Faye’s Blog – August Update

Well, now everything is officially over at Edge Hill. It feels strange.
I got my graduation photo in the post today too!
I’m now really looking forward to actually receiving my degree certificate!

Three of my books that I ordered to prepare for my upcoming PGCE course have arrived and I have already started reading one of them. Currently trying to get my head around some new education theories so that I can be a bit more prepared and ready for when I actually start in September.

I’m so eager to start this new chapter and then hopefully in September next year I will be an employed teacher! Fingers crossed anyway 🙂

Elisha’s blog- Graduation celebrations

I officially graduated last week with a first class BSc Biology (Hons) degree. I had a lovely day and it was a great seeing all my course friends and lecturers again !

Graduation is when your award is presented and a day in which you get to celebrate your achievements and hard work. I was really nervous about graduation at first but the staff at Edge Hill done a great job of ensuring that everything ran smoothly. The day began with a greeting from a happy chap who gave us a lift in a little buggy from the car park (which I was very thankful for as the heels on my shoes were quite high !); I then collected my hat and robe which was hired from Wippells, and they had staff ready to pin everything in place for us. Once I was ready with the appropriate academic dress, I got some photographs taken with my family and then registered. We then had a bit of time before the ceremony to relax and enjoy the campus with friends and family. The ceremony itself lasted about an hour, which was then followed by refreshments in the Hub !

It was such a lovely day and we were very lucky that we had such nice weather 🙂 It was a great way to end an amazing three years at uni. I felt proud of my achievements and so relieved that all my hard work had paid off… but I was also a bit sad knowing that it’s all over 🙁

Here’s a pic of me on my graduation and of the Biology class of 2013.

Graduation photo    Biology graduation photo


Charlotte’s Blog – Graduation

This week I graduated and I now officially have a BSC (HONS) in Psychology after my name 😀  All the hard work has paid off in the end!! My time at Edge Hill has been the best three years of my life. I have met so many lovely people and wish I could stay there for longer as I feel like it is second home and family now!

Graduation was filled with mixed emotions: I was sad as it would be by last time on the Edge Hill campus and with my course friends, I was nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was happy that all my hard work over the past three had paid off and that my family could be part of such a special day! This day had to be one of the best and proudest ones of my life to date. Edge Hill put on a brilliant ceremony and everyone had a fantastic day!

I will upload some pictures from this very special day soon 😀 Hope everyone’s having a lovely Summer and those of you awaiting to start at Edge Hill I’m sure you are going to love every single minute of your time there!

Faye’s Blog – Reflection

I’ve been feeling really weird recently.
Now I’ve completely finished my degree I don’t have anything accede mic to do over the summer. No modules to think about and begin to research, no dissertation to write, no lectures to go to. No seminars.
I feel really out of place.
I also miss my best friend that I made! We would go to the library together and gossip for hours. We also lived together second year which was amazing! We keep texting one another but it’s not the same!
I’m settled into my new job at Next, I’m finding it okay but a bit boring! The sale is starting on Saturday so I have been working loads this week. I’m working 5pm-8.30pm tonight and I’m working tomorrow (Saturday) 5am-1pm!! I’m dreading it but I’m not working much in the week. Yay!

Using your senses… (Stephanie’s Blog)

Last week I had an interesting and unique dining experience at “Dans le Noir” – a restaurant completely in the dark! It was in London and it is something I read about a while back and have since been wanting to go… So me and my Mum booked a table and along we went.

On arrival you are introduced to the restaurant in a lit-lounge and asked to choose a menu type (which were labelled by colour) the four menus were “vegetarian”, “meat”, “seafood” or “chefs surprise!” Naturally all of it was surprising as it was in the dark and before eating we never saw the full extent of the menu. We both chose the Chefs Surprise and I also chose the Surprise Cocktail! After a brief-wander around the lounge we were introduced to our waiter (all of the Waiters are blind…) and you really feel like you are experiencing life how they do.

We were directed to our table with a bit of “we are turning left, we are going through a curtain now…” but other than those directions we simply had our hand on the person in front’s shoulder and had to trust our Waiter. Asher (as he was called) was amazing and his spatial awareness was amazing. He took my Mum around to her seat and left me completely in the dark but he managed to come back and find exactly where I was stood, take my hand, and take me around to my side of the table. The atmosphere was quiet when we first arrived but it got busier and noisier.

We were given a quick run-through of where everything was, a jug of water to our left, glasses to our right, knives, forks, serviettes etc! Asher then brought us some bread which I must admit, with my heavy-handedness I managed to tip the basked slightly but luckily nothing fell out. I’m clumsy in the light, never mind the dark… Pouring water was a challenge but luckily it wasn’t your typical jug with a handle, it was a carafe (the wine jugs with no handles.) But it was an odd feeling have to place my finger in the glass to know when to stop pouring and when it was full. The option with our ordered-drinks was that we had them in the lounge or they would be brought to our table when we were seated. We had them brought to our table and therefore didn’t see them but mine was a delicious, Malibu-esque cocktail and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our starters arrived and it was delicious – the food was something I really couldn’t fault. My Mum and I both knew that it was some kind of raw fish and cucumber salad and I could taste honey. My guess was that it was salmon as that is a fish I am familiar with eating raw and the texture.

After our starters Asher collected the plates (I don’t mean to sound patronising but again it is admirable and amazing how he knew where the plates were and the cutlery, how and when to pick them up!) He checked everything was okay and we said it was delicious, he explained that the main courses wouldn’t be too long. In the interlude between starter and main course another couple came and joined our table. (We were aware that depending on party-sizes the tables were shared but this wasn’t an issue for us.) The couple were lovely, the woman had been before and the man was very hungry so he consumed a lot od bread in a short space of time. Similarly to radio, but hearing people’s voices and not seeing them is a crucial part of the experience but the most bewildering part also.

The main courses arrived and although we couldn’t see the presentation, you could appreciate that the presentation was amazing from the way it felt on the plate. With the starter and the main course we both started using knives and forks but we did resort to using our hands at one point – the restaurant advertise it as “eating with your hands in the dark” so this was expected and obviously the way to do it! The main course was a red meat – we thought perhaps lamb, cous cous, a potato-type vegetable but not quite potato and a sweet fruit/vegetable with a slight skin to it. This main course was delicious, we both cleared the plates and you simply could not complain. The quality was better than most chain-restaurants and even some of the michelin-starred restaurants I have eaten it. Not being able to see what everything was really heightened the use of other senses, you could feel the texture of things and the smell of the food on arrival prior to the overall taste was just such an experience in itself.

Throughout the meal we were chatting away to this couple next to us and weirdly, she asked us what we were wearing so we could see each other in the lounge after the meal, but it was a great idea. They were a course behind us but we did catch up with them at the end. Prior to this though we had our dessert to come which was served in a pot (naturally feeling the plate first) and tapping inside the pot with the spoon I felt the hard, crispy topping of burnt sugar… Crème brûlée!!

I love crème brûlée and as a dessert we enjoy making at home and eating out, we feel we are quite the connoisseurs! The first spoonful was amazing, rich and creamy and just plain delicious. With a light scent and perfumed-flavour I assumed it was rose-flavoured. Either way it was gorgeous and even more so with every spoonful!! Safe to say we used our fingers to make sure we hadn’t missed a bit…

Back into the lounge at the end of the meal, we were asked what we thought we had eaten – some of our responses got some laughs! We said everything I have written above that we thought we tasted, experiences, smelt and ate. We were shown photos of the meals so we could relate with our eye-sight saying “oh that was what was in the bottom left-hand corner…”

The starters were raw fish and a cucumber salad with a honey-dressing but there were two fish, tuna and swordfish! Exciting things I hadn’t eaten before.

The main courses however, our guesses were miles off, it was in fact a trio of meats – Zebra, Ostrich and Beef. Served with cous cous, caramelised onions and pumpkin! The vegetables reflected and explained further what we thought but we had no idea there were or even could have been three different meats…

And the dessert was of course crème brûlée but it wasn’t rose flavour, but it was a flower – it was lavender. Delicious!

This experience has definitely shown me not to judge by what is on a menu or automatically assume it is something I don’t like without trying it. Other than the crème brûlée, I wouldn’t have chosen a single aspect of that meal had I read it on a menu but it goes to show we make mental images and judge too easily! I would definitely go again and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. A very pleasant surprise and experience.

We also met the couple in the lounge just before we left and they looked nothing like what I had imagined, for some reason I pictured a middle-aged couple, however that could not have been further from what I saw when I met them – two lovely, young, mid-twenty year olds!

Surprises and learning curves all round…

Charlotte’s Blog- Results & Glastonbury :D

Last week was definitely full of the best news as I was given my final degree result!!! I am very pleased to say that I passed with a 2:1 in Psychology and was only 1% off reaching a 1st but I am very happy with my final result and know I put in 100% into my work 😀 Not only did I receive this news but I received it while I was in Glastonbury, that’s why I haven’t wrote a blog in a while! But hearing this news in Glasto was definitely the best way to celebrate!!!! I will upload some pictures from the festival soon 😀 😀 Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer and anyone who is hoping to start Edge Hill in September I wish you the best of luck with your results and I wish it was me who was starting again 🙁

Elisha’s blog- Student guide

I’ve been keeping myself busy this week working for the student recruitment team at Edge Hill University. I’ve been working as a student guide for the duration of my time here, and it’s been a great way to earn some extra cash and develop my skills.

The university recruits current students to help out with open days, applicant visit days, school visits and higher education events. They recruit every year and advertise at freshers week and on the universities internal website. I applied in my first year as a way of earning some extra money, but I ended up getting a lot more out of it than I thought… I have developed lot’s of transferable skills, met a lot of great people and i’ve really enjoyed it  !

The student recruitment team contact all the current student guides as and when work is available and it’s up to the students to express whether or not they wish to work. The work is usually allocated on a first come, first serve basis but sometimes they may allocate work depending on experience or if the event is course specific they may use students who are studying that particular course.

The work can be extremely varied; we deliver campus tours, accommodation guides, student experience presentations, deliver workshops on how to write personal statements and how to budget, we visit schools and higher education events and also help out with administration duties such as data inputting and mailing. Although you’ll be expected to help out with open days and deliver campus tours; you can take on as little or as much work as you wish and you don’t have to do everything… if you don’t feel that you have the confidence to deliver workshops and presentations to groups of people, you don’t have to !

I have developed so many transferable skills from being a student guide…. presentation skills, communication skills, organisational skills, team working skills, confidence and lot’s of useful knowledge and experience. I would definitely recommend this job, it’s helped me cope financially whilst i’ve been at university and because of the flexibility of the role, it has not interfered to much with my studies. You can take or leave the work so if you have too much work to do you can work less hours and during the summer, you can then increase your hours and earn a bit more money. I’ll definitely miss the job when my contract ends in a couple of months but at least I can look forward to what my future career might bring !

University Reflection… (Stephanie’s Blog)

This feels like the Blog I have written in a while and it is probably true as I have had a whirlwind few weeks, from finally finishing University officially, going on Holiday and then returning to celebrate Friend’s 21st Birthdays and then GETTING MY OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY RESULT.


In 13 Days I will be at the beautiful Edge Hill University Campus graduating with a 2:1 classification Degree in Advertising! I am very proud and I have had an amazing three years balancing part-time jobs, my studies, my social life and hobbies without loosing touch with any aspects of my life!

I have moved back home and am yet to unpack properly (awful I know!) but it is so different, in the past three years I have lived in halls with lots of people but an en suite and the only communal area was the kitchen, then into a four-bedroomed house with three girls and then in third year I lived in a seven-bedroomed house with five girls and one boy!

Ormskirk as a town and Edge Hill as a University, as all Universities do, has had it’s ups and downs and it has grown and developed so much since I have studied there! I have some fabulous memories which I will take with me and University has had a massive impact on the person I am today!!

Faye’s Blog – Results.

Got my results on the 27th! They were released a day early, so it was really exciting but nerve wrecking at the same time, I felt so sick!

Anyway I got a 2.2, which I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed. I really wanted a 2.1 but I don’t feel so bad about it any more because it seems like the majority of the people on my course got a 2.2!
And it was honestly so difficult! It’s always annoying when people find out you do film and they’re like it’s easy!! Which it isn’t. Plus it is a English and History degree! So there’s a lot of really tough academic stuff in there ha 🙂

But I can still start my PGCE in September so I’m really excited about doing that 🙂

I started my job at next last week, which I am really enjoying although next weeks hours are horrible! But it is only two days so I’m just going to chill out for most of that week (I’m in Friday 5pm – 8:30pm and Saturday 5am – 1pm) I am a terrible morning person so Saturday will be horrific!