Applicant Visit Days

Hey everyone,

I’m sure by now you’ve all began to visit the universities that you’ve applied for and had a look around as well as a chat with the tutors. Some of you may have even been to the applicant visit days which hopefully gave you a good experience in the kinds of topics and areas you may study or focus on during your degree.

Next Saturday is the last applicant visit day for Edge Hill, so if you haven’t got a place booked then make sure you do! I would recommend a visit day over an open day, as the tutors are available to give taster sessions to your specific courses. I helped with a Computing visit day the other week, and as I never came to a visit day myself, I would strongly recommend coming to one!

On the last applicant day, I helped with the Computing – Security, Networking & Forensics pathway which was very interesting. The session was a good taster for the prospective students, as they got to meet the tutor in the lesson before using the practice software in the labs of Creative Edge, similar of which they will use in the future. After the session, the tutors were available to talk to – I would seriously suggest that when talking to a tutor, get as much information as possible! It really does help and will help you understand the course and way the university works better!

Hope all of your uni applications and A-levels/BTECs are going well!! 🙂

Types of Psychology

Before I came to Edge Hill  I had already studied Psychology at A-level, so I had some prior knowledge of the classic theories, studies, famous psychologists and types of psychology. However, some people begin a university course having never studied it before. So here is a brief guide into some of the different types of psychology that exist.

Cognitive Psychology 

Cognitive Psychology is essentially the study of mental processes like: memory, language, visual processing/perception, attention, behaviorism (how we learn behaviours), face recognition, problem solving, emotion and consciousness to name but a few. Whilst cognitive psychology frequently overlaps with Biological Psychology, it focuses more on the processes themselves, rather than the biology behind them.

Biological Psychology 

Biological Psychology is very much focused on the brain and the body. Topics covered in biological psychology frequently include things such as: how neurons/brain cells work, vision, audition, hormones, substance use, psychological disorders/mental illnesses and brain damage.

Social Psychology 

Social Psychology is the study of how we interact with others and they have an influence on our behaviour. Some topics I have covered in my social psychology module this year include: stereotypes, schemas and heuristics, social influence, attractiveness, inter-group relations and attribution.

Developmental Psychology 

As this suggests this looks at the psychology of how we develop throughout out lives. Topics  I have covered in my degree so far within developmental psychology include: social development, cognitive development, emotional development, debates and approaches, play, motor development and development of personality.

Research Psychology

As you may or may not already know, Psychology is a science. Whilst it hasn’t been around as long as sciences such as biology, chemistry and physics, psychologists come up with a theory/theories about something and then set out to prove or disprove it/them through research. Research in psychology takes on many forms such as lab experiments, observations, questionnaires and interviews. However these tend to fall into one of two categories

  1. Quantitative-This is numerical data
  2. Qualitative data-Data that is made up of words rather than number

I hope you have found this blog entry useful and if you would like anything answering then feel free to leave me a comment 🙂

Money Money Work

So, If my memory recalls, it is around this time that those who are waiting to go to university should be slowly coming to the conclusion of which university to pick, which in turn means your going to need to arrange to start paying for it.

Obviously, if you are like me and the many thousands of other students, you’ll be applying through student finance. It is crucial to get this done asap, because funding from student finance will make your life so much easier while your at university, and leaving it too late will mean delays in actually getting any money.

Of course there are other methods while at university to get money, if you ever feel  like you are running low. There are many places you can get a small part time job. Within this year, I have seen jobs at The Student Union Bar, McColls and even the job I have now as a Student Blogger. There are also many unpaid jobs too, which you can do such as VIBE Media or volunteering around campus or Ormskirk.

Or, if you already have a job back home with a large corporate organisation (Say, Morrisons), you can simply transfer up here.

Suffice to say there is no shortage for jobs around the university and the local town, but you must always remember one thing. If you do take on jobs outside of your time at the university, you must make sure it does not interfere with your work at the university.
It can be hard to juggle uni work and a Job, I know this from experience. So be careful when deciding on this vital matter.

— — —

In other news, the student elections are coming to a close. Today will be learning who our new student union president is, and who our various Vice Presidents are.
It is an exciting time and I cannot wait to find out who it will be

— Thursday thoughts —
“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

— Friday thoughts —

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity”

The Library Project (Favorite Spots on Campus Series)

I am taking part in a research project that helps the uni decide what to do should the current library be given a regeneration. This is also a chance to talk about one of my favorite spots on campus. Apparently the Edge Hill library building was meant to last for 40 or 50 years, but 20 years later there are talks of getting a new library – that’s when research into what a student (out of a few) go through when using the current library comes in handy.

Essentially, I had to detail what happened to me during a day and my feelings. I then took photos of the places within the library that have a lot of meaning to me. Whilst I can’t say what I wrote on the report, I can show you the photos!

The Group rooms are great for professional meetings. I use the Group Rooms like the one above for face to face meetings for my record label work.

I’m not complaining that the HUB is quite far from the library, but it is good that there’s a cafe downstairs to eat.

I have noticed a deceptively large amount of space around the library computers.

The music section of the library is full of fascinating academia.

This is where I go to do quick reading – the seats near reception are comfy with space around them so it’s convenient for speedy research.

So hopefully this has given everyone a break from my usual super text heavy posts. I’ll go back to my Employability themes stuff hopefully next week. The library used to be in the Main Building, then the now Student Support building… who knows what it will be next!

My Favourite Place on Campus

Choosing my favourite place on campus was really hard because I honestly love a lot of places. All of the buildings at Edge Hill are so pretty that I kind of fell in love with the design of the campus the very first time I saw it. But I’ve decided to choose the place I have because of how useful it is to me, and that place is the LINC building (Learning Innovation Centre).


The LINC provides students with 24/7 access to a computer room, which I have found incredibly useful. I find myself in there all the time, normally working on assignments during a spare few hours between lectures.  The university has recently developed a really handy tool where you can check online how many of the computers are being used in the LINC and library so students know where we’re more likely to find a free computer (if you’re interested you can see it here).

The LINC computer room, accessible 24/7
The LINC computer room, accessible 24/7

And here’s some more pictures of the LINC building taken with using not-so-brilliant photography skills – sorry!




Meeting Prospective Students

On Saturday I assisted Billy, my scriptwriting lecturer, with an applicant visit day. He was running a taster session for people who have been accepted to study Creative Writing at Edge Hill University, and he wanted a current student of the course to speak to the applicants.

Initially I was nervous; the idea of a room full of people all staring at me wasn’t one that I was particularly comfortable with, but Billy assured me that the session would remain informal and that the group was relatively small.

I remember my Applicant Visit Day and how the taster session really heavily influenced my decision to accept my place at Edge Hill, so I knew that it was important to ensure that the applicants all got a good feel of what the course would be like and whether it was for them.

Once the session began I quickly realised that I’d been silly to feel nervous and I actually really enjoyed myself. Billy set writing exercises for the students that I remember doing in my early weeks at uni. I really loved how each individual person approached every exercise from a completely different perspective. I walked around the room checking on people to see how they were getting on and all the applicants were confident and spoke passionately about their writing.

The applicants were being shown around by two other Creative Writing Students, and at the end of the session they were given the chance to ask us questions regarding the course and the university experience. The topic that came up most was the experience of moving away from home- something that I haven’t done to attend Edge Hill, but have done in the past- and it reminded me how big a step all these people were about to take. Living at home I often forget that for majority of students university isn’t just about embarking on a new academic journey, it’s also about gaining independence and freedom.

Meeting students who may be starting at Edge Hill is September was great and I’ll look forward to seeing their familiar faces around campus. I can only hope that they enjoyed the taster session as much as I did!

Favourite Campus Spots

So for this week, I’ve decided to include a few pictures of my favourite places around the Edge Hill campus. I have gathered a few pictures just to show the places as well as describing them!

Firstly, Creative Edge is one of my favourite places on campus, mainly because I spend a lot of my time in there! The technology used in the building is good with great software on the lab computers for us to use at any time. There’s also the lecturers and tutors all situated in the building who are easy to go and have a chat with whenever you feel like it.

Next is the Hub. I find the building a great place to go and grab some food from the canteen, or to use the computers upstairs whenever I can’t focus in my room or the library. There’s also a shop which is open till 11pm, and often there are stalls during the day which sell all kinds of things (the best one is the cake stall!).

The Faculty of Education building by the pond at the back of campus is a great building which I hopefully will be visiting more often as I study for a PGCE later in my time at university!

Finally is Founders court, where I live. I have a lot of friends living in this area, and it’s a great place to meet people in the other buildings. The grass areas around the outside of campus would be perfect in summer for a nice relaxing sunbathe, and perfect for working outside and relaxing!

2663278_97823a3a CreativeEdge014-1920 edgehill4 edge-hill-university-accommodation Faculty-of-Education1

And the award for my favourite place on campus goes to…

Having been at Edge Hill for a year and a half (or there about’s) there quite a few places on campus I like spending time at. For instance there’s the studio theatre in the performing arts building where films are shown, there’s the library and the LINC (learning innovation centre) buildings where I work on my assignments and do some pre-lecture/seminar reading and note taking, there’s the lake where the ducks that live at Edge Hill call home and then there’s the Hub. Of all the buildings I use whenever I’m on campus the hub tops my list of favourite places on campus.

Why’s that I hear you ask? Well for starters it’s where eat my lunch and have my tea on a Tuesday night before I go to Fantasy & Sci-Fi meetings. It’s where me and my friends hang out between lectures/seminars and it’s where most people meet up. Below is a picture I took of it so you know what it looks like from the exterior.

My favourite place at Edge Hill University
My favourite place at Edge Hill University

My Favourite Spot on Campus

If I was I was to be asked what my favourite spot on Campus would be, I would have to say that it is the Hub

Bizaare as it is to say, given that there are so many places to choose from.

There’s the Lake,
the Beech, the Creative Edge
Or this lovely Spot
The Library!

But it is the Hub that is my favourite spot, by far, to be

Ignore current decorations
Ignore current decorations

It is where I spend most of my time when not in my room, or in lectures.
I can meet my friends, use the computers to work or sit and watch films/Television on the Big screen.
Hub Fire Exit Hub in the Fog Our Work Space

It has a great social feel, and is somewhere I love to be, Just as I hope you will learn to love it when you do make your own way here

— — — —
So, We fellow students are burdened with the glorious purpose of voting next week for our New President of the Student Union, and Various Vice Presidents (as shown in one of y pictures)
Of course I will not discuss the candidates (for their are many) but I can say that around this time next year, you too will have to go through the same process, and it is a fabulous experience to listen from all the students running.

In other news, it is currently a state of heavy fog at edge hill (as seen in pictures) Which would be perfect to film a horror movie in, and has allowed me to take some amazing pictures


— — Thursday thought — —
“You may lose your way from time to time, but if you listen to your heart, you will always find your way back home”

— — Friday Thought — —
“Things never happen the same way twice.”