Hello there!

I speak to you from my past, sending ahead to you now!

So, for some time now I have been working on a Doctor Who fan film
project so I can practise my special effect skills and help those on other courses advance theirs too

The other day, one of our leading actresses found herself unable to take part anymore,
So, since i needed to film a mini episode for the Previous Edge Hill Doctor, and film his regeneration sequence, the lovely lady joined us to do one episode as a companion.

We did however have a bit of an accident. In a scene that had to be changed after, The Doctor was supposed to run and grab her hand and run with her away. A simple enough concept wouldn’t you agree?

Well it didn’t turn out that way. Instead she ended up being dragged along the ground by the Doctor

Thankfully she merely scraped the skin of both sides of her hand in some places, but it could have been worse. This is why we can’t have nice things!

— Thoughts of the Week —

“I came in like a wrecking ball!”

Free Time

As a student, I get a fair bit of time off from actually having to be in university. For English Literature, I have timetabled classes for 12 hours a week. The rest of the time is dedicated to assignments and that huge pile of reading I have to do. But once all that is out of the way, there’s still enough time to have some fun.

Admittedly, I spend way too much time on the internet. But whenever I can tear myself away from that, I’m generally spending some quality time with my housemates and friends. We play a lot of board games; we have a whole cupboard full of them in our house. One of my favourites is Risk, and anyone who has played it knows that it’s a very long, intense game. We have been known to play for hours on end, sometimes until 3am, only to reconvene the next afternoon when we finally get up to finish it off.

Our latest game of Risk
Our latest game of Risk

Every Wednesday night, we head to the Stanley Gate pub for their weekly quiz night. There’s not often students there because, like our house, the pub is out in the countryside away from the main town, but it has been nice getting to know the locals this year and we always have a great evening.

The Stanley Gate pub
The Stanley Gate pub

If we fancy heading out to a bar, we love to spend an evening in Lime Tyger consuming a copious number cocktails. I’ve written a blog about why I love it there which you can read here.

Because we live a fair way away from the centre of town, it’s difficult to do things on campus which is a shame. Next year I’m renting a house much closer so I’d like to take advantage of the SU Bar more because I really like the food there (and the cheap drinks prices). Hopefully I’ll also be able to go to the on campus cinema more too.

Sandhurst Commissioning Ball

Last Friday I went to my first ever ball. The ball was at Sandhurst military base in Berkshire, and was to honour all the students who were graduating or ‘passing out’, as it is known. I managed to get a ticket as my sister’s childhood friend was passing out, and as I have never been to an event anywhere near as fancy as this I was unsure of what to expect.

I began the day by getting my hair put up at the hairdressers.

sandhurst 7

Then came the task of driving down south. The traffic was bad and a journey that should have taken four hours took almost seven. We arrived late and ended up missing dinner.

Although being told to 'park next to the tank' definitely cheered me up.
Although being told to ‘park next to the tank’ definitely cheered me up.

Once we arrived we went up to the rooms to get changed into our evening dresses and to have a few drinks. The rooms seemed like student halls and reminded me that, as well as being an incredibly prestigious and historic location, Sandhurst is home to students like myself.

Many a photo was taken.
Many a photo was taken.

During the ball we all headed outside to watch an amazing fireworks display.

sandhurst 2The commissioning officially took place at midnight. Leading up to this a countdown was projected onto the clock tower and everybody counted down.

sandhurst 3 sandhurst 4

My sister and my friend with Tom, who was 'passing out'
My sister and my friend with Tom, who was ‘passing out’.

Overall it was definitely a night to remember and a once in a lifetime experience. Having the opportunity to wear an evening gown is definitely something that I could get used to.

Beating The Workload!

So even though we’re in the Easter holidays, it still means there’s plenty to do! I’m sure you all know that feeling anyway with exams for A-levels coming up soon, so now really is the time to knuckle down and get some hardcore work done.

Some of the courses during the first year don’t have exams, such as Computing, but instead it is 100% coursework. There is one half ‘exam’ for one module, but it is simply multiple choice questions on the computer during the last lesson. The other modules are pure coursework.

In each module, the coursework has been split up into sections that have been completed throughout the year – so you don’t have to worry and think that everything will be set and handed in at the same time for each module! For programming, the module was split into three sections – the first was an introduction to give the tutors an understanding of the level of knowledge across the class, before moving on to the next section in the first semester and during the christmas break. Finally, the last section was given to us at the end of February to be handed in before Easter.

In the other modules, like Web, there have been small tasks to complete throughout the whole year. Finally, we have to build a website for the Computing department as our final project which is worth 50%. In multimedia, we are creating a video that uses the techniques we learned during the year. Finally, Digital World uses a portfolio to submit work throughout the year in the different parts of the course.

So even though we have a ‘holiday’, we don’t really – keep working and it will all pay off in the end!

1 month left of 2nd year

At the time of writing this blog I now have just under a month left of my 2nd year of my degree! One of my housemates pointed this out to me and my friends on Facebook yesterday and I honestly can’t believe where the past 18 months or so have gone. Before starting my degree my dad once told me that it would fly by and how right he has been. Not only that but according to my personal tutor and my boyfriend (who is a third year) say that my third and final year of my degree will go even quicker!

The past few weeks at uni however, have been hard for me (I got ill and then I hit some problems with two of my assignments so I’ve been stressed to say the least) but I have gotten through it in one piece and I’m at home now for the Easter holidays. The only things I have left to do in my second year of my course are

  1. Write and submit a 2000 word lab report
  2. Sit 2x 2 hour exams in May (One for my cognitive psychology module and the other for my social psychology module)
  3. Wait to hear which dissertation project I have been accepted onto (We’re due to find this out after exams so we can do the necessary reading over summer)
  4. Wait to find out whether I’ve got a place on my optional modules for next year or not.

Anyway I thought I’d end this blog with the below video. It’s a song by one of my favourite singers and which is rather befitting for how fast my degree is going.

Off to Holiday and all things Random

Hello ladies, Gentlemen and fellow Orangutan’s
This is it, I’m finally off on holiday and going to bask in the sun, sea and sand.
Which means I’ll get horribly sun burnt, damp, and sand everywhere.
Am I the only one to bring half the beach home with me in my shoes?

I suppose I could have stayed at Edge Hill and gone to the University beach near Chancellors Court, but that would mean I could not go swimming (not that I can swim) nor would I be able to pay outrageous amounts for ice cream!

— —

As some of you may be aware, a phenomena began to occur earlier last month on social media websites, where women would be nominated by one of their friends to do post a picture of themselves, wearing absolute no make up what-so-ever and then nominate other female friends to do the same. This is was about raising awareness of Cancer and the ongoing quest to find a cure for it. People then donate £3 to Cancer Research UK by texting ‘BEAT’ to 70099. Men on the other hand had to put make up on, and after being tagged by my younger brother, I decided to go with it and dress up again.
Readers of this blog will know that I am no stranger to make up


This charity holds a special place to my heart, after losing my best friend when I was 8 to Cancer and nearly losing my mother around the same time to cancer. Even now, my Grandfather suffers from cancer of the brain, and that in itself is inoperable.

— —

Thoughts of the Day

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”

Uni Stress…

As you can imagine, being a full time student can be stressful. As part of my volunteering work (which, can you believe it, I’ve been doing for two Terms now and I begin my third after Easter), I attended a session in which we discussed problems people face in life, and one of them was Anger. Now that it is the Easter holidays, I am no longer surrounded by many others and the peace and quiet is increased for a while (it’s not totally gone – right now as I write there’s a loud security alarm going off outside :/ ). Stress clouds the mind, and not thinking strait means you’re on a jagged road, if I was to be super philosophical. Here I reflect on “Uni Stress” and how to possibly deal with it.

First of all, aggression is not the answer. Neither is letting it push you over. The best way to deal with Stress is assertiveness (easier said than done). There have been times when I have witnessed aggression, and even got mistaken for being aggressive, and literally nothing got sorted. I have found that approaching a situation with a polite yet strait forward manner usually works  – ie. don’t bang on someone’s door hard whether you’re angry or not, as then you probably won’t get an answer. It also helps to try to turn negatives into a positive, as I notice that’s what my lecturers do. To me, hesitation is the enemy – the more I put off dealing with something via talking about it, the worse I feel before sorting it out, so for the future I will not treat the situations as completely bad because there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are alternatives to dealing with stress if attempts to communicate with the person “crossing the line” (so to speak) has to be held off for a while, such as looking through awards you have won etc. – I don’t mean this as some kind of vanity activity thing, but rather a way of surrounding yourself with things / people that make you feel happier, or at least help you see the negativity as relative positivity. Surprisingly, anger, or more specifically adrenaline, can be good sometimes. Not only is it nice to feel the heat rush through the veins if it hasn’t done for a while, but it also helps as a defence. Ie. if someone you loved was under threat, then the anger (and I seriously mean non violent anger) can help you protect that person.

So there’s my perspective on Uni Stress, and even though your Uni surroundings are generally good, it is almost inevitable that “those” days will occur. On the bright side, Stress is temporary when you deal with it, of course. I know it can be tricky talking to someone about the line they crossed, and also being talked to about crossing someone else’s line, but a great skill to have in whatever situation is Communication. Obviously try to not cross lines in the first place, but I find the Uni Stress i have gained comes from mistakes, and those mistakes I have learned from.

Note: I know this is quite a heavy blog post, so here’s a happy Japanese pop / rap song about studying! ↓↓↓

Day Out in Liverpool

I’m back home in Kent now for the Easter Holidays, but before I left the north my family came up to stay with me in Ormskirk. It was really great seeing them, and being able to show them where I live. On Saturday we spent the day in Liverpool. I spend a lot of time there but there’s always so much to do.

After doing some shopping in Liverpool One, we decided to try out the Wheel of Liverpool near the Echo Arena. I guess you could say it’s Liverpool’s version of a mini London Eye. The staff were so lovely and it was awesome being able to look at the city from the sky. I even took a few pictures of the view…


Next we headed to the Miller and Carter Steakhouse located in the Albert Docks. I’ve never actually eaten there but I’ve been a fan of their cocktails for a long time, so I was glad when it was suggested that we stop there to watch the Grand National. It provided a really great atmosphere to watch the race; with everyone gasping and cheering together.


For the rest of the day we wandered around the city, which was extra busy because of the Grand National but it was really nice to see everyone dressed up. I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of the lambananas out the Museum of Liverpool. They crop up everywhere and I love them a whole lot.


Moving Out

Last week I made the big decision to move in with my best friend. As I’m slightly older than most first year students and have experienced student life before, I had planned to live at home throughout my three years at Edge Hill so that I could save money. Unfortunately, I have missed student life and felt that I’m missing out, so when a room opened up at the house that my friend Holly is living in next year I jumped at the chance. The house is in Liverpool, as Holly attends John Moores University, so while it will add twenty minutes travelling time to my journey each morning, it should be worth it.

Holly and I have known each other for ten years.
Holly and I have known each other for ten years.

Now that I know that I’ll be moving out I’m really excited and can’t stop planning things in my head. A trip to Ikea is definitely in order! This has inspired me to write a list of things that are essential for living at uni but often get forgotten:

Multi-plug adapter

Two wall plugs just won’t cut it when you need to charge your phone and laptop, and straighten and dry your hair. Simultaneously.

Some form of fancy dress

Whether you like it or not, at some point somebody is going to convince you to get dressed up and go on a night out. Best to be prepared!

Me as Bellatrix!

Posters and photographs

Majority of rooms in halls have blank walls just waiting to be covered. As you can’t do anything permanent, posters and photos are the way to go.

A camera

Because if you’ve been talked into wearing fancy dress so has everyone else, and chances are you don’t look the funniest.

Proof of this! When we dressed as fairies we met a gnome!
Proof of this: When we dressed as fairies we met a gnome!

A door stop

If you’re living with friendly, sociable people it’s always nice to keep your door open during the day.

A onesie

About 3 days into freshers week you’re going to stop caring about what you look like the morning after a night out. When wandering round the kitchen looking for coffee like a zombie a onesie is the perfect attire to do it in.


Home Sweet Home

Finally travelled back home today for the Easter holidays, and as much as I enjoy university it is nice to be back! I’ve had to bring back work to keep me busy, mainly because it’s due for the time I go back, so no time to waste!

For most courses, term finishes on the 2nd May this year, and then there is a two week exam period for the courses which have exams. Some courses don’t have exams, such as Computing in first year, which means a nice, early finish to the year!

Next year should begin in October, with freshers week dating 23rd September and the course beginning first week of October. Freshers week is a great opportunity to get to know people and also to have fun before a dedicated year of work and study! Remember – work hard, play hard!

Hope all of your A-levels are going well and work is paying off for you! Enjoy the break, but don’t forget to work!! 😀