Elisha’s blog- it’s the end of an era !

Wednesday was officially the last ever session of my entire Biology degree ! I know i’ve said this before… but I cannot believe how quick it’s gone. I handed in my last two pieces of work the week before, and then the Department Head arranged a short celebratory leaving session for us on Wednesday. We reflected on what we have achieved in the last three years, what we have to look forward to in the future and we ended with some lunch and champagne… it was a great way to end the degree ! We also arranged a collection between the students and thanked the staff for their support with some gifts ūüôā

Even though it’s not yet been a week since I finished, I am already starting to miss it ! It’s really strange not having any work to do or lectures to go to, and I don’t think I quite appreciated how much i’ve enjoyed my time at Edge Hill until now…. but at least I can ¬†start to focus on what the future might bring !

Results day for me is on the 28th June and then I have graduation to look forward to on the 17th July. In the meantime, I will be focusing on finding a job… wish me luck !

Catch me when I fall…

One of the most reassuring things you need to know when moving away from home or even just starting University is that there will be support available. This comes in so many different forms from Edge Hill…

You are never on your own, there is always someone to talk to or someone that can help you. Edge Hill can support you financially if necessary and they offer short term loans, there is career support where you can learn how to enhance your CV and get involved with loads of projects and gain more qualifications. This department also help you to obtain part time jobs, work at Summer Camps, get the necessary placements and they will even help you after graduation with graduate jobs!

In terms of making friends and not feeling alone or lost when first coming to University, Edge Hill has a diverse range of socials and societies which you can get involved in and meet like-minded people. You can attend these to get to know people, play that sport you love, read books together, play those board games you like or to discuss religion! There truly is something for everyone. From Chess Society to Football/Hockey/Canoeing… And if there isn’t one that suits you, simply tell the Student Union and they can do their best to find others with the same interests.

The Student Union as a whole offer a lot of support with your social life, night life, any problems you have with your course, your lecturers, the buildings or anything! If you do have any specific course or module problems then you can speak to your Lecturers or Head of Department who are always on-hand and willing to help. If, for whatever reason, you do not want to go to them then you can talk to your Course Representative who will be someone in your class who can then take it to the Student Board at their monthly meetings.

If accommodation is the problem, we have a team at Edge Hill who deal with accommodation specifically and they can help you find on-campus or off-campus living, whether you want to be alone, with all girls or all boys or have your own bathroom there are loads of different types of halls! Each year Edge Hill produce a housing list too which helps you find off-campus accommodation after your first year study and you can find reputable, tired and tested housing and landlords!

Any problem you have; big or small, is no worry here at Edge Hill, there will always be someone to guide, advise, help and sometimes even completely solve your problems! And don’t forget you will make some of the best friends that you will be in contact with for life at University so you will always have them to support you too!


Charlotte’s Blog – Graduation Ball

On Saturday it is the Edge Hill University’s Graduation Ball at Aintree Race Course ūüôā I am really looking forward to this event, even though I can’t believe its come round already and it is going to be the last time that all my course friends and friends I have met over my three years here get together which is a very sad thought ūüôĀ It still only feels like yesterday that I began my journey at Edge Hill and I have¬†definitely¬†loved every minute of it. I feel that the graduation ball will be the perfect way to end it as everyone will have finished their work and exams are over!! I will make sure I upload so pictures of this very special occasion as I can’t wait to wear a pretty dress!!! ūüôā

Faye’s Blog – Support to help you along the way.

There are many different aspects to university life; assignments, travel, accommodation, money, loans, nights out etc. and as you can imagine university life may actually include some bad things; struggling with the workload, not being able to find accommodation and so on.
But, don’t worry Edge Hill is fantastic when it comes to getting the help you need. There are tones of different places and people that you can see and talk to in order to get what you need.
From smaller problems that you can talk to your tutors about. Maybe that you’re stuck for ideas on an essay, or a librarian because the computer won’t let you log in and change your password (that’s happened to me!)
Or more important issues, you’re struggling with money, talk to the financial advice team, there’s an accommodation team that help with all things accommodation, and there’s a team that help you with your writing.
They’re just a few examples of way and areas that you can get some help. All of these also provide you with a less stressful experience!!

Faye’s Blog – Transmedia

My final assessment is a presentation for my Future Cinemas module. And as I have previously said I have chosen to write it about transmedia.

I’ve had contact with a company in Manchester who focus on creating their own transmedia films, they’ve been really helpful and I will be discussing them in my presentation.

I also want to discuss transmedia within mainstream cinema so I think I’ll discuss, The Matrix, The Hunger Games and maybe even the Batman trilogy too.

I really want to focus my discussion around the progression of the film industry and how it is changing with technology. The internet etc. and what it means for the film industry and it’s future.

Need to get motivated and actually write the thing now. I’m terrible at working when I am home.

Elisha’s blog- thanks to the staff….

This week came the deadline for Edge Hill’s 2013 Student Led Teaching Awards. The Student Union organise this every year and it’s a chance for students to nominate excellent teachers, personal tutors and support staff. It’s a great opportunity to recognise and thank the staff who have gone above and beyond their job description.

I nominated a member of staff in my department and whilst completing the nomination, it really got me thinking about the great support I have had here at Edge Hill. Even before I applied to Edge Hill, I received fantastic help and advice about my application and what to expect from full time undergraduate study. Since starting, I have received outstanding academic support from lecturers, personal tutors and support staff. I had lot’s of concerns about my academic ability before coming to university but I have coped absolutely fine ! The staff are always happy to help and offer guidance regarding coursework, exams, careers or any personal matters and they really do help you progress and improve as a student. I honestly think that without the excellent support I have received during my time at university, a lot of my achievements would not have been possible !


Charlotte’s Blog – Never feel alone at Edge Hill University :D

This weeks blog is based around all the ways that Edge Hill supports you throughout your University Life and that you are never alone there will always be someone there to help no matter what!

There are many areas that students may need help with throughout there university life, this may include finances as this is something that many students have not had to deal a lot with before. Or other areas such as careers guidance, finding a place to live off or on campus or even maybe you would like to see a qualified counselor. These are all areas in which the Students Services Team would be able to¬†assist. This is¬†probably¬†the area I have used the most throughout my time at Edge Hill and I have found the staff are always helpful and friendly and give you all the support that you need. They also keep you up to date with any part or full time jobs that are¬†available¬†so make the most of this¬†especially¬†if your just looking for a little job to give you a little bit of money while at¬†University. They also keep you up to date with any volunteering positions¬†available¬†which again is important as you gain experience throughout your studies ūüôā

There is also a wide range of support offered for students with a disability or a specific learning difficulty for any of these areas the Inclusive Services Team would be able to support you.

In addition to this the University also supports you academically, which I have found the most useful. This is by the impressive facilities they have in the library and all the journals and books you are able to access online, which is definitely a bonus when completing your studies.

If you would like anymore information about any of these areas as I have just given a quick overview then head to- http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/undergraduate/support

The most important thing to remember is that you are never alone at Edge Hill, so never feel like you are! There will always be someone there to help you no matter how big or small the problem or worry, as coming to University is major change for anyone!

The End is getting nearer…

So as I have now had my final week of official Lectures, it is time to relax in the Sunshine, finish off my creative projects and celebrate three years of University being nearly over.

Although it is sad and emotional and we aren’t all ready to leave in one respect, in another, we are so ready to leave. Edge Hill has given us some brilliant, crazy memories and friends which hopefully we will take with us to the future but it has also prepared us in our own individual sectors, to go into the big wide world and work. The Students that have been on Placement, whether it be in Schools, Nurseries, Advertising/PR Agencies or large Businesses have all come back so positively and ready to take on the Challenge.

I handed in my 11,000 word assignment – THE Dissertation – which you will hear about from the moment you start Uni to the moment you leave. And, we all say it, every year, but, BE PREPARED. If I had done more of my dissertation pre-hand-in-week then it would have been a breeze but as usual I was left running around after a broken printer, finding paper and praying my hard-drive would work! Well let’s all hope everyone else is better prepared and that I learn from my lesson. The most important thing is that I got it finished and reached the deadline (we won’t talk about how many minutes I did or didn’t have to spare!!) And while I sit back and relax and do some drawings in the Sun, I hope those of you revising, do exams (at any academic or non-academic level) have some time to enjoy the Sun! Good Luck!

Alex’s Blog – Last Day!

I can’t believe that yesterday was my last official day of lectures! Yes I’ve still got the exam to focus on next Tuesday but it’s hard to get into a focused mindset when I feel like I have now finished the degree..

Thankfully, we had an easy practical session with our module leader organising some badminton and table tennis doubles matches and then a basketball game to finish off.. safe to say my team won ūüôā

The winning team!

I’m glad that I don’t have to get too nostalgic about my time at Edge Hill as I can look forward to another year with my PGCE starting in September!

Time to get revising… :/

Alex ūüôā

Elisha’s blog- Good news and bad news…

It’s been quite an eventful few weeks with lot’s of ups and downs…

I wrote about my application to the NHS Scientist Training Programme a number of weeks ago and discussed how I prepared for it; well unfortunately I did not make it to interview stage ūüôĀ I was really disappointed but after careful consideration I decided that I am going to re-appy next year. It’s quite tough when you have worked really hard towards something and are unsuccessful, but it’s important to remain focused and positive otherwise you’ll never be able to achieve your goals. I followed up on my application and was able to get some useful feedback on why I was unsuccessful, and I have acted on this feedback by booking a careers appointment at Edge Hill and trying to find out how I can use the next year to prepare.

On a more positive note, I was nominated and shortlisted for Edge Hill’s 2013 On Campus Student Employee of the Year Award. The Employability Awards are held by the Careers Centre at Edge Hill every year and it’s a celebration of the achievements of students, staff and external companies in the areas of employment and volunteering. The award ceremony was last week and…. I came 2nd in my category ūüôā I was extremely pleased and I am hoping that my achievement will help move my career along in the right direction….