Faye’s Blog – Success!

So I have actually managed to get a job! I will be working as a Sales Advisor in Next for at least the next few months! I am so happy, this means that I can start earning and saving my money as well as doing my PGCE from September.
I’m just so happy that I have managed to get a job so that I can start gaining some experience, I always feel as if I haven’t done enough!!
It’s only a part time role as well so I should still be able to enjoy the summer (if it stays nice anyway) I do want to try and get as many hours as possible though.
I have my induction on Tuesday 25th June so I’m so excited!!

Goodbye Ormskirk (Stephanie’s Blog)

Firstly – apologies to all my readers and followers that I haven’t been blogging as regularly recently; it has been a hectic few months! Third year has kept me busy and working hard, however it is finally all over and it is time to move home and take a breather.

… And as everyone keeps reminding me – it’s time to start making the next steps towards working or volunteering or travelling or whatever I decide. I have left my lovely student house in Ormskirk and moved back down South to Windsor and gosh there is a noticeable regional difference now.

It is weird getting used to being back with my parents, turning the music down, being more tidy, eating proper meals (apparently anything-on-toast isn’t acceptable here) and doing things more promptly!

The price is probably the next obvious thing, Uni was cheap and so was Ormskirk, the prices down here are ridiculous, however the job opportunities seem to be better. Of course London and the suburbs down here are THE advertising hub which will be great for me. The plan was to travel, but then I saw a job advert and something has told me to apply – if I don’t get it, I will be booking plane tickets instead though!


Graduation is the 17th July which is super exciting and we are yet to find out what classification of degree we have achieved (keep your fingers and toes crossed for me please everyone!) But I have sorted out the hiring of gowns and mortar boards and whatnot, so it’s just the outfit and organising to do now! It is also on my 21st Birthday which will be doubly exciting. Unfortunately I am THAT clumsy person who will probably go fall over or forget to shake someone’s hand or walk the wrong way or do something, anything that could go wrong!

Faye’s Blog – Money

So whilst I am waiting to hear from the millions (it feels like millions) of job applications that I have sent off, for various roles. Admin, childcare, retail etc. I am trying to do whatever I can to earn money.
For now it is mostly babysitting jobs. I actually enjoy doing it as well, even though it can get a bit boring, but I do like it. So I am trying to get as many babysitting opportunities as possible for the time being!!

I hope a get one of the jobs I have applied for though, I really want to start working properly. I’m hoping that I get a job at Next that I have applied for, so fingers crossed!!

I’ve decided that over summer and whilst I am studying for my PGCE I just want to do something that I think I will enjoy, so because I am into shopping and fashion I’m keen to get this job!!

Elisha’s blog- Summer holidays

One of the perks of being a student is the long summer break… the summer term ends this Friday and the next academic year doesn’t start again now until September ! Deciding how’s best to fill your time in the summer can sometimes be a challenge. This will be my last summer as a full time student and it’s made me reflect on how i’ve spent my time.

During my first year summer I was able to secure a temporary full time office job. This was a great way to earn some extra cash and help with my finances for the following academic year. I had spent my first year working a lot and I really struggled to keep on top of things so I decided that I was going to try and reduce my working hours for the rest of my degree programme. Working in the summer meant that I was able to save up some money to help me through the next academic year and free up more time for studying. It also helped me develop some transferable skills that will come in handy when applying for future posts !

By the time my second year summer came around I was in a much better financial situation, so I was able to work part time and focus on my degree too. I spent the vast majority of my time completing my third year dissertation but I also carried out some volunteer work and began preparing for a few other third year modules. I knew that if I got a head start on things that it would put me in a much better position once the academic year began. I was so glad I did this because the last year is certainly the most difficult but because i’d put the extra time in throughout the summer, I was in a much better position. I had developed more transferable skills and my assessment marks improved quite a lot.

My plans for this summer are to continue working part time and to do some more volunteer work; but i’ve been spending most of my time applying for postgraduate positions so fingers crossed i’ll get something soon !

It is important to spend some time relaxing over the summer break, after all that’s what it’s for… however I also think it’s important to keep busy wether it’s working or getting a head start on assignments. It keeps you used to a routine and gives you something to focus on so it’s not too much of a shock to the system when you go back 😉 it’s also a good opportunity to get some skills and experience and develop working relationships with people who you can approach for references in the future…very useful when applying for posts after uni !

Elisha’s blog- It’s never too late….

Last week, the university held a drop in session for those interested in enrolling onto a Fastrack course. The Fastrack course is a seven- week course aimed at students who want to enhance their qualifications and experience to prepare them for undergraduate study. It’s a great way for students who’ve been away from education for a while, to develop university- level study skills and subject knowledge. Successful completion of the course leads to guaranteed entry onto a range of different degree programmes.

I had an eight year gap between school and university and I think that the Fastrack is a great idea ! I, like most mature students had lots of concerns before coming to university; I was worried that I wasn’t academically capable and that I’d be unable to keep up with the younger students. I think a course like the Fastrack would have increased my confidence and helped develop a lot of the study skills I found I lacked in my first year. Despite this, I am really glad I came to university…. it really is never too late!

Visit our website for more information about the Fastrack course


Faye’s Blog – Future Student

Although my time as a student at Edge Hill has now finished my student life hasn’t.
I am going to be studying my PGCE from September in my home town of Blackpool. I decided to do my PGCE closer to home so that I am closer to my family and friends and also so that I can experience a different university!

So yet again I need to sort out my student finance, sigh. I really hate doing it but it has to be done!

Faye’s Blog – Finished University!

On Friday I did my last ever assessment for my degree!
A presentation, so it was a lot easier going than an essay!!
I based my 20 minute presentation on Transmedia within the Film industry and I think that it went really really well! Everyone seemed to be interested about what I was talking about, my tutor seemed even more interested and one of my class mates actually said he thought that my presentation was the best one. So I was really chuffed at that 🙂

I also drove to university for the first time ever, which was scary and I was really worried I was going to get lost but it went well!

It was nice to see most of my friends again and say good-bye. Now to sit and wait for graduation day!!

Elisha’s blog- it’s the end of an era !

Wednesday was officially the last ever session of my entire Biology degree ! I know i’ve said this before… but I cannot believe how quick it’s gone. I handed in my last two pieces of work the week before, and then the Department Head arranged a short celebratory leaving session for us on Wednesday. We reflected on what we have achieved in the last three years, what we have to look forward to in the future and we ended with some lunch and champagne… it was a great way to end the degree ! We also arranged a collection between the students and thanked the staff for their support with some gifts 🙂

Even though it’s not yet been a week since I finished, I am already starting to miss it ! It’s really strange not having any work to do or lectures to go to, and I don’t think I quite appreciated how much i’ve enjoyed my time at Edge Hill until now…. but at least I can  start to focus on what the future might bring !

Results day for me is on the 28th June and then I have graduation to look forward to on the 17th July. In the meantime, I will be focusing on finding a job… wish me luck !

Catch me when I fall…

One of the most reassuring things you need to know when moving away from home or even just starting University is that there will be support available. This comes in so many different forms from Edge Hill…

You are never on your own, there is always someone to talk to or someone that can help you. Edge Hill can support you financially if necessary and they offer short term loans, there is career support where you can learn how to enhance your CV and get involved with loads of projects and gain more qualifications. This department also help you to obtain part time jobs, work at Summer Camps, get the necessary placements and they will even help you after graduation with graduate jobs!

In terms of making friends and not feeling alone or lost when first coming to University, Edge Hill has a diverse range of socials and societies which you can get involved in and meet like-minded people. You can attend these to get to know people, play that sport you love, read books together, play those board games you like or to discuss religion! There truly is something for everyone. From Chess Society to Football/Hockey/Canoeing… And if there isn’t one that suits you, simply tell the Student Union and they can do their best to find others with the same interests.

The Student Union as a whole offer a lot of support with your social life, night life, any problems you have with your course, your lecturers, the buildings or anything! If you do have any specific course or module problems then you can speak to your Lecturers or Head of Department who are always on-hand and willing to help. If, for whatever reason, you do not want to go to them then you can talk to your Course Representative who will be someone in your class who can then take it to the Student Board at their monthly meetings.

If accommodation is the problem, we have a team at Edge Hill who deal with accommodation specifically and they can help you find on-campus or off-campus living, whether you want to be alone, with all girls or all boys or have your own bathroom there are loads of different types of halls! Each year Edge Hill produce a housing list too which helps you find off-campus accommodation after your first year study and you can find reputable, tired and tested housing and landlords!

Any problem you have; big or small, is no worry here at Edge Hill, there will always be someone to guide, advise, help and sometimes even completely solve your problems! And don’t forget you will make some of the best friends that you will be in contact with for life at University so you will always have them to support you too!


Charlotte’s Blog – Graduation Ball

On Saturday it is the Edge Hill University’s Graduation Ball at Aintree Race Course 🙂 I am really looking forward to this event, even though I can’t believe its come round already and it is going to be the last time that all my course friends and friends I have met over my three years here get together which is a very sad thought 🙁 It still only feels like yesterday that I began my journey at Edge Hill and I have definitely loved every minute of it. I feel that the graduation ball will be the perfect way to end it as everyone will have finished their work and exams are over!! I will make sure I upload so pictures of this very special occasion as I can’t wait to wear a pretty dress!!! 🙂