Faye’s Blog – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas everyone and an early Happy New Year! I hope everyone is managing to have a bit of a rest and I good time!

So this week I’ve been back at home, it has been lovely to see everyone. I spent the first three days back at home helping my mum finish her Christmas shopping because she is the most unorganised person ever!

Unfortunately on Christmas Eve I had a sickness bug so that was not fun at all, and that meant that I was feeling really queasy all Christmas Day so I wasn’t much fun and I couldn’t even eat all of my dinner! Which is upsetting because it is the thing that I look forward to the most!!

Now I have a cold as well! I always get ill when I come home. ALWAYS!!

Tomorrow I am going shopping in Manchester with my boyfriend and little brother so hopefully some retail therapy will make me feel better!! I’m excited to spend some money.

I’m not completely sure what is happening for New Year yet either but hopefully it will be something fun!

Joey’s Blog – Last Day of Term

Hello again!

I can’t believe time has gone by so quickly this term – it seems only last week I was writing about FirstWeek and Freshers’ Fair and suddenly, it’s the last day of the semester and half of my freshers have gone home for Christmas.

It’s been a fun time, but next term brings a lot of hard work both academically and extra-curricular. I hope you continue to read and join me for the highs and lows!

Yours temporally,
Joey x

Stephanie’s Blog – Home Time!

Today I came home, back down South and the home comforts are already setting in! Loving the heating more than anything in this weather and the homecooked meals are going to be great.

This week at University has been hectic all round with everyone finishing placements, meeting deadlines and working hard! On Monday I went on a field trip and it was good fun but cold and wet. At least our lecturer treated us to a Costa at the end… We looked at the School’s Field to see how we would lay out an event. Where would the toilets go? Which way should the stage face? Where would people park?

Although we already knew the things we would have to consider this was more apparent after walking around the area to see that it is residential, therefore traffic, noise and parking would be an issue. Then we had to think about people in the houses being able to see the stage – would this keep them sweet or simply give them a free show?


Later on in the week, after my hand ins and field trip it was time to let our hair down at LNOTB (Last Night Of The Bar) at Edge Hill Venue. Always a busy night and with socials moving to Thursday it was great fun. Lots of funny costumes and great atmosphere with lots of people. It was a great way to say goodbye to the friends and celebrate the end of 2012!


ANDDD to add to this week, the world has not ended so we will continue to have to hand in assignments and work hard BUT we will also graduate and finish third year as well as having a few more months to make the most of with the Uni Friends!


Happy Christmas All!

Faye’s Blog – Exam & then Home for Christmas!!

So today I had my exam for my Cinema and National Identity module. It went okay I think but I’m pretty sure it could have gone better!! I found it really really difficult! I had to discuss the myths around Australian and New Zealand cinema in relation to two films, What Happened to the Broken Hearted? and Gallipoli 🙂

Now I am back home in Blackpool over Christmas and I am finally starting to feel a lot more Christmasy and excited!!!  Even though I still have three assignments to write and my dissertation!!


Charlotte’s Blog- Driving Home For Christmas!

It has finally arrived!!! After only one assignment standing in the way of me and Christmas, I have finally completed it which means that home time is tomorrow! The assignment wasn’t too bad though as I mentioned in last week’s blog! I had to design a pamphlet on a certain area of work psychology. I chose mine to be on workplace stress, and I enjoyed finding research to put within it. I have to say it was much more fun that doing a standard essay! I also have a statistics exam in January to revise for over the break, but trying not too think about that too much at the minute. I have also completed my first graduate application this week which was a scary process, it was for a research assistant at Liverpool University so will be keeping my fingers crossed over the Christmas period. Wishing you all have a lovely Christmas && happy New Year. I will keep you all updated over the festivities!

Elisha’s blog- It’s the most, wonderful time of the year!

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic for me but I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I have had quite a few assignment deadlines to meet; one of which was to host our own website on an area of conservation concern in the Tropics. I was lucky enough to visit the Maldives earlier this year and while snorkelling, I became fascinated with coral reefs and the marine life that it supports; so I decided to focus my website on “The effects of ecotourism on coral reefs”. It was quite a challenging assignment, as I am not used to writing in the style of a website which is short and concise; I normally write in the style of an essay which is a lot more in depth and narrative! Well I got there in the end and I was pleased with the end result…. I even got to include some of the underwater pics that I took myself in the Maldives! Why not have a look yourself? Ecotourism and Coral Reefs

It’s surprising how quick this time of year comes around; I cannot believe a whole semester has gone already! I’ve found it quite difficult to keep on top of things so far this Christmas; assignment deadlines, the distractions of the festive season and me coming down with the flu last week has made me fall behind a little. My last lecture and assignment deadline before Christmas is tomorrow, followed by the Biology Christmas night out on Wednesday which I am really looking forward to. It’s such a relief knowing that i’ve finally managed to get everything finished and handed in for this Semester and I can now have some time off to relax a little; it’s been a stressful few weeks 🙂


Christmas Spirit :)

Everyone has started on the Christmas countdown with only 10 days till the big day arrives. There’s a real Christmas buzz surrounding the Edge Hill Campus with everyone having Christmas meals and together s before everyone goes back home to celebrate the festivities with their families back at home 🙂 Everyone’s really excited! I have officially finished my lectures for this year, which is a scary thought as I will never have another semester one at Edge Hill again 🙁 but I have still got an assignment due in on Tuesday so I will be working hard to get that finished! However its not a bad assignment as I have to design a pamphlet on an area within work psychology I have chosen stress to be my focus. I have found this to be a very interesting module and I would advise anyone to pick it in their final year! But I’d just like to finish this blog by saying hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas period up to now 🙂

Stephanie’s Blog – Event Planning…

So, it’s that time of the year again where all the Christmas Parties are going on and people are heading home and organising their Christmas. And due to my Events Management Module I will be planning my Christmas and New Years Parties with a bit more knowhow.

On Monday I am having my final Events Management Lecture for this term and we are going on a FIELD TRIP … No, literally. We are going to Crosby to St. Mary’s College where we will go to visit their playing field to see how big it is. This will hopefully give us an idea of how to plan an event in this space…

Event Management has been my favourite module this year as it has been a change but I have learnt a lot. Luckily lots of my Deadlines have been extended until after Christmas which allows me to celebrate with my friends before we all disappear back to our regions for Christmas!!!

Also this week in Ormskirk saw the arrival of the European Market, the Snow Cannons, Ice Rink and a Mini-Fairground.

I was jealous because I was a bit too big to go on the rides and the ice rink but the markets were great, we tried lots of food from around the world! Below is a photo of the foamy Snow Cannon (which I avoided as I had just washed my hair!)

Joey’s Blog – The Show Must Go On!

Hello again,

Some of you may remember I discussed my new module, Contemporary Popular Theatres, in which I spoke of an upcoming cabaret. Well, the big day is nearly upon us, and soon I shall be taking to the stage with a short controversial musical I’ve written.

Unfortunately, I’ve also recently lost my voice, and am only now recovering – not great, but like I say in my title, the show must go on!

My next blog will (hopefully) fill you all in on how it goes!

Yours hoarsely,
Joey x

Christmas can’t come soon enough!

When it comes to this time of the year, I’ve always been excited about christmas and probably even more so this year than any other! However I can’t get too excited yet with the thought of submission dates, coursework and revision looming over me..

After completing an assignment last week on the study of a specific SEN of our choice, this week we had to present an interactive, educational poster we have created based on any GCSE or A level PE topic. Needless to say, this comes as a welcome break from essays but it was still a challenge to make everything as creative as possible, especially after seeing examples such as one that contained working LED lights that could be switched on and off.. on a poster!

Now that is done, I have to think about the topic for which I am going to create a website on  for the Contemporary Curriculum Development module.. something surrounding an international comparison of PE provision in England and Australia.. where do I start?? On top of that, I’ve also got to revise for an exam in January which is the last thing I want to be doing over christmas!

However I am happy to say that my dissertation is in full swing and, after having a hernia operation last Friday, I have had some quality time to get these assignments finished.. or started, depending on the module..

Bring on Christmas!

Alex 🙂