Alex’s Blog – Life as a sports student at Edge Hill!

As a sports student, I am lucky enough to have regular access to some fantastic facilities! After a full day of studying, it has always been great to go out on the track or pitch and get rid of some of the stress built up throughout the day. With a 60 acre site, and plans underway to extend, there is loads of choice when it comes to choosing your sport!

Currently, we have fully accessible football, rugby and hockey pitches, tennis, squash and netball courts, a swimming pool, three gymnasiums, a fitness suite and a dance studio plus a wide selection of fitness and aerobic classes and a number of sports labs containing some incredible pieces of sports science technology.

The wide variety of sports teams and societies gives everyone the opportunity to get involved, whether it’s football, snooker or futsal. All teams are affiliated to the BUCS leagues which gives you the opportunity to meet some great people and make some great friends whilst competing across the country! Not to mention the team socials on Wednesday nights..

As a testament to our outstanding facilities Edge Hill was chosen as a Pre-Games Training Camp for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in four sports. Both the facilities and sports provision are absolutely brilliant and open to everyone so why not get involved!?

Alex 🙂

Study. Party. Sleep. – Life as an Edge Hill Student…

So, the majority of my friends and students at Edge Hill follow the pattern of study, party, sleep, repeat. Life as an Edge Hill Student is never dull, no matter what you’re interests or who you are, you WILL have fun at EHU. Being a Campus University there is a great sense of community and atmosphere on Campus, the library even has a good vibe!

With tonnes of clubs, teams and societies to get involved in there is something for everyone and it is a great way to extend your friendship groups! Studying alone or in groups is easy with all the library facilities, individual pods and group rooms that can be booked in advance or last minute to get those final pieces done…

And then there is partying which is a massive part of several students culture and EHU is no exception – there are a variety of clubs, pubs and bars to go to and socialise, have a quiet drink or dance the night away.

Sleeping is definitely a great hobby of a lot of Students whether it’s the late nights and lie ins or the mid-afternoon naps we all have to cram sleep in somehow. And it isn’t too out of character to see people frequenting the on campus (and sometimes even the off campus) cafes in there onesies or pajamas. Less often seen but even some students manage to roll of bed a little bit too late and end up in their lectures in their bedtime clothes! It’s a brilliant talking point though.


Following this pattern for the last two and a half years has worked for me but everyone has their own, mine is always prioritised by studying, then partying and then sleeping. But around then I have had time to socialise, join and try for various sports teams, go to the gym and swim and go shopping! Life at Edge Hill is never boring and there is something different every day 😀

Charlotte’s Blog.. Living it up as a student!!

For me one of the things that attracted me to coming to university was the lifestyle of a student! Hearing stories about freshers week and all the different activities that go on on the campus and meeting a group of new friends were all bonuses to me of becoming a student. Even though it is a very scary life change of the start, wondering who you are going to be living with and whether you are going to be able to manage living my yourself when you are used to living at home. I know that these were my worries coming from a small town.

I can definitely say that I have not been disappointed when it has come to the student lifestyle at Edge Hill. The students union always put on a range of activities within Freshers week which allows you to get to know a wide range of people. There is always something on for everyone no matter what you like whether that is going out and socializing with the new people you have met or going to watch a film. My first ever freshers week has got to be one of my best memories from University to date.

I am really glad I chose to live in the halls on campus in my first year as well. I loved meeting everyone for the first time and getting to know them. I definitely have met some friends for life! Everyone was in the same position and luckily for me everyone in my halls got on! This led to halls parties where everyone would meet together before heading into Ormskirk.

However if the going out part of the student lifestyle doesn’t appeal to you there is always other stuff going on with a wide range of societies being ran and I’m sure if your interest is not catered for which I’m sure it will be, if you find a group of people with the same interests as you then I’m sure you could set up your own society.

Hope this has given you a little insight into the Life of a student at Edge Hill 🙂

Elisha’s blog- The life of a mature student

The main thing I regret about not coming to university straight from school is how I sometimes miss out on some aspects of the student life; having a mortgage means that I did not have the option to live on campus and my financial commitments and part time work mean that I do not have a lot of spare time or the budget for many social activities.

When I first came to University, this didn’t really concern me as I could never see myself living on campus or signing up to societies and clubs; but since starting I sometimes wish I was 18 again haha! The list of societies and clubs that students can get involved with is endless and although a lot of them are mainly for fun, there’s also lots of societies that are educationally beneficial… for example a Biology Society has recently been set up by a fellow student of mine, whereby members can get together and carry out practical’s and field work, and guest lecturers and talks on current research developments are carried out. If your a budding biologist you are welcome to join this society through the following link; Biology Society. I am now a member of this society, and I would encourage others to get involved too 🙂 I used to think that taking part in social activities was not that important but i’ve come to realise that it is ! Relaxing and having a bit of time away from studying helps you think more clearly and sports activities help you stay healthy…

Fortunately for me I don’t miss out on everything; Liverpool is nearby and I do go along to nights out and meals that have been arranged within my course; for special occasions mainly! and there’s plenty of social activities that mature students can get involved with too; for example there is a ‘mature students’ club that holds regular coffee meetings, whereby mature students can discuss common concerns and their experiences as a student 🙂

Faye’s Blog – Think I should Move my Bed into the Library.

So it’s a New Year and the 2nd Semester is about to start. I’ve had a good rest and I am now re-energized and ready to finish my 3rd year at Edge Hill!

My New Year’s resolution for the 3rd year running is:

To Be More Organised & to Start My Essays ASAP & to Finish Them in Plenty Of Time So that I Am Not Stressed Out!!

Maybe this year I will actually stick to it. I’ve already made a start by picking an essay question so that I can start researching that essay when I get back to uni! So it is a good start so far.

Okay, so this means spending a hell of a lot of time in the library because I have other assignments to do and I still have my dissertation, which I am hoping to get a first draft of before the 20th January! So I will be basically living in the library.

Hard work and library time is an essential aspect to Student Life, no matter what course. Your time at university cannot just be one big party! Although some partying is obviously allowed. But just keep in mind your deadlines for assessments and exams as well as locate plenty of time for you to complete them in! There is nothing worse than last minute cramming for an exam or an all nighter on an essay!

Time management is a skill that you will develop and become better at throughout uni and the work load is manageable if you graft a little bit!

Charlotte’s Blog – Welcome to 2013- Back to reality!

I hope that you have all had a great Christmas and have started 2013 with a bang! This New Year me and my friends decided to take a trip back to Liverpool to start the celebrations. This is the great thing about living in a city away from home; you take advantage of it whenever you feel like it! This is definitely one of my regrets that I haven’t made the most out of it as much as I should have. It was one of the best new years that I have had in a long time. Now though the festive celebrations are over and it’s time to get the work head back on. With a statistic exam next week, it’s back down to strict revision and I start back at Placement on Wednesday which I am looking forward too, as hopefully I will be able to start my interviews for my dissertation! I will let you know how I get on over the next few days but for now its back to the joys of revision!

Joey’s Blog – A Fresh Start

Hello again, and a Happy New Year to you all!

It’s been a fun year so far, with friends slowly returning in dribs and drabs and bringing joy back into my life. Luckily, the local cocktail bar is hardly ever closed and today’s my student loan payday. A dangerous co-incidence, or a sign of something wonderful?

As I mentioned in one of my last blogs, I’ve got a busy year ahead of me, with something really important lined up for February and March, but I can’t go into that just yet. Hopefully it’ll be as productive as it can be!

Yours determinedly,
Joey x

Elisha’s blog- Career focus

It’s kind of just hit me now that I only have a few months left of my time at University; I checked my University timetable the other day and my last lecture is on the 2nd May… that’s only 4 months away!!!!

I will be applying to join the NHS Scientist Training Programme (STP) which is a 3 year graduate training programme, leading to a masters degree and certification of work- based training within an area of healthcare science. Fortunately for me, I have known that this is what I want to do since the end of my first year at Edge Hill so I have had some time to prepare. I began volunteering as a lab assistant in the Biology department at the beginning of my second year, in the view of improving my lab skills; and in order to gain some clinical experience I completed a 25 week placement at the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital (which was amazing!!). I also arranged a couple of careers appointments at the start of this academic year, to gain some help and advice on my application. I found the person specification for last years application for the STP, and I have literally been trying to go through each requirement and making sure that I have the skills and experience they are looking for. The STP attracts thousands more applicants than positions available, so I know the competition is going to be high; which is why I have tried to prepare early. The application is due to open any time this month so I have been regulary checking and waiting… so fingers crossed for me 🙂

For those who are unsure of what career path they want to take; one piece of advice I would give is to start thinking about it as soon as possible. I was slightly surprised at the amount of skills and experience that most companies/ organisations are looking for, and I was glad that I found this out sooner rather than later. During the first year of my Biology degree, I quickly learnt that I had a strong interest in the human body/ healthcare side of my degree so I began researching careers in this area. I did this by subscribing to relevant magazines and organisations (such as New Scientist) who advertise jobs and training posts; and this is where I found the STP. I immediately searched for and found the application details for that year and began preparing. I would also recommend using any career help that is offered at University as it can be extremely useful when deciding what career path to take and for gaining advice and guidance with CV’s, applications and interviews.

I’m a little sad that my time at Edge Hill will be ending soon as have enjoyed my time here so much; my degree is amazing and I have loved being in education again. I also work for the University and will miss this too… but I am looking forward to starting full time work again (I worked full time for 8 years before coming to University!) and I cannot wait to put into practice all the skills and experience I have gained here!

Faye’s Blogs – The Holiday’s are Over

So even though I don’t have lectures start until something like the 21st January I have 3 essays that need to be in on Monday.

I am stressing out over them so much! Even though I feel as if I have been working on them for months!!

I cannot wait to get them over and done with. I think that this last semester is going to be less stressful. HOPEFULLY!! I don’t think that I have as many assignments to do. I need to check though.

But I am going to start the new assignments straight away!! Maybe in my final semester ever of university I will stick to this?

Also this week I have applied for 2 part time jobs because I really want a car so the money will be helpful and I really want to move out when I leave uni!! So I’m wanting to try and build up my savings!

Stephanie’s Blog – Welcome to two-thousand-and-thirteen

Happy New Year to you all!

So… 2012 was a big year for the Nation, with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games – in which we won several medals and the survival of the Apocalypse! Let’s see what 2013 has in store for us.

Every year I do a reflection of the past year of adverts so that will follow this post. But this is just a short one about resolutions and the campaigns that will help you stick to them (or will they?!)

This is the time of the year, where we see a downfall in the sales of cigarettes, an increase in the sales of nicotine alternatives and a large push on health and gym memberships! As it is very current and all over the televisions and the news, I’m sure very few of you have avoided it – the new giving up smoking advert.

As disgusting as it is, it has come at the best time for the new years resolution makers who are giving up smoking. If you haven’t seen it… Watch it! Hopefully it will have the desired effect and make people give up smoking for good