Inappropriate… Or is it? (Stephanie’s Blog)

Happy Easter Break!

I hope everyone is having a well deserved rest as well as keeping up with the studying! Hope you all had a great Easter Weekend and didn’t consume too much chocolate…


So I had the weekend off work myself and then it’s back to business and back to University Assignments. It is so scary how close to the end I am now. My final deadline is less a month away but still 8000 words away…

I know I mentioned before that I was doing my final 10,000 word Assignment (my Dissertation) on sexual messages in advertising. Well I am still doing this – broadly, but looking more into how sex sells and how the representations of both genders have changed and diversified over the recent years.

Through all my reading I have discovered some really interesting stuff and some great examples of adverts. It seems in this day and age we are becoming more numb to the effects of sexual content and therefore it is being more widely used – specifically in the Advertising Industry.

… Next time you read a magazine or watch television, look at the adverts and count how many you think are sexual? This could be anything from nudity, to seductive eye contact with the audience, innuendos or anything you deem sexual. But then think, do you find these adverts more powerful?

We have always known and following feminist movement, we have been fully aware of the negative representation of women in the media – often referred to as the ‘Male Gaze’ but now we see a shift in which men are being objectified too. This is now the ‘Female Gaze’ which we have seen in recent Aero adverts, Diet Coke…

Below is an example of an advert that shocked me when I was driving into London on a huge billboard I see the word ‘Pussy’ which obviously has several connotations so I was confused – but as the strap-line says, it’s my mind that isn’t pure! And I won’t go too much in to detail and you, as the audience, read in to it as you will but ‘cunningly delicious’ is very close together and could be mistaken for a sexual word that is very similar…

Next time you see and advert – THINK. Sex is all around us because it is the biggest selling point and it evokes a biological reaction in every human!





Charlottes Blog- Happy Easter!

Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter and ate lots of chocolate!! I have finally finished my dissertation which is a relief this was definitely on a topic I found interesting and is an area I would like to investigate further! This shows the wide range of areas that you can look into when studying psychology! ย I also received the date for my graduation this week which is very exciting but is a very scary thought because I want to be a student at edge hill forever!

Alex’s Blog – Une voyage bienvenue ร  Paris!

So for my first week away from uni and after what feels like an eternity working on my dissertation, a trip to Paris was very much welcomed by girlfriend and I! I had never been before and hadn’t really thought about it but can now say that I would definitely like to go back and would have enjoyed staying for longer than the four days that we spent there.

One of the highlights of the trip – seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night!


For anyone thinking of going to Paris, it is definitely worth learning a couple of phrases, ‘bonjour’, ‘รงa va’, ‘merci’ and ‘au revoir’ being the main ones used the most often. I quickly learned that addressing people in french as you walk in to somewhere like a shop is much appreciated and you will receive a much better service.

Obviously, everyone wants to see: The Eiffel Tower; The Louvre; The Notre Dame Cathedral; The Sienne; The Arc De Triomph. However I would suggest that, whilst visiting all these things was a brilliant experience each time, I really enjoyed getting to know Paris and learning as much as possible whilst I was there. For example, visiting a small traditionally French restaurant that I had noticed on a TripAdvisor App (definitely worth downloading when you are going traveling as it suggests: places to go; hotels; cafes; best forms of transport), which was absolutely brilliant and one of the best parts of the trip.

We were lucky enough to go on a tour around Paris during the day, go up the Eiffel Tower at sunset and then go on a cruise down the Sienne River at night when everything was lit up!

As I am planning on doing a lot of traveling in the future, I would like to take this sort of attitude to other destinations as I have found before that adapting to a new culture and trying to learn from your surroundings often helps to add to the experience and makes it far more enjoyable!

Alex ๐Ÿ™‚


House of Lords Debates and Greenwashing Consumers…

It feels like ages since I wrote a Blog but that is because it was that hectic time of the year again when everyone was heading home and work was due in!
Luckily I am slightly ahead of work at the moment and today our Graduation Dates were released – mine is on my 21st Birthday so at least all my friends will be there…

So what have I been up to recently? Well following getting lots of work done I got my feedback for my House of Lords debate for my Politics Module. I got a good 2:1 which I was so pleased with and I have now taken to study the House of Lords further, following this assignment and I am writing a 3000 word essay for another piece of work.

My title is ‘How would a reformation of the House of Lords improve the overall Parliamentary set-up of the United Kingdom?’

… You may be wondering exactly what this has to do with my course and in all honesty, I can say I have no idea! However, there must be method behind the madness. Despite moaning about this Module and failing to see any relevance for the first few weeks, now I have done well in one section I am starting to enjoy it. And if I gain nothing but a good grade in the module and a well-rounded knowledge of basic Politics and more specifically on the House of Lords. Some of my facts might help me win a Pub Quiz or two in future.

Within this module we were meant to look more specifically at Media Policies and the regulation of Advertising but due to the diverse people in this Module – there are so many different courses – this wasn’t as easy as hoped. Although I have learnt more about “greenwashing” the term used when a company use “green” (environmental) advertising to trick consumers that they are environmentally-friendly and some other advertising politics. Either way I am glad I now can join in when people talk about politics and it has set me up better for future…

As I imagine many of you are unfamiliar with greenwashing (as I was) I shall write a Blog on it next week, it is important to society and canbe quite interesting…

Faye’s Blog – PGCE Interview was a success!!

So on Monday at 3pm I had my whole PGCE interview process thing.
I was so nervous, then I thought the outfit that I was initially going to wear didn’t look right so I was routing through my sister’s wardrobe trying to find something better to wear!! I eventually found a long plain dark purple dress which looked a lot more professional and smart. But not overly so. I was aiming for something that a sixth form teacher would wear!!

So I got there at 2.30pm which gave me 30 mins to nosey around the canteen and to go over my notes. I then realised that there were 2 other people waiting for the interview too, which made me more nervous because they were older than me and I was worried that me being straight out of uni would be against me.

Then I was taken to a small room to do the maths test. Which I found easy at first but then it got super difficult. I had 2 minutes to spare by the time I had finished it!!! I just passed the Maths test with 26/40 which is what you had to get to pass!!

After that I then went to do my presentation in front of 2 women… I was even more nervous now! I was all shaky and my voice kept going weird. I think that they definitely new how nervous about it I was!! I then had my interview, which was really short, with the same 2 women. Which went well, I talked about how I really want to teach and talked a bit more about my presentation. It turned out they really liked that I had created example tasks and questions that I would give to the students!

Then I went to do my English test, which was fine, but there were some weird trick like questions. I passed that test and got 32/40 which is a lot better than the Maths one!!

By the time everything was finished it was 5.30pm and I was shattered but so glad that it was all over and done with.

My mum then rang me today saying that I had a letter from the college/uni and it said that I was successful and I would have a place if I could get a placement sorted out!! SOooo I just need to do that now. I already know the college I want to be placed at and they said I can so it’s just arranging it all now…


Elisha’s blog- exciting times for the Department of Biology

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Department of Biology at Edge Hill… after weeks of preparation, the building has now been vacated ready for a refurbishment and extension; which will be ready in September ! The new building will consist of an entire new floor, improvements to new and existing labs and lot’s of new equipment. This, along with the appointment of new staff members, the introduction of two new degree programmes and the revalidation of existing programmes; makes it a very exciting time for biologists at Edge Hill… it’s a shame that I won’t be around to enjoy these new facilities; although I’ll make sure that I do not miss the opening ceremony!

It’s also been an extremely busy time for the students in the Department of Biology; with the hand in of dissertations for the 3rd years, the 2nd year Research Methods module and field trips for the MSc Conservation students. The 2nd year and MSc students also delivered a poster session which took place in Hale Hall on Wednesday. The session was open to anyone and involved the students presenting their research projects. It was a really great session, with some pretty impressive posters being produced… the free wine and cheese went down well too !

Follow the Department of Biology on Twitter for biology related tweets and updates @BiologyEHU

Faye’s Blog – I’m too busy

I’ve got so much work to do and I need to finish preparing for my PGCE interview that is on Monday.
I’m so nervous.

I need to give a presentation – based around how I could incorporate Maths, English and ICT into my subject area of Film Studies. Which I first I thought, how the hell do I incorporate Maths but I have come up with a few example tasks for each that I will talk about.
I need to have the interview.
Do a Maths & English test… I’m worried about that because I am terrible at Maths. I mean I got a B at GCSE but I haven’t done Maths since really!!
And I need to do a ICT quiz thingy.

Plus I still have assignments to do and my dissertation so I kinda feel like I am drowning at the minute… It’s the last push though

Alex’s Blog – Finished!

Yesterday the day finally came… I finished my dissertation, printed it, had it bound and handed it in! And it couldn’t have come a day too soon seeing as when I looked out the window this morning, all I saw was snow, snow and more snow!

Thankfully, for those that are handing it in today, they have been granted permission to submit a an electronic copy via blackboard but have to hand in two hard copies on Monday.

I am so relieved to have finished my dissertation and can now have a break over the next three weeks before going back to do: a practical teaching assessment; a pedagogy assignment and a pedagogy exam… After that I will have officially finished my course! Can’t believe how quick the time has gone! Needless to say I am really looking forward to starting the Secondary PE PGCE in September!

Alex ๐Ÿ™‚

Comic Relief Week & Charity Work… (Stephanie’s Blog)

As most of you will know Comic Relief was on Friday and here at Edge Hill; Charity Events are such a great way to get involved…

On Friday Night there was a big Sleepover in The Hub where Students gathered to watch Comic Relief on the big screens and then continued the night with films whilst in their pyjamas and sleeping bags! Unfortunately I could not attend as My Family were visiting me for the weekend but it looked great fun and I’m jealous! They raised over ยฃ200 just at the Sleepover!

During the day there were Cake Sales which also raised a lot of money. It is a great way to be part of something and give something back to Charity. On top of all this; whilst I was in lectures yesterday I was walking around campus and the SU President of Edge Hill was running laps around campus for Red Nose Day. Not only was he doing laps but he was doing so many that it would equate to a 26 mile marathon! Students were invited to watch, join him for a lap or a few and donate.


576637_10200850972541117_913523109_n 1698_357806387666807_362128332_n



Comic Relief isn’t the only Charity supported by Edge Hill and of course if you have any personal Charities, Edge Hill are always interested in raising money for any good causes! Last night saw a Charity Night in Alpine – a local night club – in aid of Children’s Teenage Cancer Trust which was a busy and successful night!

Opportunities are always arising to do international Charity Work too… In August, several of our Students will embark on an Adventure to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to climb the famous Mountain! This is in aid of Child Reach – a brilliant children’s charity.

So if Charity work, adventure, making friends and socialising is something that interests you, make sure you use your skills at Edge Hill and fundraise for lots of Charities!


Elisha’s blog- The end is approaching

Following on from my previous blog; I completed and submitted my dissertation on Friday and it was honestly one of the best days of 2013 !! I know that sounds silly but I have been working on it for nearly a year and the overwhelming sense of relief when handing it in put a huge smile on my face ๐Ÿ™‚ Although my work did feel slightly rushed towards the end, overall I was pleased with the finished product… i’ll just have to wait nervously now for my feedback !

I have four more pieces of work to hand in and then my degree is finished, it is unbelievable how quick the last three years have gone. Although I have submitted my biggest piece of work, it is ever more important for me to remain motivated. It can be quite easy to slip into a state of relaxation after submitting a big piece of work, but my overall degree classification could be altered by the results of these last few assignments. It is so important to keep going and to try your very best on EVERY single piece of work because slacking a little on one could be the difference between getting the degree classification you have worked so hard towards or just missing out on it. It’s the time of year now whereby a lot of students are boarder-lining between two degree classes and everyone is trying their very best to ensure they get the higher one… some students (including me) need to obtain a minimum classification for jobs and post- graduate courses so it’s more important than ever to remain hard working. It’s both a nerve-wrecking and exciting time at the moment for third years as we are all approaching the end……….