Elisha’s blog- Good news and bad news…

It’s been quite an eventful few weeks with lot’s of ups and downs…

I wrote about my application to the NHS Scientist Training Programme a number of weeks ago and discussed how I prepared for it; well unfortunately I did not make it to interview stage ­čÖü I was really disappointed but after careful consideration I decided that I am going to re-appy next year. It’s quite tough when you have worked really hard towards something and are unsuccessful, but it’s important to remain focused and positive otherwise you’ll never be able to achieve your goals. I followed up on my application and was able to get some useful feedback on why I was unsuccessful, and I have acted on this feedback by booking a careers appointment at Edge Hill and trying to find out how I can use the next year to prepare.

On a more positive note, I was nominated and shortlisted for Edge Hill’s 2013 On Campus Student Employee of the Year Award. The Employability Awards are held by the Careers Centre at Edge Hill every year and it’s a celebration of the achievements of students, staff and external companies in the areas of employment and volunteering. The award ceremony was last week and…. I came 2nd in my category ­čÖé I was extremely pleased and I am hoping that my achievement will help move my career along in the right direction….



Faye’s Blog – Final Week at Edge Hill!

Last week I posted that I had 3 lectures left, well when I went to my lecture on Friday we ended up have 2 lectures in one (as they were both short lectures and my lecturer said she would be unable to attend this Friday) so now I only have 1 lecture left to go (on Thursday morning) which is really crazy!
But now that means that I have the majority of this week to focus on my final assignments, 2 essays and 1 presentation. So I have made myself a brief timetable that I am determined to stick to so that I can move back home on Thursday or Friday, with the added motivation that it is; my 21st birthday on Wednesday, I bought myself an external flash for my DSLR camera that I want to experiment with! I’ve been put on my dad’s car insurance so I can finally drive (over a year after I passed my test!) And my little brother’s band are playing at the weekend!!

So I have lots and lots to do after these assignments are done, so here is my little timetable!
Monday: Finish of my Japanese Cinema essay (on Anime, already half done!) and email a contact for some research on my presentation.
Tuesday: Finalise my Japanese Cinema essay and start my Text to Screen essay (on Graphic Novel Film Adaptation)
Wednesday: Have a meeting with my tutor about my presentation (on Transmedia) continue my presentation research and finish my Text to Screen essay!
Thursday: Lecture, continue presentation research, print both essays out and hand them in! Maybe move back in the evening.
Friday: If already not home, move back home!

Hopefully I will stick to this plan. I’m more determined than ever so hopefully I can do it!

Charlotte’s Blog- Graduation

This week I registered for my graduation, which is a day I have been working towards since starting at University. I remember my very first lecture was in the Health Building where the graduation┬áceremony┬átakes place ┬áand the lecturer saying that in three years this would be where we would be picking up our final degree! At that time it felt like ages away and I was not really thinking about the actual graduation just the “student life” if I’m honest but here it is here already, its so hard to believe that I have spent the past three years of my life Edge Hill it has gone way too fast!!! My advice to anyone is to just enjoy every single minute of being a student, but remember the real reason you came to university!!

Alex’s Blog – Final assignments!

This Tuesday will see my final official lecture take place as an undergraduate PE & School Sport student at Edge Hill.. I won’t be away for too long though seeing as a I have an exam the week after and will be returning in September to start my PGCE!

On the Tuesday just gone we did out last teaching assessments, consisting of a 12-15 minute lesson based on anything we chose. I decided to go with a similar lesson to the one that I taught for my PGCE assessment. It went okay so we’ll just have to see what mark I get..

The final assignment to hand in, which I have now finished thankfully, is a pedagogy 2000 word assignment based on a topic of our choice – I decided to go for something focusing on the effective PE teacher, so hopefully I will get a decent mark as I am not the biggest fan of exams!

Can’t believe it has pretty much come down to my final week at Edge Hill already (if you don’t count the PGCE next year).. where has the time gone?!!

EHU recognises excellence and potential… (Stephanie’s Blog)

Here at Edge Hill, there is a lot of support and encouragement to achieve, express creativity or other talents and to give something back to the community.

This is demonstrated particularly through Edge Hill’s scholarships which are awarded to recognise what we, as Students, can and do for ourselves, others, the University and the Community. There are a variety of scholarships from high-achievers scholarships to volunteering scholarships and everything in-between.


Entrance Scholarships celebrate your personal commitment to anything outside of your University Studies – a great way to show off your skills and how you use your time effectively whilst studying; this can be anything from your expansive ICT Skills, the Sport that you compete for, the Volunteering you take part in, and if you think you have something worth rewarding, you can always apply/nominate or be nominated for this Scholarship.


The high-achievers within Edge Hill are recognised and rewarded for their outstanding performance, grades, improvement throughout their studies.

Edge Hill also support and encourage Students to take part in The National Scholarship Programme which is suitable for those high performing students from lower income families.

And there is also scope for you to be involved in The Liverpool Scholarship which rewards students from EHU who rank highly within the UCAS Tariff Board.
These Scholarships are suitable for anyone and everyone to apply for and give it a shot – they give you that extra bit of financial support throughout your time at EHU, as well as rewarding and recognising your excellence and contribution to the University. Any Student who is lucky enough to have a Scholarship will often be invited to a fun-filled evening awards ceremony too which is a great social event! And don’t forget – this will all look superb on your CV so be sure to nominate yourself or your friends if you think you deserve it!

Faye’s Blog – 3 Lectures to go.

It is very very very close to the end now!
3 lectures left and two essays to complete and a presentation to give!
I am part way through one essay and am aiming to complete it before next week so that next week I can focus on my other essay!
Then I can move back home and focus on my presentation!!
It’s tough to keep the momentum going when you’ve been working hard all year round, but it is the final push!

I need to keep going as well because I think that next week when I start my last 4000 word essay I am going to struggle with it because it is a pretty tough module (Text to Screen) so I really need to keep focused!

At the moment I am doing my Japanese cinema essay, I chose to write about Anime, which isn’t usually my cup of tea. But I especially enjoyed one of the films that I am writing about, Howl’s Moving Castle. And so far it seems to be going well!!

I still haven’t finalised what I am going to be doing my Future Cinemas Presentation on yet, but I have had two ideas so far but need to think about it a lot more.

Faye’s Blog – Less Stress

So on Thursday I finished my dissertation.
I had re-drafted it and done everything that my tutors had suggested and I was at the stage where I was so stressed out that I couldn’t bare to look at it any longer.
So I handed it in early. Binding my dissertation was easier than I was expecting too which was good!
I still feel stressed out about it though but I am moving on to research my next two assignments.
I am determined to get one finished this week and then the other one the week after which will then mean I can move back home.
Then all I have to come back to Ormskirk for is a presentation, feedback from assignments and graduation. Which I am willing to travel for because I’m just fed up with my house mates and Ormskirk now ha.
The next couple of weeks will be tough but I need to keep focused so I can move back home and not have to be alone all the time which I hate!!

Alex’s Blog – Do you deserve some free money??

This month’s theme is looking at the scholarships provided by Edge Hill so rather than telling you about the different scholarships in detail (you can find all the information by clicking here), I thought I would tell you about my experiences of the EHU scholarships..

I applied for an Entrance Excellence Scholarship in Volunteering a few months before starting my first year at uni after coming across the scholarships on the EHU website. Fortunately, I had seen this in time and was able to apply before the deadline! My biggest tip for anyone thinking of applying for any of the scholarships, whether it is in Sport, Performing Arts, Creative Arts of Volunteering, is to prepare some sort of portfolio to back up your personal statement! This is what I did and was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship.

I would advise including things like: relevant certificates; references; photos.. even a video if you’re good at that sort of stuff (which I’m not!). Things like these will really help your application to stand out! So why not apply? There is nothing to lose, just check out the information on the link and make sure you send your application before the deadline! Good luck!

Alex ­čÖé


Charlotte’s Blog- Ever wondered what a Scholarship is?

Scholarships are defined as a sum of money or other aid granted to a student, because of merit or need.”

Edge Hill provides students with a wide range of scholarships to reward excellence, these could be for current or prospective full time Undergraduate Students. These include Entrance or High Achievers Scholarships. They could also be rewarded in a wide range of areas for example Creative Arts, Performing Arts, Sport or Volunteering.

I hope this has given you a bit of information into what Scholarships actually are. This is something I wish I had looked into before starting University. So I have included the link to the Edge Hill Website as this provides you with a lot more information.   http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/scholarships

‘The Message’ – Stephanie’s Blog

Recently, we have had a lot of ‘informal’ lectures and therefore I don’t have much lecture-related topics to post on. However over Easter I was helping with some PR/Advertising work for a new start-up company. Before we could progress any further with their work we had to define ‘the message.’ This is the key thing that they want to get across to the audience and prospective clients through the use of Press and Advertising…

This morning I was watching the best adverts of the week (these can be found frequently on The Guardian website) and I came across a beautiful advert. Personally, I think it is very clever, but as the ever critical person, I think it could have been so much more powerful for a better brand! I love the fact that the message is ‘Good things should last forever’ – I think that is one of the most powerful messages I have seen on an advertising campaign in a long while and it does work for Vodafone.

There is a lot of hype surrounding this advertising campaign on the social media and through the newspapers and advertising news so give it a watch and you can make your own opinions!!