Charlotte’s Blog- The Region

Many of you might of never heard of Ormskirk where Edge Hill is situated.  I know I hadn’t before starting here! But little did I know there was so much exciting and interesting stuff to do in the surrounding region!

I know for me coming from a small town in the lake district, Edge Hill wasn’t to daunting to move too as the town itself is quite small so it was just like a home from home. However the option of the city lifestyle is also there for you with big cities such as Manchester and Liverpool practically on the doorstep! It also wasn’t too far for me to travel back home which was a reassuring thought when I first moved here.

Like I said  big cities such as Manchester and Liverpool, are both practically on the doorstep. Both of these are great for nights out with some of the best clubs and pubs,  and they both guarantee a great night out, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed! Shopping is also great in both with a wide range of boutique and major chain shops, but be careful you don’t blow your student loan, I know I’m always tempted!  They are also home to some of the major north west football clubs so if you are an avid football supporter then it is not far to travel for matches at all, which is always a plus!

But these aren’t the only places surrounding Edge Hill- Southport, Wigan and Preston are close by and are all worth a visit! As these provide a lot of exciting new adventures for you too try when beginning your new student life!

Hopefully this has given you an insight to the great places that surround Edge Hill! I can guarantee you will definitely never be bored!!!


Elisha’s blog- Edge Hill & beyond

I love how close Edge Hill University is to so many difference places and facilities and how it adds value to my degree.

I have recently become a Student rep for my course and during a programme board meeting last week; we were asked what our opinion of the course was… this got me thinking about some of the fantastic field trips we have been on and how privileged we are to have so many local areas to use nearby.

We have carried out ecological field studies on small mammals and research on leaf litter and insects in Ruff Wood in Ormskirk; carried out plant identification around the campus itself and in areas around Lancashire, Lancaster and Merseyside; and have even been let loose in the archive areas of Liverpool Museum!

I also recently attended the “Bodies Revealed” exhibition in Liverpool One; which is a museum of preserved human bodies that gives an informative and intimate view of the skeletal, muscular, reproductive, nervous, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, urinary and circulatory systems. I would definitely recommend a visit… even if your not doing a biology degree, it’s fascinating!

Edge Hill is also a great location for arranging social events; me and my fellow students have arranged some great nights out and evening meals to celebrate Christmas and other occasions. We have been to Liverpool and Ormskirk on several occasions, and there is always plenty of places to eat and socialise. We have also visited some lovely little pubs on the way back from field trips, which is a great way to end a day of hard work… the Lecturer’s even join in sometimes too!


Alex’s Blog – The Region

Whenever I work at Recruitment Fairs anywhere outside of Lancashire, I am always asked  the same question – Where is Edge Hill? My answer usually mentions being close to  Liverpool or Southport and people then start to get an idea where it is.. but here is some more information on where Edge Hill is.

As well as being on the doorstep of Ormskirk, Edge Hill is less than 30 minutes away from Liverpool and just over 40 minutes away from Manchester. It is also only a short journey from places like Preston, Wigan, St Helens and Southport, giving students loads of choices for nights out if they don’t want to go out in Ormskirk or stay on campus!

With easy access to and from Edge Hill in all forms of transport, students can go shopping or to a gig in Liverpool, go to a gallery or museum in Manchester or take a trip to the seaside in Southport or Blackpool.. so many choices! So even though it may seem there is less to do because it isn’t a city-based campus, there are so many opportunities only a quick journey away! Or if you prefer, you can always enjoy staying in Ormskirk 🙂

For more information on The Region click here.

You can also watch a video of students talking about the location here.

Alex 🙂

Joey’s Blog – Friendship

Hello again,

After spending time back in Wales, it was lovely to get back to Ormskirk and to Edge Hill University. Not because of the course, despite how fun it can be, or because of my job, as gratifying as it is, but because of my friends.

This week, one of my friends researched definitions of ‘friendship’ for one of their assignments, which got me thinking on what my interpretation would be of that ten-letter word. Google defines it as ‘the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends’, Wikipedia as ‘a relationship between two people who hold mutual affection for each other.’ But for me, friendship is more than that.

When I make a friend, I feel like I lose a part of myself to them; they bring out the best qualities in me, and when we’re apart, I’m not whole. I think I’d give Voldemort a run for his money when it comes to tearing my soul to pieces and hiding them in others! But in true friendship, I get an equal piece of the other person entrusted to me, and I know that I am as important to them, as they to me, and with that, I am more whole than I could ever be.

Some of you might be wondering what any of this has to do with Edge Hill, but coming to this University has resulted in my meeting, and befriending, the best friends any man could ever hope to know; in eight months, I will take from Edge Hill more than just a degree, I shall be taking three years worth of support, of laughter and tears, of fancy dress and pyjama days, of days drinking cola and nights drinking cocktails, and most importantly, a lifetime’s worth of friendship; to me, that’s worth more than any qualification.

Yours emotionally,
Joey x

A Week of Scares… Halloween and Dissertation Preparation.

So this week was set to be amazing with The Venue (The Bar at University) hosting one of the biggest Halloween Parties in Ormskirk! And what a fab night it was, with Teams and Societies dressed up as everything and anything it was great! There was a range of scary costumes, funny outfits, creativity and some were just plain crazy. At one point I saw a large group of Santas which is ironic – I thought there was only one!!

And on top of the scares of seeing everyone dressed up and the shop window displays being terrifying I also had the fright of my life when I realised how close Deadline Day is!!!

In the lead up to Christmas, besides getting carried away about decorating and present shopping there is the minor worry of Deadline Day… Just before Christmas each year I have a hand-in date and it is getting increasingly closer.

I am off on Reading Week next week so I thought I would go home; thinking this would be a great opportunity to do some work I met up with my personal tutor and dissertation supervisor. At first she scared with me with an overload of information and dates to remember. However, eventually, after taking a small break to play the Google Halloween Game with my Lecturer, all was calm and I understood.


So the next step is to finalise my title, write a 2000 word Literature Review and then an additional 8000 words on the topic of my choice. Sounds easy right? Let’s hope so!


What should be interesting is my research, as I am doing a study into hidden sexual messages in advertising – with regards to products targeted at men. During my research I came across these great examples and it is amazing how hidden things can be…

It is crazy to think who sits about and looks at every image with the dots joined together, at various angles etc to find the messages. Even the Facebook home page spells out Sex apparently… Madness!



Faye’s Blog – Work Update & Preparation for Reading Week

So this week I began work on my Text to Screen assignment as I planned. I’ve started to read American Psycho and have found the corresponding chapter to the scene within the film that I am going to analyse for my 4000 word essay! And I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into it because I think that it is going to be a really strong piece to look at. The scene of the film that I have chosen to analyse is one of the beginning scenes where we see Patrick Bateman preparing himself for the day with his beauty regime and he is discussing all of the various moisturisers and shower gels that he uses etc. This is the scene that officially introduces Patrick Bateman to the viewer.

Also today I have been packing ready to go back home for reading/independent study week. I have a suitcase full of clothes and I still need to fit in my laptop and some work books. Over the week I am hopefully going to finalise my Cult Cinema essay, begin writing my Text to Screen essay, continue reading The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers for Text to Screen too and write at least another 2000 words of my dissertation. I really need to keep focused and try and not get distracted at home! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep on track but I get distracted easily whilst I’m at uni too!

Elisha’s blog- Research project

I have been helping out with a very interesting research project during the last couple of weeks! Ashley Lyons is a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Biology and is carrying out a PhD examining the effects of grazing in upland limestone areas. She has started by carrying out a number of vegetation surveys in which I have been assisting; and the results of this survey will be presented at the British Ecological Society conference in December.

The field work took place in the magnificent Orton Fells, which is a National Nature Reserve with expanses of limestone pavement and heath. It is a lovely site (although extremely cold!) with some fantastic views, and I look forward to re-visiting the site again… you can follow the progress of Ashley’s research on twitter @Upland_Grazing


Alex’s Blog – Halloween in The Venue!

Prepare to be scared this Wednesday night in The Venue…

With free entry and Halloween fancy dress, this promises to be one of the most popular nights of the year! £1.50 drinks all night and the usual team socials should create an interesting mix, the only questions now is what to wear??

Remember to head over to the Student Union website for more information and the latest news on social events!

Alex 🙂


Charlotte’s Blog- Happy Halloween

I know this is a few days early, but I’m very excited for Halloween with all the spooky going’s on! I haven’t decided what I am going to dress up as yet (I know I need to get deciding with it only being two days away). I will upload some pictures of my outfit once I have finally decided! Last year I was a devil but this year I want to try something completely different and very scary! If anyone’s got any suggestions feel free to comment 🙂  This year Edge Hill’s Student Union are putting on free entry to the venue with a variety of drinks promotions! This is set to be a really good night and any of yous thinking of joining Edge Hill this is definitely not a night to be missed next year!!! 

Faye’s Blog – A Very Productive Week

So this week has gone very well. I’m managing to get into a better work routine finally!

I have done even more research on my dissertation and managed to get up to 2000 words. Just 8000 more to go! I am also feeling a lot more confident about my dissertation now after I met up with one of my tutors Andrea. She thought that what I am doing is really strong and that the direction that my dissertation is heading is also really good. So, that has made me feel a lot less stressed because I was worrying about my idea. Andrea always helps boost your confidence too because she is really positive and enthusiastic when you are talking to her about your work which is always helpful!

This week I have also managed to write my first assignment that is due in on the 12th November for my Cult Cinema module! Next week is going to involve me re-drafting and re-drafting it! I chose to write my essay on A Clockwork Orangebecause it is one of my favourite cult films!

As well as doing that I have also started reading The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers for my Text to Screen module. I have given myself three weeks to read it because I know that it can be a pretty tough read but so far I am really enjoying it, a lot more that I originally thought I was going to.

I have also chosen a book and it’s film adaptation that I want to use for my Text to Screen module assignment one. I have chosen to do American Psycho again because it is one of my favourite films. I have also wanted to read the book for a while too and have just never gotten around to it, so this gives me a good excuse! I haven’t started reading it yet, I am going to check with my tutor that it is a good choice first!