Joey’s Blog – Life is a Cabaret!

Hello again,

After my module on musical theatre (which you can read more about in previous posts!), I moved onto the subject I’ve most been looking forward to for this year: DRA3076 – Contemporary Popular Theatres. A short course, it focuses on stand-up comedy, street theatre, clowning and, my personal favourite, cabaret!

This is another one of those ‘throw yourself in and see what you can come up with’ modules, and so far, I’ve tried my hand at stand-up, musical comedy, and even whistling – not exactly what you’d expect to be studying at University, is it?

Every course is different, every University has a different outlook, and the overall experience at each is a world apart from what you’d find anywhere else. So, think carefully about what and where you choose to study for the next few years – it’s not just a cabaret!

Yours comically,
Joey x

Elisha’s blog- Another successful open day

The University held another one of it’s fantastic open days on Saturday and it proved to be a huge success with around 1500 registered visitors and an estimated 5000+ visitors in total on campus!

I spent the day assisting the Biology department and the new biology programs were revealed and well reviewed by the audience. As well as the future plans for the build of a new floor, the Biology department will be offering two new degree programs from Sept 2013; BSc (Hons) Human Biology and BSc (Hons) Ecology, and new module choices will also be added to the current BSc (Hons) Biology degree.

It was great to see so many budding biologists amongst the visitors and I thoroughly enjoyed participating. I hope everyone enjoyed the day and hopefully we’ll see some of you again in September!

Open day’s are a great way to find out more information about the University and the course your interested in and it’s also a chance to see our lovely campus and facilities. I attended quite a lot of open days and found it extremely beneficial!

Our next open day is on Saturday 15th June 2013, 10:00am – 3:00pm… book your place now!

Alex’s Blog – JAE Day

Edge Hill’s department of Sport and Physical Activity today hosted its seventh JAE (Junior Athlete Education) Day, an event that aims to give young sporting talent from local schools the best chance of future success. It  also allows students to gain great practical experience to aid their future professional development.

As explained by Senior Lecturer, Sarah Pinder, “The event brings together a large selection of pupils from local high schools and aims to educate them about the importance of getting a balanced lifestyle, informing them about how to reach their full potential, both academically and within their particular sport.”

As I was involved today, I helped to teach pupils about the importance of lifestyle factors, such as training correctly, injury prevention and diet. We also set up a workshop on smoothie making with both a dragon’s den twist and bushtucker challenge! We also set up a variety of challenges to test certain components of fitness such as the reaction time and co-ordination of the pupils.

The JAE Day is just one example of Edge Hill’s continued sporting links with local schools. Another recent initiative included a primary school health week, where students took the lead in delivering theory and practical sessions all day, every day, for a full week.

Alex 🙂

Joey’s Blog – It’s Not Christmas yet!

Hello again,

I can barely hear myself think today as I sit in the Hub at the centre of campus. There seems to be a small festive war between two groups over who can play Christmas songs the loudest, and it’s driving me crazy.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas – presents, snowflakes, drinking irresponsibly (fa-la-la-la-la, la-la, la-la) – but it’s still November. Heck, I’m still recovering from October! It is not the ‘most wonderful time of year’ yet, stop rushing things.

Yours Scroogely,
Joey x

Alex’s Blog – The healthiest week of my life!

After a full week of teaching about healthy lifestyles in a primary school.. I am feeling pretty healthy!

Along with a group of 2nd/3rd year PE & School Sport students, we taught pupils at Golborne Primary School for the whole week on keeping healthy and I was placed in the Year 6 class along with four other students.

After an exciting introduction which consisted of a supermarket-themed ‘wake and shake’, we began our health week! Each day had its own theme including; food, exercise and role models.

We had an absolutely fantastic week and personally I had a brilliant time (especially dressing up on the last day for Children In Need)! All the children really got involved and enjoyed the lessons, finishing off a great week by presenting us with chocolates and cards signed by the pupils.. a very welcome surprise!

I’ve always wanted to teach in a secondary school however after having such a positive week in the primary school, I have a harder decision to make than first thought!

Alex 🙂


Charlotte’s Blog- Statistics Submission

This week I had my first assignment submission, this might not seem as scary as it was but I found it so much harder to submit this assignment than I have in previous years. This might be because it was my first submission for third year so fingers crossed I will pass it!! It was my last assignment on statistics however, for any of you wanting to study psychology you probably already know that statistics is a major part of your psychology degree, no matter if you’re doing straight or specialised. For me this was one of the main things that worried me when choosing psychology as the subject I wanted to study, as I had never done anything about stats before and maths isn’t one of my strongest points. Trust me you have nothing to worry about!! This has turned out to be one of my favourite areas of psychology and you don’t need to be a mathematician to understand it!

Joey’s Blog – No Business Like Show Business

Hello again,

This has been one of the busiest weeks of my young life! Full-time Drama students are required, in their third year, to participate in an Ensemble Performance – you receive a choice of styles (Devised, Text-based, Musical, Dance, Site-specific, etc.) and then work together in those groups to create performances.

The group I chose to work with was the Musical, since music and song as narrative constructs are something that I’m researching for my dissertation, and the piece we were given to perform was ‘The Capeman.’

It’s hard to describe ‘The Capeman’ to people who have never heard of it (and every single one of us in that group hadn’t!), but the closest description I can write is the all-singing, all-dancing true story of a Puerto Rican murderer. Now doesn’t that sound like fun?
It was certainly a wake-up call to the people who thought that modern musicals were Broadway belters about green witches, man-sized felines, scarred singers or downtrodden French folk – this show was definitely not wholesome family fun.

But one of the best things about being a Drama student at University is the opportunity (and expectation) to push boundaries, to try new things, to cause a little commotion – and whilst we weren’t the most graphic production (that honour goes unreservedly to the text-based production ‘Life During Wartime’), we certainly turned a few heads as we recreated the New York slums, the Puerto Rican parades and, ultimately, the Death Row prison cells.

If you’re thinking of studying Drama at University, the best advice I can give you is to throw yourself entirely into it. You might find, as we did with ‘The Capeman’, that there’s no such thing as pushing it too far!

Yours theatrically,
Joey x

Stephanie’s Blog – A week of Vodka!

Although this sounds exciting and like a drunken week out, it wasn’t! This post is about my work this week. As part of my ‘Individual Portfolio’ module we have to make eight briefs to respond to.

One of my eight briefs was:

‘Smirnoff Vodka have a range of products including a new cocktail range. Raise awareness of the new products through a fun, integrated campaign aimed at 18 – 24 year olds.’

These briefs are made up and I wasn’t even sure that there would be a new cocktail range, but it seemed something to work towards so it was great fun!

… Reasonably happy with this brief and some of the ideas I had started to come up with I was happy. Then this morning I was looking at the Advertising news on The Guardian and Smirnoff have released a new advert which is similar to what I was imagining for my brief! Although I am a bit annoyed and may have to change my brief, it is such a good campaign and truly captivating. Hopefully I’ll manage to try and change my brief and adapt it so I can work along aside it. (Apologies for the link but on Youtube you have to sign in so watch the video here!)

Faye’s Blog – Trying to be a more active Film Student

So recently I have been a bit of a rubbish film student. I haven’t seen barely any new films that have recently been out in the cinema! Mainly because the cinema is so expensive these days. But luckily my boyfriends friend works at the Odeon back home and whenever my boyfriend helps him out with some of his uni work he gives him a couple of free tickets which is really awesome! So me and my boyfriend went to see Looper last week. And I loved it, I thought that it was such a fantastic film! I feel bad that I haven’t been to see more films now though because I have a feeling I have missed out on a lot recently! Especially when everyone on my course is discussing a lot of the new films.

I am also going to be filming my brother’s band when they are in the recording studio in a couple of weeks time. We are hoping to film one or two music videos for a couple of their original songs! So that should be fun, I’m really looking forward to it. Going to try and get some photo’s of them as well 🙂

Elisha’s blog- Hard work really does pay off….

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks preparing for a very important assignment… my Dissertation Progress Presentation !

This involved presenting an overview of our Dissertation, our progress so far, any changes made, and the data analysis and write up; and this was reported to staff and peers in the Biology department.

The brief was quite tough as we had to had to cover a lot of information in a short space of time, make it visually appealing, and present it well. Part of the marking criteria was also our ability to respond to questions, and this was probably the most difficult section to prepare for. I spent a lot of time perfecting my presentation and making sure that i’d covered all the relevant info; but then I had to memorise it, time how long it took me and try to guess what questions I was likely to get asked! I decided to present it to as many people that would listen and go over it again and again in my head to make sure that I became familiar with it. I also intentionally left a few things out of my presentation in the hope that i’d get asked those things…and it worked 😉

It was a very nerve-wrecking assignment but it helped that I wasn’t alone; me and my peers were all nervous. In the end it went very well and I was extremely pleased with the result I achieved which was a 1st!!!! I spent a huge amount of time preparing for it, and it was great to see that my efforts had paid off. This is probably one of the most important lessons i’ve learnt so far at University… the more time you put into things, the better the result. This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how long it takes to appreciate the amount of hard work that is required to succeed… it’s definitely worth it though!