campus. From shops, to the gym, via libraries, bars, TV studios and swimming pools. Whether you’re spending the day studying diligently, socialising carelessly, or behaving responsibly, you will find everything you need on-campus.

Working with the Accommodation Team for the last two years, the on-campus subject I’m most able to talk about is the variety of accommodation available at Edge Hill. Ranging between around £55 and £110, you can choose a hall to suit your purpose.

There is a choice between self-catered and meal plan halls, single-sex and integrated, ensuite and shared facilities, rustic charm and ultra-modern; very few Universities offer their students such choice when it comes to Accommodation.

Whatever you’re looking for – Edge Hill can provide!

Yours supportively,
Joey x

Stephanie’s Blog – The Campus That Fit!

So, as they always say, try before you buy, make sure it fits and that it is right for you. Well I took this advice to heart when I went ‘University Shopping.’
… Like a lot of teenagers and young people I was at the stage where school was ending. I had stayed at the same school all the way from year seven to year thirteen (sixth form.) Using the UCAS website I came across Edge Hill University in Lancashire. This wasn’t a familiar area to me and I knew nothing about Edge Hill other than I liked the course. The next part of this story might not make as much sense as hoped because as you all know, I study Advertising now. However when applying to University I was looking for a very specific course which involved the teaching of the German Language at a Primary School Level. Being a large teaching college this is why Edge Hill was a top priority. I looked on the website and due to school demands I didn’t have the time to look around before applying but I had my German Interview at Edge Hill in January, a few months before I had to put my final two choices forward.
From the prospectus I could see Edge Hill was in a great location with lots of things to do and couldn’t wait to look round in the January. My Best Friend and I drove nearly four hours on the Motorway as two timid seventeen year olds who were scared but excited to see the place that might host the next three years of their lives.
When we arrived we were captured by the main building which we knew from the website and prospectus as the ‘face of Edge Hill.’ Having parked we walked from the main entrance to the education faculty ooh’ing and ahh’ing all the way around! We loved the buildings, we loved the layout, we loved the statue trail, we loved the green space and we LOVED the duck pond.
Edge Hill University was so much brighter, colourful and amplified in person and it was perfect. Both of us knew from that day that we HAD to go there. So, when it came to applying later on for the final two choices, I put Edge Hill first and second – for German and a backup of Advertising. And I am glad I did, as the only University that ‘fit’ it was a must!!! When I got my grades in the Summer of 2010 I was ready and feeling grown up to move four hours from home and start University. Unfortunately two days after this my life was turned upside down and the German Teaching course wasn’t running that year due to lack of demand… I didn’t know what to do! Take a year out? Go to another University? Study something else? … The one thing I was certain about, whatever I was going to do, it wasn’t going to be at any other University. So I took my insurance option and went to Edge Hill that September and began my path to my future in Advertising.

So having ended up in the dream location I started to learn my way around Edge Hill … In my time here I feel as if I have taken full advantage of the Campus! Within months of moving in to halls I had friends in a variety of on-campus accommodation, which allowed me to visit and see inside everyone else’s halls. Then I joined the Gym, used the Swimming Pool, took books out at the Library, did my washing in the Launderette, had nights out in The Venue and shopped in the Uni Shop. I used the running track to keep fit and I used the Durning Centre to have my online-shopping delivered to. And of course I used a number of the buildings for lectures and other activities. The Arts centre was great to catch a film in and the Business Building was ideal to go on the rooftop terrace and look over University. The pond and the other green spaces were amazing in Summer when the musicians got their guitars out, the sporty people threw balls around and the dancers and cheerleaders formed routines in the Sunshine.
Since my first year I have been on campus regularly to attend lectures. Despite living off campus for my second and third year at University, we now choose to go to Uni to use one of the new buildings – The Hub to chill out, do work and socialise. We hire rooms at the library to work in groups and prepare presentations. Often we seek careers advice and get people to read over our CV’s and application forms in the Student Information Centre. Every Wednesday I go to The Venue (the on campus nightclub) for Teams and Social Nights. When filming adverts the campus is a great location with a professional look and lots of great equipment to hire. I have had the odd deadlines that creep up far too quickly and I need a computer and motivation at 2am and I can go to the LINC building to take advantage of their 24hour services. When we are hungry in lectures we now have the choice of two shops, lots of food outlets, the hub’s food court and even on-campus Starbucks outlets!

You really do have to look for the university that fits you, but in my opinion there is something at Edge Hill for everyone.

Happy University Shopping ☺

Alex’s Blog – Our Campus

I was always told when applying to universities, go and have a look round at wherever you apply to.. Well I can safely say that am very glad that I did! The campus at Edge Hill is one of the main reasons that I chose to study here and I certainly haven’t regretted that decision.

I would like to say that I take advantage of the very scenic western side of the campus however, apart from going the the library or Student Information Centre, most of my time is spent on the other side of campus surrounded by the excellent sports facilities.

The Sports Centre contains: a 4 court Sports Hall, 4 court Gymnasium with sprung floor, IFI accredited Fitness Suite with 40 stations, Squash Court, 12 Changing Rooms, Sports Therapy Clinic and a Starbucks Coffee shop (which is much appreciated by students and lecturers!). As well as these indoor facilities, Edge hill also offers: 1 Floodlit Astroturf Multi court area (ideal for 9-a-side football), a competition standard floodlit 6-lane synthetic Athletics Track, 2 grass Pitches for Football and Rugby, a 4 court Gymnasium with sprung floor, Dance Studio with sprung floor and an 18m 5 lane Swimming Pool.

BUT if you think that is impressive.. Edge Hill have developed plans which are now underway for bigger and better sports facilities! As if they aren’t happy with a standard that saw Olympic athletes use the facilities as a pre-olympic training camp..

Many of the new facilities included in the £25 million project are being opened within the next year, including: 1 floodlit Astroturf Hockey Pitch (due to open January 2013), 3 floodlit 5-a-side Astroturf courts (due to open January 2013), 1 3G Football / Rugby Pitch, (completion date: March 2013), 4 floodlit Tennis/Netball courts (completion date: Spring 2013), a second 8-lane floodlit Athletics Track (completion date: September 2013), a purpose-built conditioning trail (completion date: September 2013) and 5 more grass pitches for Football + Rugby (completion date: August 2013).

As well as all this, a brand new Sports Centre will finish off the additions, expected to be completed by September 2015. This will include: an 8-court sports hall with viewing gallery, a 25m Swimming Pool, a 100-station Fitness Suite, an Aerobics Studio, Sauna & Steam rooms and a Coffee shop.

Click to view a video of the planned developments

For anyone even remotely interested in sport, keeping fit or just enjoying being active, why would you want to go anywhere else??

Alex 🙂

Elisha’s blog- Our lovely campus

My parents recently visited Edge Hill University for the first time last week and it just reminded me how wonderful our campus actually is! I’m a mature student so I commute into University by car and although I often take full use of the study facilities here; I don’t often get a chance to appreciate the social side of it. I needed to hand in an assignment and my parents decided to come with me just to have a nose around and we ended up spending a full afternoon on campus!

When you spend a lot of time somewhere, it’s easy to get used to it and you forget how great it is; my parents absolutely loved the campus and they could not believe the size of it and how many great facilities there are. They were particularly impressed by how picturesque the pond area was! We had lunch in the HUB, got a coffee in Starbucks and my parents even did a little bit of shopping; we then had a lovely walk around the full campus and I got a chance to practice my campus tour skills 🙂

Faye’s Blog – Time

I always find this time of the year/semester really weird. I feel that because I don’t have any assignments due until January that I don’t really have much to do.



I really need to stop feeling so lazy! And I need to get revising, researching and planning for my exams and assignments! I also need to keep on top of my dissertation! In the long run that will also make my life a lot easier! So this week has consisted of dissertation research and picking my essay questions as well as beginning to research them. I’ve also emailed one of my tutors to ask for a revision breakdown for an exam that we are going to have in about 4 weeks. Which I’m super nervous for because I really really really hate exams and I just get too nervous when I come to sitting them!

I will give myself a tiny bit of credit though because I have started research for my biggest assignment that is due in on January by beginning to read American Psycho. It’s a 4000 word essay and it’s going to be such hard work, but at least it is started!


Faye’s Blog – Exciting Week

So this week it has been really difficult to concentrate at uni because I have been super excited all week because tonight I have been to see Adam Ant at the Ritz in Manchester.
I absolutely love Adam Ant and never thought I’d actually have the chance to see him live!!
He was brilliant!!! Did not disappoint!

Now this week I also had a nightmare because my plug for my iPad decided to break! So for the Friday I didn’t have access to any of my lecture notes. I’ve learnt my lesson though because now I’m going to make sure that I email my notes to myself at least once a week!!